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Characters: Mimio and you!
Setting: Dormitory floors
Format: Starting in action but I'll match you.
Summary: The power's flickering and Mimio is not comforted.
Warnings: None currently.

[He's used to a certain deal of comforts- coming from a nice apartment in a good area, with plenty of food and no monsters, this whole thing has been a real shock to his system. But he's adapted. He's taken to carrying the knives he took from the cafeteria with him when he leaves the dorms, he doesn't go anywhere at night, and while he'd never willingly live here given a choice, he can tolerate it.

When the power starts flickering though, that's when he's going to start worrying.

How much charge does his battery have? When was it last switched? What if he needs to switch them and can't recharge this one? Where he's normally willing to get up and go anywhere but the dormitories, he's not wandering far from them now, unwilling to trap himself in the open if the power goes out.]
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[Sayaka's on the opposite side of the coin - the flickering power has urged her to roam more, wily eyed for anything that thinks this is a good chance to jump someone. Even if there's no witches here, there are monsters anyway, and not everyone can be counted on to have magical powers. Earlier, she'd gone out to listen to music - now she's just swinging back by her room to put back the CD before going out again. It's by chance, spinning a CD on her finger and looking far more nonchalant than she is, that Sayaka runs into Mimio.]

..hey, looks like the power's still just as wonky, huh?
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--I was just coming back to the dorm, see! [She stops the spinning CD to show off the printed face of it, identifying it as a rather nondescript collection of classical violin music.] I was out before but now I'm not. So there's nothing to worry about.

[Smooth, Sayaka.]
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[Yup, just a power outage! Sob.

She gives the CD one last idle spin after he looks at it, smiling]

Yeah, always have! Wouldn't be able to play one to save my life, but when someone else knows what they're doing with one...