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tony hawk wishes he could get air off shakespear

Characters: Roxas and all y'all~
Setting: The third floor library.
Format: Whatever floats your boat.
Summary: There's a downside to having a bored teenager as a librarian- they're eventually going to build forts and skateboard ramps.

The third floor library was usually quiet, sans maybe the sound of people typing on consoles, or chattering while reading books. But Roxas had been doing a lot of nothing lately, and that stagnation never lead good places for him.

So, he'd cleared out shelves of books, and built a crude hangout fort in the library, as well as making an even cruder skateboard ramp. Not his most responsible move ever, but that had always been more Olette's thing anyway.

Go ahead, ask the librarian why he's trying to kickflip off dictionaries. Question how he managed to cart enough books off to make a "usual spot". Don't expect a serious answer, though.
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She's just shelved a book on magic (--tricks, to entertain at casual office parties and banquets, to quote the sleeve) with some exasperation when a blur swept past her on a board, fast enough to set motion into the ends of the ribbon tied at her throat.

She blinked, once, twice, then casually kicks a couple of the books strewn everywhere into a makeshift speedbump. She could just watch to dodge if the blur goes past again, sure, but she's still looking on this shelf, darnit. She's doing research. It's like a blue moon and everything.
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...oh, now that's just a challenge. Sayaka hefts the rather large tome of completely bullshit wizard lore she was disgustedly flipping through, and sets about making a proper damned roadblock.
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That is what she'd been in school for, right?! Practical application math...gravity build a better skater trap!

One pile of books she was having to lean against to keep in place later, Sayaka realized she really hadn't paid enough attention in class to do any of that fanciness. Well, time to get by on what she usually did: dumb luck and pure perseverance.
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Blink. know, she recognizes you! Did you change your hair a little? Sayaka leans over the decimated volumes that made up Bookington's Last Stand to grin at who she's pretty convinced is Ven.

"Losing your edge a little, huh?"

Asking if he's okay would be a faux pas. Of course he's fine.
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"Oh, yeah. An age. Couple of weeks, maybe?"

..actually, there's a thought. Sayaka's had honest trouble keeping up with how long she's been here. The days blur, which was one of the most striking things of all, when before every day was a new travail...

She kicks a silly book on party tricks closed, not wanting to think about it any more.
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...she freezes, looking unpleasantly surprised.

"..Months, really..? No way, I don't think I'd lose THAT much time..."
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"I don't know."

She flops down atop some of the ruins of Bookington, frowning.

"Maybe I should start making a record of the days. Scratch notches in my bedpost, that kind of thing."
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"..Man, I think right now, they wouldn't notice if I snuck out an armload of books." She makes a grand, sweeping gesture to the literary chaos around them.

"I might try that. Just think of it. 'Dear book, day whatever: today I thought something was following me everywhere I went, but never saw what. It's been the most pleasant day all week!'"
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sayaka is the master of mood whiplash!!

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"..ugh. That just makes me wanna shiver."

Like minds?

She blinks at his surprise at the comment, tucking a bit of hair behind her hair before answering. "Well, it was just an example. Sometimes the monsters around here are prowl-y like that, anyway."