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1st Bus Stop | Introduction

Characters: Shinjiro and anyone who want to bump and talk to him and probably try to kill him if your name is Ken.
Location: All the floors, he'll be moving around to explore, feel free to bump into him wherever you want.
Format: Pick your poison, I'll match in suite.
Summary: A dude wakes up and wonders where the hell he is.
Warnings: Shinjiro has a potty mouth. Also probably some violence.

He shouldn't be here. That's the first thing he told himself upon waking up. Just a few minutes ago, he was off to fight the rest of his friends for the right to wield the keys, and now his first thought was that either he had never actually awoken from his hospital bed before, or that he had failed. Regardless it did not bode well.

Of course the letters pretty much confirmed his fears. Maybe this was some sort of personal hell, or maybe the keys had malfunctioned and he had ended up here. There was no way the way had ended after Minako had worked so hard to protect it from Nyx. Regardless, even if he didn't quite believe what he was told, he needed to look around and see what this place was like. Without Aigis, Metis, Aki or the others...strange how he didn't mind being along not just a few months ago, but now...

He picked up a few items from his trunk, idly remembering that the bus stop sign would require work before he could actually use it. For now the large golden hammer could be useful, as was the Evoker. Stepping into any area could be dangerous, and Shinjiro was borderline paranoid by trade. As 'nice' as that letter had been, he didn't want to be caught unguarded.

He stepped out of room 2-02, looking around before slipping into the shadows and darker corners. He operated better that way.
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One two three four: I DECLARE AN ANGST WAR!!!

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Minami had only one headphone on her ear, the other dangling over her shoulder blaring a catchy techno pop song as she carried what must have been the fifteenth box of clothing downstairs to the media floor for people to pick up. Sure, when she'd requested for clothing for Coleta she figured she'd get some eventually, but not enough to block the door to her dorm.

As soon as she saw it she had immediately set about picking out things for herself and laying it out on her bed. Hey, she wasn't super into lolita fashion, but new clothes were new clothes and she was sure she could find someone to take the excess lace off of the things. In the meantime, she needed to clear out the boxes in front of her room before she found out her roommates were trapped or they needed to get in.

Thus occupied--who knew clothes could be so darn heavy?--she walked right by Shinjiro, only noting she was just passing someone who looked vaguely familiar by.
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The trainwrecks, the car wrecks, AND the shipwrecks. (Pun intended)

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Minami would've probably kept right on going if the song hadn't ended right then. Just in time to hear a familiar voice utter a name that was not hers but she's heard others like her have. The voice itself sends a shock through her that makes her forget that it's not her name. He rarely called her by name, after all, and in her forced peppier days she'd follow him and Akihiko around telling them in that "moe" falsetto she tended to fall into back then saying "Mi-chan! All my friends call me Mi-chan! Why won't you?!"

It can't be real. It just can't. Her heart is already pounding wildly in her chest, all the things she had wished she'd said to him when she saw him lying in that puddle of blood and Minato--her brother--and Ken standing above it and--

Minami drops the box--barely misses crushing her toes--and turns and.... and there he is. Her mind blanks out completely at the sight of him standing there looking healthy and healed and whole. The crush came to the fore of her heart, but she squashed it down. She needed to prove herself to him first. That's what she'd decided. She wanted him to see her as an equal and not a rookie kid and.... and....

Oh, who cares? She's tearing up, can't even bother to stop it. Before she can even process this, process that it might not be him, that it could be someone from another world, that he had not said her name, she sobs. And runs to him. Who cares how he felt about it? She was giving him a godsbedamned hug. Even she thought she deserved one after the hell she'd been through.
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HARK! An iceberg dead ahead!

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Which would've been a major difference, as Minami normally didn't like to let people see her cry. She was the leader, she needed to be the strong one, the pillar, the one everyone could rely on. Doubly so since she was the youngest in SEES. People thought she wore her heart on her sleeve, but really? She was just too used to forcing it.

