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Characters: the Handmaid and you!
Setting: Twentieth floor
Format: Action, but I'll match
Summary: Chillin'. Come bug her.
Warnings: Nope!

[The Handmaid has decided that being "careful" like the Summoner insists is really, really boring. She's sitting on the ramp that leads up and around the outside of the tower, her legs dangling over the edge as she tosses pebbles off of the side. Sometimes, she wonders what would happen if she jumped. She can't die, so does that mean she might actually be able to escape the tower? But there's surely some sort of caveat, so she hasn't tried it just yet.]
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[She's gotten glimpses of the outside here and there, but something about walking the ramp just makes it feel real. It's hard to believe there aren't witches here, as surreal of a place as it is.

Speaking of surreal! She's seen these gray, horned people now and then, but never talked to one. Sup, Handmaid. She'll be peering at the same patch of abyss as you, but definitely not sit quite that close to the edge.]

Might need a bigger rock if you wanna hear it hit the bottom.
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I figured.

[Seemed like a good opener, though.]

Just throwing them for something to do with your hands, right?
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That's cool.

[Sayaka's usually pretty good about being the chatty one! She's just... not quite the same bubbly person right now.

Following the Handmaid's hand-busying example, she picks up a pebble, and throws it.

Thanks to her rather cruddy throwing skills, it has to skip once, then goes on its own, lacklustre course into oblivion.]

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Out there! It sort of got where I was trying to make it go...