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AGONY! I Destroyed the World?!

Characters: Lina Inverse and you!
Setting: Room 1-05, dorm halls.
Format: Prose to start, will follow if you want it different.
Summary: Lina wakes up and puts two and two together to equal potato. Also, this is going on amidst all the stuff with the chocolates, so feel free to make her a target.
Warnings: Lina herself merits a warning, especially when distraught. And she's very distraught.

Lina snaps awake once the sleep paralysis wears off, then stumbles around the room for a few moments while she attempts to get her bearings. This... This wasn't where she was. This wasn't Sairaag.

There wasn't any kind of obvious noise or anything that gives the indication she was anywhere nearby, either - Copy Rezo's use of Zanaffar's power would definitely be able to be felt if she was near the battle still. However, a quick look out the window prompted Lina to remember what Sylphiel had told her - that the Giga Slave, the spell she had been casting before waking up here, could destroy the world. And that world outside the window didn't look like much of anything.

Was this Hell? Had she actually botched the spell when Sylphiel tried to stop her...?

No. That can't be right, can it? Lina shook her head, taking a steadying breath before running toward the door. "GOURRY! ZELGADIS! AMELIA! SYLPHIEL!"

[Feel free to meet her in the room before she takes off, or meet her out in the halls!]
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Guess who'd been attempting to catch a nap? Lina's dorm-mate!

Guess who is now awake, wily eyed, and very much aware of the powerful magical signature that just ran, yelling, out of her room? Also Lina's dorm-mate!

Sayaka scrambles out of bed, not having bothered to change from the outfit she'd been wandering the tower wearing hours prior - her clothes are a bit disheveled, sure, but that reeeeeeally doesn't matter a lick right now. What does matter is catching up to whoever that is. What were they doing in her room, why were they magic, why were they running, huh?
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Sayaka attempts a clean stop when she sees her target's froze in place, but ends up crashing her shoulder into the wall for her trouble. That definitely wasn't painless. She stumbles into an intimidating stance.

"Hey, you. You're not a Puella Magi, are you? What were you doing in there? What are you running for now?"
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"You've got as much time to spare as I want from you! You're obviously magic. What am I supposed to think with you running out of my room screaming?"

Dimly Sayaka's aware that maybe this is a new arrival, but nope she's too busy being on magical girl danger mode to consider that.
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Oh, that's a threatening stance if she's ever saw one. Sayaka raises her own hand, but it's with the back of it facing outward - so that Lina can see the ring on her finger flash blue.

After that flash fades, she's in her Puella Magi form.

"How about I not."
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Sayaka grabs the hem of her cape, pulls it and turns - effectively using her cape as a shield against the fireball. It certainly singes, leaving several sizable holes in it rimmed with black and glowing red. Sayaka, once she turns back around, doesn't give any indication that it did further than that, though.

Also, she's holding a sword now.

"You know, there's two directions to the hall. You could take off and go if you really don't want to explain yourself."

She mostly being taunting, from prior experience expecting that Lina won't even if she points it out. Maybe especially if.
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Well, there went her eardrums. Rest in peace, Sayaka and you spent many enjoyable hours listening to violin music together.

That basically... took a pin to the brewing fight, there. Sayaka lets her guard droop, a disbelieving look on her face.

"...you're really not. Wow. Ow. Everyone wakes up with... my ears are ringing. With that on."

It hasn't quite hit her yet that she wasted magic on a farce. Give her time.
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"Oh, the horror!" Sayaka half-heartedly shouts back.

..okay, yeah, the waste of magic is sinking in right around nowwww. She stomps one foot in frustration as the holes in her cape are mended by her innate regeneration - and de-henshins back to normal. Ah, dammit. She's an idiot.
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"...Huh? Who's in charge! Hey, if I knew that, I wouldn't be here talking to you, I'd be after them myself!"

Hands on hips. Because having shouting matches with mouthy redheads might be in her character, having them while there's mysterious overlords available to confront isn't.
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"I don't know, but here's some advice--"

She stomps her foot.

"Freaking out everyone else here isn't it!"