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Characters: [personal profile] legislacerates and YOU
Setting: pretty much anywhere in the tower
Format: you lead i'll follow
Summary: Redglare is anxious over her descendant's recent death and also happens to have a new theory re: the tower. That means it's time for some 1NT3RROG4T1ONS!
Warnings: tba

[seeing her descendant die such an ignoble death for all to see had been...unpleasant, to say the least. and it only fueled the macabre thoughts that redglare had been suffering recently. so, with nothing to do but wait for terezi to revive, redglare set out to occupy herself constructively. she couldn't stand to be still, so she would patrol the Tower, interrogating any passersby she happened to come across.

she had a question to ask of everyone, and she wanted it answered.]
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the library, pointedly not near any terminals

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[Her shoes scuff on the floor every now and then as she paces, all angry energy with no outlet.

Sayaka's not going near the computers again in a while, thanks, not after the infuriating powerlessness of watching... any of what was going on. She wants to cut something up but she can't afford to just run out and fight the monsters all day every day. Her soul gem has gotten a slight tinge darker, feels a little heavier... she's not sure what to do. There aren't witches here, after all.

Maybe she'll go find some beasties when it's later anyway. It could help, in a cause and effect kind of way, right?]
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[Sayaka has to catch herself on the edge of a bookshelf to stop, and turns her back to an only slightly alphabetized semi-complete encyclopedia set of entirely irrelevant information to look up at Redglare.]
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[She suddenly looks like she's going to say something but it got stuck in her throat before it could become a choke.]

Um. Born and raised!
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choo choo im the backtag train

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Not very long compared to other people, I think. ..Some weeks?