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Yes, I've had the odd complaint

Characters: Izanami and YOU
Setting: Dormitories; hallways; Name it, she can be there.
Format: Starting in action, I'll change to match
Summary: Izanami is not a happy goddess. So she's trying to cool her jets and not bite anyone's heads off.
Warnings: Persona 4 spoilers if you haven't beaten the True Ending!

[Izanami had woken and, after the paralysis, quickly changed back into her funerary kimono. Then it was off to explore this strange tower, gliding along most gracefully. Her expression is, for the most part, neutral. However, there is a quiet rage burning in her eyes, because, well... She left the fate of the world in human hands. And now it's supposedly destroyed.

So, she'll just glide from place to place, down stairs and through the anywhere she has access to--stopping only for her meal of oatmeal, because she might as well get to it when she's there--and for anyone who catches her attention.]
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[Sayaka's walking in a daze, the ring on her finger feeling ice cold as she slowly sets herself more on edge. She has to double take when a ghostly apparition of a lady rounds a corner in front of her.]

Wow, almost didn't see you there!
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Eheheh, maybe! I just shouldn't walk and think, I... think.

[that made sense.]