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Being in the tower is suffering

Characters: Sora and anyone who comes across him
Setting: Floor fourteen media room
Format: Actionspam is preferred!
Summary: Sora died at the end of hide-and-seek in a very embarrassing turn. But his death and what happened during it is effecting him badly. So he's trying to blow off some steam.
Warnings: Sora is Not Happy, and he may be somewhat hostile to those heavily in the Light.

[After waking up back in his bed when the last thing he remembers is blinding light, screaming right in his ear and the scent of death, Sora had not been okay at all. He'd quickly gone to sew a hood onto both his dark suit and his normal clothes to help block out the light and somewhat muffle sounds. Since then, he'd been in the media room, playing video games just to kill enemies and try to feel better. But it doesn't help. The paranoia over the light and what happened is still there. It's still with him, and he's shaking visibly. He is most definitely not okay.

But he also doesn't want to talk about it with most people. So perhaps a distraction is better, though he may not be the nicest person right now.]
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[After it going surprisingly well last time, Sayaka's dragged another CD up to the media room, this time with the intent to leave the volume lower or maybe find some headphones - and sees Sora, shivering as the generic protagonist on screen executes a flashy spin attack to kill a contingent of rent-a-goblins.]

Hey, I know his finishing attack's cool, but you don't gotta quake in awe of it, huh?
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Uh, Oh.

[Way to go, Sayaka.]

Sorry that, I mean - ah, geez.
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I'll guess I have to accept the apology then, fine~.

[Unworded offer accepted! Sayaka sits down, hands folded in her lap so that she can fiddle with the ring on her finger - it's practically become a tic by now, which is probably not a good thing.]

..It's okay to snap some, though. I've done it.
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choo choo im the backtag train

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I'm Sayaka.

[She watches the idle animation of the player character for a bit, trying to figure out if she knows this game - or the series, or at least the company. No luck, though. ...Her CD case feels heavy in her pocket, like it's just waiting to get lost as soon as she forgets about it. ]

Dunno if I've ever seen this game before, though! ..I guess I shouldn't be surprised, with all these people from, uh, different worlds, and all.