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Characters: Marisa and anyone who finds her.
Setting: Floor 1
Format: Starting with Prose but I'll match you!
Summary: Eating in the Cafeteria for the first time and trying to figure out what just happened.
Warnings: Mild swearing

Marisa is sitting by herself with a bowl of oatmeal and the letters open beside it. She had quickly ditched the skin tight get up for her own outfit the instant she spotted the trunks and found her own. She is quiet at the moment, hiding her face with her over-sized witch hat. She was still in a bit of shock of everything so far. The idea of Gensokyo...gone? So many way that could happen and she knew it. Did something happen to Reimu or Yukari? Did some youaki get to them or get enough power to make the border fall? Did she cause it some how? She was lost in her thoughts, not even paying attention to those around her..
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Sayaka props both elbows on the cafeteria table, wearing a false smirk. She'd caught sight of the letters and the neglected oatmeal, and come to the conclusion that someone really needs some distracting, as Sayaka had relished first landing in the tower.

"Sooo," she drawls. "Is the hat just a fashion statement, or an emergency tent?"

She may not have the best plan in the world for this distraction.