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Characters: Spain ([personal profile] tomatina), open to all
Setting: Dorm; Floor 38; Floor 29
Format: Will follow accordingly.
Summary: Spain wakes up, explores, and maybe possibly freak out a little.
Warnings: TBA


Dorm room 2-03

Spain woke with a start, gasping for breath and eyes darting everywhere when she realised that she couldn't move. It felt like forever before she could even lift a finger, and once she was able to move, she sat up straight, glancing around suspiciously.

This wasn't home. This wasn't even a place she was familiar with. Immediately her hand went to her neck, searching for her cross, but all she could feel was smooth metal and plastic encasing her entire neck.

"Mi dios... what is happening?"


Floor 38: the lounge of clouds

After reading the letters left by her pillow - Saved? From what? By who? Why for? the constant questions invaded her mind, and she needs answers quick, right after she gets appropriately dressed (thankfully the second letter helped quite a bit) - Spain stepped out her 'room' to investigate, going down a few levels before stopping at one to explore. This floor seems normal; she could see the outside thanks to the glass, and all seemed calm, peaceful even.

But she knew better. The calm before a storm, she thought, going over to sit in one of the chairs to compose herself before she continued on exploring.


Floor 29: garden maze

"Mi dios!" was constantly on her lips as she kept a grip on the staircase railing, hoping not to get seriously injured as she narrowly avoided all the traps and dangers. Coming to a rest at a garden-looking level (Thank goodness, her feet needed a break), she sighed when she saw what was in store for her: a long winding maze of green, the exit being quite a long way away.

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Floor 29

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Sayaka's seated in one of the dead ends of the maze, tearing up a leaf from the hedge her back's to and muttering darkly to herself. She's in no mood to traverse mazes, dammit - so here she is, legs folded indian-style and back bent into an angry slump. It's pretty early in the day, Sayaka reasons - so why not give herself a little while to sulk alone?

It's in accordance with Murphy's Law that Sayaka's stumbled upon by Spain right when she thinks that.
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Sayaka drops the leaf as she looks up, and attempts to place if she's seen this lady before - she hasn't, even in passing.

"..I just really didn't want to run a stupid maze today," she halfheartedly offers by way of explanation. That's part of it, at least.
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"..sounds like a plan!"

Hand accepted. Sayaka's a little wobbley as she gets up, but not seriously so. Once she's on her feet again, it seems like her mood's changed immensely for the better - or she's faking it. "There's a lot of dead ends in this part. I think there were only two other ways I hadn't tried before, uh, taking a break."