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fourth staff ♞ i have some serious critiques about this gallery

Characters: Sayaka and you.
Setting: Floor 22 - the art gallery.
Format: Starts in prose, matchres you!
Summary: Can't go two steps in this art gallery without seeing something HORRIBLE. Backdated to daytime on the 28th.
Warnings: Defacement of fine art.

Well, it's taken her a matter of weeks, but Sayaka's finally chosen to take Gandalf's advice and return to the art gallery. She's looking for the mermaid portrait her mind had been captured by before, but something else comes to her attention first:

It's an old, weathered poster, set upon the wall in a thin black frame. There's no glass between it and the air, and Sayaka can practically feel every year it's been since that concert when she touches it. All the words that used to be on it are gone, replaced with symbols that make her head hurt to look at. They're like the runes in a Witch's labyrinth, and that's the part that sets her off.

She can't get it down from the wall, but she sure can rip out the parts with those stupid runes.

You can stumble upon her when she's either a) tearing out shreds of the poster in a mad rage, or b) collapsed amidst a flurry of torn paper, looking very desolate and depressed.
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Perhaps it's dramatic timing, or perhaps the universe just hates Sayaka today, but a familiar red-haired person steps around the corner, and curiously regards the scene for a moment before speaking.

"Not an art fan, I take it?"
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"Hey, calm down - I'm not here to cause trouble," Lina answers. "I just turned the corner, and there you were."

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"Yeah, I ain't much fer art eitha mon." came a female voice from behind. The trolless was leaning back against a wall with her arms crossed under her chest and looking at the girl concerned.

"Eh, joo need sum 'elp der mon?"

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"Well, if it be buggin' joo dat much mon, have ya tried coverin' it den? Maybe some new paint or sum dirt. Anyting would be bettah don't 'cha tink?"

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John heard the ripping coming from the gallery floor while still on the staircase, but only got there in time for option B. He never cared much for art in the first place, but usually, ripping noises on a floor with paintings in them never spelled anything good. His efforts were doubled as soon as he caught sight of who must be the culprit, kneeling on the ground with her head in her hands, and immediately he had kneeled down next to her.

"Sayaka! Are you okay?"
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He glanced over at the picture worriedly; unfortunately, he couldn't remember exactly what the rest of the picture had looked like, mostly due to the fact that he almost never came into this floor. But whatever it was, it had clearly worried Sayaka, and that was not cool. "...Eye of the beholder, I guess," he said, putting an arm over her shoulder. "Here. Wanna get up?"
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Fate works in odd ways, as the old man who advised her to come back and face the gallery was here as well today. He was admiring paintings from lands he could never visit- After weeks spent in the library reading, it was a nice change from books.

That's when he spotted Sayaka. She was... Different, alright. Maybe advising her to return to the art gallery hadn't been such a great idea. It's with a frown and some concern that Gandalf approaches her.

"... Why are you doing this?"
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He stares at the poster; or rather what remains of it for a while and sighs.

"You should not give in to rage."

He kneels and grabs one of the ripped piece, to examine it. He can feel the magic, the power coming from the ink- Then he points the ripped poster with his staff.

"Did it represent something of utmost importance to you?"

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a. and i will combo break all this prose. B|b

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[Rose seems to gravitate towards places where people fly off the handle emotionally, and her little trip to the art gallery turns out no different. she makes her way through the pictures to investigate the sounds, stopping a few feet away upon finding Sayaka.

she regards the girl for a moment before crossing her arms and snorting.]

Don't think that's going to do much but ruin your nails. A for effort, though.
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[oh lovely, she's off her rocker. Rose can't help but roll her eyes a little bit.]

Good to know that you can keep clawing at the wall like a rabid cat for all eternity. That's just what people want to see when they come in here, someone who can't understand that stuck to the wall means stuck to the fucking wall.

it's only telling lies

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how sad

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alas and alack

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...well, sure, it wasn't technology, but a certain blonde could sympathize. Sadly, he didn't have much applicable knowhow on how to help when someone was having such a freak out, so the best he could do was very gently put a hand on her shoulder, and hold a certain key out to her.

"You might be able to do more damage with this."

As if Rox cared why she was doing this. People didn't need reasons in the tower anymore, in his opinion.
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...and then it poofed in a flash of light and went back to the startled blonde's hand.

"I guess it's not going to let you." Rude, keyblade. Rude. "Wait, I-" Did he have anything else he could offer, help-wise? He patted his pocket as the keyblade disappeared, and pulled out, of all things, his pair of scissors.

"-these aren't magic, but it's better than just using your hands."

Rox tried to give some sense of an understanding smile at the laced tone, but it sort of lacked the usual confidence. Please don't stab him instead, okay?

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Normally when someone was all upset on the ground, Jin would just keep walking. But well, he actually did know this kid and her collapsed in an upset pile was kind of. Embarrassing? Something like that.

For whatever reason, Jin simply stood nearby in the art gallery with his arms crossed, watching Sayaka as she sat there for a few minutes before speaking up.

"What's gotten into you?"
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The most movement he did was take a few steps forward to look curiously at the ripped up paper. Even though he didn't really have any idea what they meant, but oh well. He quirked an eyebrow.

"Got a vendetta against music?" Snarking isn't what you're supposed to do here Jin--


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seems legit

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