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Characters: Lucien, and you
Setting: Dorm Floor 3, Cafeteria, then Library
Format: Prose at first,
Summary: Lucien wakes up in the tower, goes to a few places, attempts at using these "things" called "computers."
Warnings: Lucien's going to behave himself for now. No poisoned apples this time.

Dorm Floor 3

Lucien had been awake for about an hour now, still confused on why he had been brought here and by whom. Granted, the destruction of Tamriel and by extension Mundus wasn't impossible. But what a feat to destroy the entire world! He was honestly impressed, if the letter was true. There had been all of that nonsense with the Oblivion gates, after all. But why him? If such a being had the power to bring him here, they could have brought the whole family.

But that led him to ask, where in Oblivion was he? Quagmire? Not exactly the description of it, though. Certainly not in any of Sanguine's realms, that was sure. And not the Deadlands either.

Perhaps this was an entirely unknown plane. Either way, he quickly found his things inside the trunk at the foot of the bed. What a thoughtful touch! White was definitely not his color, he vastly preferred the dark colors of his own clothing.

Now suitably attired in his spare clothing with his silver sword on his belt, as he did not wish to apprise anyone of his status as Black Hand Speaker just yet by donning his robes, he headed out to find more about this place.


The first place Lucien discovered outside of his room, and after a few flights of stairs, was this metal, cage-like room. Intrigued, he entered it and looked around, noticing the buttons gracing the one side of the wall. Pressing one, he shouted in alarm when the doors closed on him. He was trapped! Desperately, he started shouting while pounding on the doors when he felt himself drop. Surely this was a dangerous device, intent on sending him to his doom!

After what seemed like far too long and nothing happened, he quieted down and thought about the situation. So he was in a metal box, going down. There had to be some way out of this- and then the door pinged and opened.


Cautiously, Lucien looked out. The floor was different, but it looked safe enough. Taking a step out, he looked around in case he was ambushed, but there was nothing. So far. Pulling on his shirt, he attempted to make himself look more confident, and entered the cafeteria.


Lucien had found his way into the more casual library. It was a pleasant surprise being in an environment that, while still rather odd, was at least familiar and full of books. Still, the subject matter of the books he examined seemed strange to him. Stories were one thing, but what on earth was Quantum Theory?

He took a few books that looked interesting and was retreating into a corner, intending to learn more about this place and what kind of peoples inhabited it- until he discovered an very odd device. It looked like a dark glass window with many little buttons on a flat board below it. Setting the books down, he examined it for a while before pressing a button. Amazingly, the screen lit up. Perhaps this was a Dwemer artifact?

He will be picking away at it for the next hour or so, trying to learn its secrets but only managing to activate the network and type nonsense into it.
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Dorm Floor 3

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She'd been chasing after monsters again. Tired from the effort and frustrated by the fact that their numbers don't end, Sayaka's made her way up to the dorm floors to rest.

In her bleary state, she'd trudged to the third floor before realizing your room is on dorm floor 1, genius.

She's still in her transformed state, looking like a stereotypical, if rather bedraggled, magical knight. ..a fourteen year old magical knight.
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Straightening up from her 'tired slump' stance, Sayaka's quickly put on guard herself. That is, after all, an ominous looking dude with a sword calling her a creature.

Her protest that 'I'm not a creature, I'm a person,' is cut off in her own throat - mentally, she rewords.

"Do I really look like a creature to you?"
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"I dunno what a day-druh even is," she mutters under her breath.

"And you look weird to me too, buddy."