Here, by herself, she let herself go weak. Tried to move beyond that mask she wore and the hurt and everything else. Some days she's successful, others she's not. It's something she has to do one day at a time to survive in this place.

And--whoa. Why did Shinjiro hug her so tight? Had he been here longer than she thought and only ran into each other now? If so she needs to be more thorough in her rounds. Who knows who else she could've missed if she wasn't.

Besides, there was a more pressing matter at hand, other than Shinjiro slowly realizing Minami is a bit shorter, a bit less filled out than Minako, that she has a face still clinging to some baby fat, and her hair may or may not be a slightly different shade of red. Her voice is also a higher pitch when she speaks, the forced falsetto coming in more as a joke than anything, but also because he's holding her so tight her muscles are beginning to ache.

"D-duh! Hey, you mind? You're kind of crushing my ribs here, sempai!"
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Not if Minami doesn't shove Shinjiro into the lifeboat first.

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And just like that, her world shattered. The smile and cheer on her face deflating like a balloon so that even her shoulders slumped a little, the tiny spark in her eyes fading to a dull burn. Somehow she managed to keep a bit of the smile on her face, more to keep herself from sounding too upset.

Of course someone she'd been friends with wouldn't be here. It just made sense with how her luck had been rolling lately. This place was actively trying to mess with people's heads, right? And if it turned out it wasn't it was doing a damn fine job of it as far as Minami was concerned. Minami nodded, speechless at first, then finally managed to speak, her cheer more obviously forced, her hands going into the pockets of her skirt so she'd keep from wringing them.

"Yeah! Sorry about the mistake. I'm Minami! You just.... you look exactly like the Shinjiro I knew."

The one who was dead because she'd been too stupid to figure things out sooner. The one who was dead because she couldn't convince him not to stay in the dorms that night. The one who was dead because--

Minami forced it down. She couldn't afford to think like that. Not in front of this Shinjiro.
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Minami will STILL shove him into the lifeboat!

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She laughed. She couldn't help it. The look on his face and the too fresh memories and the sheer surrealness of the situation? It struck the redhead as being cosmically funny somehow.

"My Shinjiro told me that once, too." When she had begun to open up to him and Akihiko, told them about her time in the foster homes, what she'd been told. That.... that she learned that it was easier to feign happiness than to be gloomy all the time. That she played upbeat tunes all the time to keep herself from being too depressed about everything.

Minami's smile was a little more genuine thinking about the memory, how she'd laughed in Shinjiro's face when he gave her that proclamation because there was just something about how serious he looked that struck her as odd. She'd made a deal with him:

"I made him and Akihiko promise me that if I could only give genuine smiles when we hung out together then they had to, too. It was.... they...."

Minami shook her head.

"I'm not angry, but I.... I miss them. That's it." Her Shinjiro or not it was just the two of them in the hallway at the moment. She could be honest with him. Part of her even had a feeling he or Akihiko would've been her first full Arcana if things hadn't been cut so short. Well, if Aigis didn't beat them to the punch, that is.

"But yeah," she said, turning a bit, "We should sit down. My room's near here if you don't mind being in it? I managed to get the door unblocked."

Next time she requested clothes she was making sure to be very specific about what she wanted and who they were supposed to go to.
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We'll even save you from the bajillion edits~!

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"Four months. Maybe five?" Minami said, looking to the ceiling and trying to think, "I'll have to count my tally to be sure. It was November back home when I got here, but it was January here and now it's April according to the dates they have here."

Minami didn't quite understand his reaction to the idea of going to her room. Shinjiro and Akihiko had gone to hers all the time to chat. Then again Akihiko was oblivious and it wasn't until shortly before Shinjiro died that Minami had developed her crush. It wasn't like either one was going to do anything to her, though Yukari always gave her looks and Junpei always tossed dirty jokes.

