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003 | ❝Expose your thoughts...❞

Characters: Yu Narukami ([personal profile] pitiedthefool), open to all
Setting: Floor 14, Floor 15, Floor 28, Floor 38, or wherever!
Format: Starting in action spam, but I'll follow you!
Summary: Just your average day as a life of a protagonist...
Warnings: I want your friendships and I want your rank ups, you and me could have rad social liiiiinks~

Floor Fifteen
[He had been working on this for a very, very long time- almost since he first arrived nearly two months ago. It wasn't perfect like Daidara-san's work - no, not by a long shot, but he was finally putting the finishing touches on his own blade. Though, he had decided to take a break from finishing the hilt earlier... if the item beside him was any indication.]

Your Choice
[It's April 27th... and someone's birthday. He definitely made them something, but the question is... where to find them?]

[> You begin your search for a certain detective, but will it only be Naoto-kun that you bump into?]

Floor Fourteen

[He hasn't been to this floor for a long time, but right now... he doesn't mind the break. Yu sits in a corner of the room, watching others playing video games with one earpiece on and the other lying there, hanging off his jacket. People from his world may recognize the voice as "Risette," but really-- he only knows her as Rise...]

[So many of his friends have been hurting lately, and he has no idea where to begin to help them other than continue to lend a helping hand and an ear to listen. Sometimes he wishes they would see that he's never too busy to help them, but other times... What do you even say to someone who can't tell you the problem they're facing?]

[...Maybe he should join the others and play something for a change.]

Floor Twenty-Eight
[The music floor...]

[He really has no problems with it, the instruments sometimes playing on their own. But this time, he finds an instrument that he knows well enough- something he hasn't played in a few months, now. If someone stumbles upon him, they'll hear a single trumpet playing something both hopeful yet melancholic, just a little louder than anything else around.]

Floor Thirty-Eight
[At the end of the day, he can be found on the thirty-eighth floor, staring out the windows to the outside with his newly-forged sword at his side. The height doesn't scare him, and the view isn't too bad... but it partly reminds him of being up on the hilltop overlooking the small town he made so many memories in.]

[Yu is silent, simply sitting there in one of the over-sized chairs with a small notebook in hand. He's almost done with the account of their journey, one no one would ever believe aside from their own...]
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Floor 15

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[Yu had likely seen Sayaka watching him work on the sword a couple times in the past - she fights with one herself, and can't help but be interested in someone actually making one on their own. Hers always just appear by magic, but.. it's almost magic watching someone create mundanely, and her fascination is a distant cousin to the fascination she'd had for a certain musician as a child.

Sayaka hasn't said anything while he worked before now and always wandered off before he finished for the day, but she can't help but say something now.]

Woah, you've almost finished it...
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[...whoops, guess she wasn't as stealthy before as she'd thought. Sayaka laughs sheepishly.] Course! I don't wanna just skip out when it's nearly done. That'd be like pausing a song right when it's finishing the crescendo.
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[She wastes no time taking that chair when it's pointed out, bouncing a bit.]

Uhuh, I'm a big fan. For me it's still just a spectator sport, though.
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It must've been fun actually being a part of it. ..Even if you didn't get on a stage, anyway.

[Trumpets aren't really her thing cough single target music taste, but.]
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More in it for the group, huh? I guess that's the real difference between a band and solo players..
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Sayaka Miki. Just call me Sayaka, 'kay?

[Handshakes get! Mid-shake, she gets a sly smile, before commenting--]

Mutual passion~? What kind of band was this?
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[Ahah, she'd wrested forth a chuckle! That counts as a solid victory.]

Okay, okay. I get it, you just made music together, that's all.