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one | am i alone?

Characters: Mami Tomoe and anyone!
Setting: Room 3-01 and then the dormitory floors/living areas
Format: Starting off in prose, but i'm up for anything
Summary: Mami trying to find people she knows and also attempting to make friends!
Warnings: none!

It's a little disorienting here. It's a lot of new information to take in, all at once, and...

Well. She doesn't trust quite as easily any more, in those who say one thing but present other complications.

At least the collar doesn't seem to hurt. It's simply there, glowing a soft violet, and she has to wonder what it's for.

She leaves her empty room after a small amount of time, leaving the two letters she'd received neatly folded on the bedside table, and she is soon wandering the dormitory hallways, looking for any sign of familiar names or faces.
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..she's still not really gotten over what happened in the art gallery the other day, but Sayaka's going to give today an honest try. That's what Jin was really saying she should do, right? Don't dwell and just keep on going and surviving?

She waves to someone as she walks past them in hall, feeling friendlier already.

Wait a tick.

That's Mami.
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hold on lemme amend this to 2/??

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But... is it really? Sayaka rubs at her eyes, and double takes--
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--yeah, she's still there.


...not possible, right...?
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"Mami, you're--"

Dead? Looking a lot better? Supposed to be dead? In a horrible, horrible place? Let's not forget the dead...

Sayaka, for her part, looks like she's seen a ghost, but fights through that to race over. Now that they're actually within a couple feet of each other, Sayaka's tempted to prod her or something - whatever 'is it real' test she can think of. Oh, wait.

Sayaka pinches her own cheek.

"You're here. Really here. ..um, and it's really me!"
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"Me? Ahahah, well~! It's been a pretty okay day for me! Yesterday nothing happened, the day before that kind of sucked, but then doesn't matter now, right? How about you? ..Been here long?"

She is not technically lying in any of what she just said, which is how Sayaka manages to say it to Mami's face.
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Ack. That look says nothing but trouble. Chagrined, she doesn't try any doubletalk when answering this time.

"Um..muh, months... I've been here a couple of months."

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While Mami was wandering along the hallways looking at anything and everything, there was another individual walking down it as well; however, he seemed to be looking at his feet, not at all looking where he was going. In accordance with Murphy's Law, it wasn't hard to predict what happened next; he simply walked right into her.

"...A-argh! Sorry!" He promptly took a few steps away from Mami, drawing his hands to his sides. His eyes seemed to be screwed shut behind the double-shaded glasses. "It's my fault. Sorry."
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way to be socially competent, equius /weeps

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To be honest, he had jumped to conclusions and assumed she was a highblood troll, in which case he would really have to cower and wait for a beating. Obviously that wasn't happening now, so...

"...I... thought you were someone else," he said. "Sorry."
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yay for mommy mami \o/

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"Equius Zahhak." At the very least, he was able to meet her gaze again. "...Who are you, then, human?" He didn't mean 'human' as a derogatory term -- or, at least, it didn't sound like it.
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He blinked at the odd way she addressed him. The suffix he could wave off as strange human culture (and he completely missed the stumbling over his last name), but... "There's... no need to call me by my surname. You're a human, so you don't count as part of the hemospectrum." This neutrality took some getting used to at first, but the alternative was screaming at everyone for being "DISGUSTING FREAK-BLOODED SCUM", and that always struck him as undignified for people who didn't even have other blood colors anyway. "...A-anyway. A pleasure to meet you, too."

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Jin was sitting in the hallway with some notebooks and a few books. He wasn't really used to researching without his computer, but he had to make do right now-- not that he figured he would find anything in these books. This was kind of a stupid idea.

He looked up from his crap however when he saw Mami walk by and-- hm. He peered over his glasses in thought, before standing up and abandoning the pile of useless reading materials, going to catch up with the blonde girl. "Hey-- You know anyone named Miki?"
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"Do you know anything about Grief Seeds?"

Yep he's just gonna get straight to the point. Sayaka wasn't looking too good last time he saw her, so the sooner the better.
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"Yeah," He said with a nod. "The other day she was freaking out and her gem was almost all black. Said she needed Grief Seeds to fix it, but no idea where to get them."

Unfortunately, the suppressants hadn't been a very viable alternative, but seeing as Jin was pretty sure Sayaka couldn't keep a cool head, they had to figure something out.
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Witches, huh? He had no idea what that was. But apparently they were hard to come by. Maybe they were like Shadows that dropped special things?

"Yeah. More black than the first time I saw it." A slight shrug. "What happens when it's all black? She lose her magic or something?" She had been worrying about using up her magic the first time he met her, so maybe....

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hay mumi-san

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An older teenage boy was just coming back from the lower floors, heading toward the living areas and looking rather tired. Maybe he was exploring? Who knows! Either way, it wouldn't hurt to ask...