Stupid Yukari had told Junpei he wasn't allowed in any of the girls' rooms. Which sucked since Minami would've liked to play multiplayer for that new game she'd gotten.... before....

"And if you're nice, you'll get to meet my roommates. Promise we won't be alone," she jokes, forcing her thoughts away from home. This was Shinjiro, no matter what. The only difference it seemed was her. That was something Minami was used to running into around here, after all.
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"Orpheus?" Minami asked, standing stock still as the persona came out. Her persona never did that--she had no idea they could. And now hers had--what else was different in his world?

"So.... have you met Igor?" was the first thing she could think to ask.
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"....we stare weirdly when we do it?"

Seriously, from her perspective she had always thought there was no change in time outside her body. Oh god, the others must've thought she either got too lost in her music or was having problems or any other laundry list of things. No wonder she got looks sometimes when she came back from talking to Theo and Igor!
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"Not a lot to tell. From what I understand the major differences between all the versions of our Worlds is Minato, Minako, and me, and our situations. In one world, Minako and I--sorry, it's easier to think of us as different people even if I'm talking about someone who is both of us and that doesn't make much sense, does it?"

She paused for a second, counting on her fingers to help keep track of things as she thought out how best to phrase it.

"I think I'm going to keep it to Minato and me just for clarity. Sorry. Anwyway: In most worlds, Minato and I are siblings. In one world, I die in the car accident and he lives to become the leader of SEES. In another, he dies in the accident and I become leader of SEES. And then.... in my particular world, I barely survived the accident and Minato was fine. More than fine. He.... ummm...."

She sighs, scratching the back of her head as she thinks some more. Normally she and her brother avoid one another, things being too awkward, and normally she doesn't bring up the fact he's her brother because they both saw their relation as their business and their business alone. It kept things from getting too weird. How many people had to deal with finding out their greatest enemy and tormentor was actually the sibling they had thought dead for a decade?

"It's.... complicated, but I lead SEES where I'm from."
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"November 11th," she said with a shrug. For all she knew their world really was gone and it was her fault for not seeing how Ikutsuki was leading them on--leading her on--sooner. She stretched her arms above her head a bit to get a kink out of her back.

"And I do pretty well. I'm just the field leader since I'm really good at it. Mitsuru-senpai is the one who does the actual leading. She gets our equipment and helps me set up our training schedules and stuff. Besides: Minako and Minato are a year older than me. A year can't be that much of a difference, right?"

Please don't start treating her like a kid, Shinjiro. The last thing she wanted was to whack him over the head for treating her like a kid--again.
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"How do we stop Nyx?"

Right out of the gate the very question that had been on her mind. Her team only knew bits and pieces about the situation and had still been going through the records. She didn't think about commenting on Mitsuru taking part of the leadership load or pointing out that Minato not Minako had spent more time with their weapons as far as she knew. That was the thing she wanted to know the most and she, for once, let her worry show through.

How, just how, do they defeat something like Nyx? A being who is beyond human comprehension, who seeks out the end of all humanity and sees this as a favor? If how Minami had felt like she was doing the right thing while on her rampage with Death itself possessing her was any sign, at least.
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"Again?" Minami asked, looking alarmed as Shinjiro held his head. Was it--she knew Nyx would be hard to kill, maybe even impossible. Minami knew people would die during the attempt.

Minami got up from her bed, moved next to him, and knelt down to look up at his face.

"....she died, didn't she?"

It would make sense. Between Pharos and the contract, the hinting in the Velvet Room, and Death being inside her, what other fate could there possibly be? Minami wasn't sure if it'd be true for herself or not: for all she knew the world had already ended. But if that would be the end result, if Minami was supposed to be the only one to die....

She found herself oddly okay with this, and guilty.

Here was Shinjiro, not hers, never hers, torn up over the fact, the very idea of her dying. As torn up as she'd been over his. Part of that made her happy, but then she had to remind herself that was Minako he was upset over, not her. The concern was nice, but it wasn't for her.