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Yuffie finally arrives!

Characters: Yuffie and anyone unlucky enough to run into her.
Setting: Starting off in 1-05!
Format: Prose, action, I don't mind. I'll match you.
Summary: Yuffie wakes up and she is not happy.
Warnings: Just Yuffie being her normal bratty self. Will update if things change!

Thirty seconds can seem like hours when you're paralyzed. By the time Yuffie's able to move, she starts flailing so much that she actually falls off the bed and lands on the hard floor. "Owwww..."

Climbing to her feet, she rubs her elbow and examines her surrou--

A flash of white as she moves her arms around catches her eye. What the heck is she wearing? And why does her neck feel so weird? She starts feeling around and discovers there's a snug collar fitted to her neck. "Huh!?"

Panic starts to rise. Okay, deep breaths. Now think. You were on the Highwind, and then...

She gasps. "Wait, did Meteor wipe us out or what!?" If this is the afterlife, it's certainly not what she expected.


It's a few minutes later when she finds the letters. "Your world has been destroyed," Yuffie reads out to the quiet room. "I saved you. Let's all be happy here."

A few moments of stunned silence, before she throws the letters down and stomps her feet.

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sup roomie

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It's the familiar letter being read aloud that causes Sayaka to stir in her own bed - just in time for her to blearily look up and witness Yuffie's bellowing.

"Would I wish that'd work," she mumbles, pulling the cover right back over her head.
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Roomies thread? Roomies thread!

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"'Be happy here.' That's a laugh," comes a voice from a different bed. It's one laced with icy bitterness - both toward the tower for what it's done, and toward Yuffie for waking her up.

"You gotta yell into one of the computer-things if you want a response from our keepers. And even then, it's a crapshoot."
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Sayaka's response is obviously muffled by the blanket resting over her head.

"Well, usually it's pretty easy - since every day's a time like this. Just clooose eyes, wait, and on goes the sleep light."
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Lina scoffs, then tips a finger toward Sayaka. "Diem Wing." Better hold onto that blanket, Sayaka, 'cause a small wind kicks up around it, and is trying to blow it off.

"Don't let her get to you, she's always like that. As for keepers, well. There's some jerks in this tower keeping us here."
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Oh, dangit--! She wasn't prepared. The blanket goes swooshing off of her, and Sayaka dramatically flails to try and catch it, but has to let it go for a loss. Grudgingly, she sits up, hugging on to her remaining pillow in case Lina sees fit for a repeat performance.

"Bluhhh. Shorty's name is Lina. 'M Sayaka."
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Lina grants herself a bit of smug satisfaction and a quiet chuckle at the success of her little Sayaka-annoyance.

Though the comment the blue-headed girl makes gets her to scowl. "That's Lina Inverse, sorcery genius." She still has her personal pride, damn it!

"But yeah. Welcome to the tower. My condolences."
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wow i'm the best at keeping track of threads

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It's way too early to re-check her mental math on how long she's been here, so Sayaka just nods as an answer. "Yeah, it's been a couple months."
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No worries~

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"Looks aren't deceiving, it is a dump," Lina comments, flopping forward on her bed, propped on a pillow. "Well. It's nicely-made, but it's not a nice place," she adds, then nods along with Sayaka's comment about time.