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[Open] It's an Aradia lottery

Characters: Aradia, a ridiculous amount of doomed clones and whoever has the (mis)fortune to find any of them
Setting: Throughout the tower
Format: Any
Summary: Aradia's time powers have gone awry. Badly. (In a -4 kind of way)
Warnings: Much confusion abounds!

Over the next days, it will seem as though Aradia is everywhere, often all at the same time. Drop by the library, she's there. Cafeteria? There's a group of Aradias dining together. Art gallery, meadow, even the places you wouldn't normally find an Aradia? You get the picture.

Things that will seem consistent: all of the Aradias will seem oblivious to anything touching them, or that they bump into. Anything that they are consciously using/picking up will seem to take some consideration. And if you're not careful, you might find yourself caught by flying objects as one or more of the Aradias sees her telekinetic powers unleash themselves. Also, appearance-wise there is nothing to distinguish one from any of the others.

It's only when anyone talks to an Aradia that the differences might be seen. Some appear to have no clue what they're doing in the tower. Others appear used to the tower but reference past as current, or nod to things that might happen in future as though they have already taken place. And just because you've spoken to one this morning, doesn't mean the one you speak to this afternoon will remember.

[ooc: So, this is how this is going to work. Basically, the Aradias are popping up from all points in time, but because this is RP and juggling countless versions is no fun, there's a slightly memeish element to this. There are seven Aradia types that will be interacting with people: Original, Arrival, Monster Tower, Hitori Kakurenbo, Recent Past, Other Past and Future. They are all assigned a number 1-7, not necessarily in the order I just listed them. When tagging in, you may either:
- specify a preferred Aradia
- pick one at random (by putting a number in the subject)
- Leave the choice to me, in which case I will use RNG. If you choose this but don't want certain types, let me know.

Location can be pretty much anywhere in the tower. And for convenience, any groups of Aradias being approached will be comprised of the same type unless anyone desperately wants otherwise, unless it's original Aradia in which case obviously There Can Only Be One.

Oh and all but the original are doomed clones, but because of God Tier their deaths must be heroic or just...which pretty much means heroic. Just something to bear in mind]
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randomize me, cap'n

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Sayaka, for her part, is in a similar sort of situation - a minus five sort of similar. It's not that she's in the mood for spending any particular amount of time in the (rather unsettling) eighteenth floor, it's that she came up here for something she doesn't recall or care about now and her progress out keeps getting stymied for one reason -

She's been obsessively checking and re-checking the location of her soul gem, ever since getting called to the infirmary and getting the purple in her collar replaced with orange. It feels like she's dropped it somewhere, like it's getting dragged away from her - but it's still right there as a ring on her finger.
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Sayaka's own powers have been - unreliable, when she tried to invoke them. Her soul gem had glowed the brightest blue she'd ever seen for a full minute, and she'd stopped the attempt at transforming, afraid of what would happen. They have started to kick in and wreck things yet, but knowing her luck...?

"..Feeling like I'm absentminded, that's all. I keep thinking I've dropped something, but I haven't."