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Characters: Ahri and you!
Setting: The dorm floors
Format: Action to start, I'll match
Summary: Ahri has just arrived at the worst possible time.
Warnings: None? Gross flirting maybe?

[When Ahri wakes up, her immediate assumption is that this is some sort of summoning gone awry. The paralysis isn't too far off from the side effects that can occur when a rookie summoner practices, but this certainly isn't a room she recognizes, and no botched summoning can change her clothes. The note is what convinces her that this isn't some mistake, and after rummaging around in her trunk and changing her clothes, she peeks out into the hallway.

Nothing looks familiar, which is unsurprising if her mysterious rescuer is telling the truth, but also intensely worrying. Her ears flick forward inquisitively, and she can't help but wonder why no one was here to explain anything when she woke up. Honestly, it's rather rude!

It looks like she's found herself in some sort of living space, but if her captors aren't going to give her any more information, maybe there's someone else who will. So Ahri heads down the hallway, sticking her head into every open door and knocking at the closed ones.]
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"Just one second!" Is the hurried response to the knock on the door, though a second later it's proven to be a lie.

..Sayaka, for her part, is attempting to dislodge several swords from - well, various places around the room. She'd given up on going anywhere or getting anything done elsewhere in the tower, and just settled down here in her dorm room to see if she could wait out the whole soul-gem-feels-like-it's-too-far-away thing. Out of nowhere, she'd sort of... hemorrhaged swords? It was magic, of course, but she wasn't transformed and she hadn't been trying to use any magic at all, which is why she was too surprised to stop them from lodging themselves into the walls.

And if that's one of her roommates knocking at the door? She would really like to get rid of those swords before they come in.