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first staff ♞ obscenely wordy intro post

Characters: Sayaka and whoever the fates deem appropriate. ...The fates being you, fellow players.
Setting:  Room 1-05, or the remains thereof.
Format: I love prose and am comfortable with whatever else you wanna use.
Summary: A tornado touches down in the form of a startled meguca.
Warnings: When I say I love prose, well...

After yelling at Madoka like that, the only thing really left to do with her day was race home to dramatically throw herself on the bed and cry. Alienating her best friend on top of the rest of the mess her life had become? Oh, yes, excellent decision, real bang up job there, Miki. The direct result of having a sobbing fit atop ones sleeping space is, of course, falling asleep immediately after. And that's how Sayaka made the transition from home to here.

Here is curled, face down, into starchy white sheets without the ability to move. She simply exists for a while, wondering if this has something to do with the weight of her soul gem's ring form being absent from her finger. But then the paralysis goes away, and she jumps like she'd been fed an electric shock.

And then she's off like a bullet, tearing through the room to find her soul gem.

Other occupants and curious passerby will be flabbergasted and or infuriated to find the room a mess, but when she does find the gem and has it slipped back 'round her finger Sayaka does have to decency to try and put everything back the way she found it. Mostly.

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Wow, those are some... strange noises coming from Room 1-05. So of course, John decides that now would be a great time to look around in there, in case someone got seriously hurt. But by the time he's gone all down the hallway and pulled the door open, the thudding and banging had stopped, and there was just a girl he didn't know in there, cleaning up a... pretty big mess.

"You okay?"
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John backs up when the tiny nonthreatening schoolgirl suddenly becomes threatening again, fearing some kind of magic to come from the palm of her hand. Fortunately, nothing happens, and John straightens up again. "Uh... well, I walked?" Isn't that how you get to places in this tower? Yeah, walking, usually. Or floating, but that's beside the point. "I heard a lot of commotion from in here and I wanted to make sure everything was okay."
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"...Oh, guess you're right. Sorry!" John looks around the room; it's clear that even with her attempts to patch the place up, it still looks like a total mess. "What were you doing in here? Looking for something?"
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"Oh, that means you just got here." John steps into the room and holds out his hand. "I'm John Egbert! I know a bit about this place, so you can ask me your questions, if you want."
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"Hi, Sayaka." Wow, another Japanese person! There sure are a lot of those here. Japanese people and trolls, that's the Tower. "Uh, here. Well, we don't really know much about it, to be honest! But it's a very big tower with lots of floors. Strange things happen here sometimes, and we can't find a way out, but for the most part it's okay."
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hey there stranger

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To be honest, Ven had no idea a room could even get this messy when there was so little to work with and a trunk was provided. Not that his room back home was the picture of cleanliness, but still.

"Everything...OK in here?"
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well fine i'll just leave

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Whoah OK she seemed a bit...not fine. He jumped a little, and lingered by the door until she had gotten the trunk upright again.

"Uh...Are you sure? Do you need any help or anything?"
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/ollies out

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"If you're sure..." He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. The room still looked pretty messy to him (and why the heck was she tearing the place apart in the first place?) but he let it go for now.

"But, yeah! If you have questions about this place I'd be glad to help out with that."
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Ven invited himself in just a little, which amounted to as much as crossing the threshold of the doorway. He chuckled. "Well, that's most of what there is to it. There's a cafeteria down on the first floor with food, and a restaurant somewhere else with some better stuff, and you've got your own room here."

He crossed his arms and frowned. "There's also monsters around here nowadays though; can you defend yourself?"
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"--Oh, sure!"

Ven did make his way over to sit on the bed, but he got more distracted by Sayaka's transformation, watching with amazement when the light consumed her and changed her appearance. "Whoah! What was that?!"
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"Wow, cool!" He grinned excitedly. "I can fight monsters, but I've never been able to transform to do it or anything."

The idea of sitting on the bed was abandoned, and Ven chuckled and pointed over his shoulder at the door. "Well, I'm sure if you want to, there are some monsters wandering around the lower floors you can beat up!"
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"You gotta admit, it's still pretty cool," He said teasingly. If Ven were normal he would probably be all about the flashy transforming bugmen.

He looked at the room quietly for a moment, before answering Sayaka with a delayed shrug. "I guess? It's not like there's much in these rooms to start with, and I don't think the monsters can come in the dorm rooms anyway."
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"Of course. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy it!" Hey, he did take his Keyblade Duties and whatnot pretty seriously. But that didn't stop him from having fun whenever he unlocked Wingblade.

"Alright!" Ven swept his right hand from right to left in front of him though the air and summoned up Stormfall with a flash of light, and ran after to follow Sayaka into the hallways.
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"--Huh?" Ven skidded to a stop (quite literally actually; he was such a speedster the soles of his shoes squeaked a bit when he halted) when Sayaka whirled around, and he looked at her with confusion.

"Of course not. I fought all the time back home; heh, I was practically raised to, actually," He reassured her with a grin. "Don't worry, it'll take more than the creepy crawlies around here to knock me down."
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Ven chuckled. "Don't sweat it," He added quickly before the stair climbing simulator began again.

Of course, being the protagonist that he is, Ven couldn't help but ask a question or two until aforementioned creepy crawlies started showing up. "Defend of the people? You some kind of law enforcement then where you come from?"

Made him think of the Castle guards. But they were kind of jerks.
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[In a 20 mile radius

swords and keys exploding

monsters turning into roadkill

it was awesome.]