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third staff ♞ a wheel rolling out of control

Characters: Sayaka, Lina, and Vanitas - open in the first half, closed in the second.
Setting: All over the place, and then on Floor 18 for Fun Confrontations
Format: Starting prose, but I'll match.
Summary: Sayaka just played chinese whispers as to a kidnapping, and mostly knows that she wants to show stabs to the one responsible. Lina will get recruited to help.
Warnings: One slant-haired bluenette flipping out.


She's armed with a vague description, a damn good motivation, and an already guttering soul gem. Sayaka Miki is ready to make someone hurt, someone who's a real bad guy, someone who's done wrong to someone else - it's a clear enemy to throw herself against, and that, if not anything, is what she's inwardly railed to have.

Sayaka Miki is not thinking very clearly right now, but she really doesn't care. That blueish blur that just went by you? That's probably her, storming ever forwards on a damned quest.

~AT~ FLOOR 18:

The lights flicker more than usual as she hops up the last of the stairs to this floor, shoes clicking with an echo - this is one of the floors Sayaka's seen people in the least in her time in the tower, and to her mind, thus the best place to look. Witches hid. Normal criminals hid.

She pays little mind to if her sudden-companion-in-angry-quests is still behind her. Lina can do what she wants, far as she cares. Sayaka kicks away anything in the way of her path, from table to shitty flimsy chair to abandoned book. If she makes a racket, she might startle birds from the trees, as it were.

It's luck (or, rather, the extreme opposite of it) that she actually finds the guy.
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On the way!

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...well, that was a somewhat familiar blue blur.

"Hoy, where's the fire?"
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Lina huffs, then gestures at Sayaka. "Where are you off to in such a hurry? That's what I'm asking."
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"Grr...! RAY WING!" Lina lifts from the ground and zips past Sayaka, coming to a sliding stop in front of her. "Look - I know we don't get along, but if there's trouble here..." She made a face - saying this was hard, and so very much more suited to certain princesses of justice. "...just wanna make sure it ain't something that's gonna put kids in danger, alright?"
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The sorceress growls with clenched fists, then steps out of Sayaka's way. "Yeah, go on - but I'm followin'. Things are bad enough here without someone doin' crap like this."
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"...cripes, that's fast," Lina mutters, then dashes off after Sayaka. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too far. It'd kind of suck to get all the way there and be drained...
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Floor Seventeen

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[Pretty much any normal person would probably be disturbed by the handprints and the occasional scream that echoes through this floor, but Kiryu is hardly anything near normal anymore. He barely pays attention to either in fact as he sits right in the middle of floor, duel disc at his side while he sorts through his deck, cards spread on the ground before him.

He glances up though, when someone rushes through, disrupting the 'melody' of this floor. Hmm... seems like they are rather in a rush... is there anything interesting going on perhaps?]
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[He eyes her critically, taking his time to push his cards into a pile and then pick them up and start shuffling them, head slowly tilting as his lips widen in a wide grin.

He has no idea what exactly is going on, but he supposes this should make nice entertainment for now.]

What does it look like I'm doing?
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[He's not so much hiding as he is waiting. If this was gonna work as it should, Ventus needed to be in the right frame of mind-- angry, desperate, prone to making mistakes. Lots, and lots...of mistakes.]

[So he's spending his time meandering through the quieter parts of the tower until the blonde's finished being a moron. Then he'll invite him to the finale.]

[Although, it never hurts to have some entertainment while he's waiting.]

Looking for something?

[If he had to guess, he'd say she was looking for him. Even better.]
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[Well, so much for just suspecting. Looks like he was bang on the mark.]

That depends. [He takes his time answering, using the brief pause to assess her current state. A little winded, likely due to trawling up the stairs in search of him. Over eager. Flawed.]


Who's asking?
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And here's the coal-shoveler!

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"Just a couple of concerned citizens looking for a missing girl," Lina answers as she steps up from a far corner, taking up the side opposite of Sayaka.

She's putting on a cocky air, but her face shows she's pretty darn serious about this.
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So many celebrities, I think I'm gonna swoon

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[He eyes them off silently; from their stance, to their feelings. And straightens.]

I think...

[His hand twitches, Void Gear summoned in a hiss of darkness.]

You're going to regret this.
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Whoops I kind of prosed before, durf.

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[Lina opens a palm, and lightning crackles around a glowing orb that materializes above her hand. She puts forth a rather defiant smirk.]

It's gonna take more than a weird guy with a big key and bad fashion sense to make Lina Inverse regret anything!
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Does it have room for herp; I have a lot of herp.

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[Typical. A threat, to start-- they have some magic, then. Good for them. Secondly, rush the attack. It leaves Sayaka far more vulnerable than she wants to be-- or even realizes.]

[After all, for one, horrifying moment, it looks like she's actually got him, blade skin into the span on his gut like it's going through butter, down to the hilt, hand next--]

[The image of Vanitas disappears as Sayaka's left open, overextended and off balance as he strikes down from above, keyblade aiming to be slammed into her shoulder as he lands right behind it.]

[lol cheating is fun right gais]
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[And this is why having friendsallies that melee is useful.

Lina swings her hand out, and launches a bolt of electricity toward Vanitas.]


[That ability to disappear worries her, though...]
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[He can't avoid the spell; it strikes him in the back, causing him to grunt and stumble-- but Lina's correct in her concerns. His vanishing trick should be slightly worrying, though the way his image freezes in place briefly before vanishing should be a good tip off.]

[Reappearing in the opposite corner of the room, he gives back as good as he gets, purple lightning lacing across the room to Lina's position in a wide arc.]

Resilient, aren't you?

[No comment on the cute anything. He actually is curious-- her recovery time is faster than most. But then, seeing how loud she is? She'll probably be glad to tip him off on just what, precisely, gives her that little boost.]
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[So he can do magic as well - and without incantations. Lina frowns, and pulls an item from her belt - an empty sword hilt. She spent a lot of energy just keeping up with Sayaka on the way here, so conservation right now would be good. And why use it up on a barrier when you have the next best thing...]


[A jagged blade of light springs forth, and with a swing of the blade, cleaves through a fair bit of the spell. Lina yelps a bit at what part of it gets through, and scowls.]