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actions have consequences

Characters: Roxas and you? [open]
Setting: Floor Thirty-Five
Format: Prose to start, but I'll match
Summary: After a horrible display on the network, Roxas isn't feeling very peachy.
Warnings: Severe depression, and potential death-seeking actions.

Why was he here.
Why was he here.
Why was he here, standing shakily at the edge of a never-ending lake? Why had he stopped at this place?

When he'd woken from the sleep paralysis, he'd bolted like he was on fire. Roxas didn't want to look Ven, or anyone else in the face. That was the only good thing about being dead, he'd realized- nobody could be upset with him until after he came back. Roxas didn't quite understand why he was feeling this way, though. The claustrophobia was a new phenomenon after being trapped with that monster and Sayaka, he could grasp that. He'd always had a temper, too, so his panic and rage were understandable. But, that didn't explain why he'd asked that asshole to...

Rox had taken off his socks and shoes almost immediately after spotting the water. Standing just close enough that he could feel the water with his toes, he could feel his stomach drop. His eyes followed the water downward for a minute, and he caught sight of his own reflection.

His legs quivered, and Roxas abruptly slumped down. Covering his face with his hands, he tried to ignore the feeling of his collar brushing against his wrists as he dry-heaved.

Maybe he knew why he was at the edge of the water, after all.
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When you lived in the same room together, it was hard to get away with stuff, as Ven was very well aware. He hadn't been on the network the other day, but he had figured out that Roxas had died again, and Sayaka had helped fill in the blanks. So the two had ran after him, and man it was a pain trying to restrain his usual running speed when he was so anxious but he didn't want to leave Sayaka behind and augh.

They'd made it there eventually though, and Ven slid to a stop a few feet form the water and yelled. "Roxas!!"
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It was a given Sayaka had seen what happened, once she'd cooled off and (determined to even if she'd just get worked up once more) checked that mess of a network post again, and seen...


Briefly, she wonders how she could have ever felt apathetic about anything, when there's so much to get angry over in this stupid tower.

Telling Ven had been one of the first things that popped in mind once she could see colors other than red, even if Ven had been - spacey, it's still Ven and Roxas is still both their friend and...

Cripes, Ven could run fast. Sayaka arrives a good few seconds after he does, while that bellowed Roxas!! is still echoing.
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Oh no. Oh no, Ven was not letting it go down like this. If this was how Aqua and Terra had felt when he'd wanted to disappear, well-- he definitely owed them an apology.

His speed definitely cam in handy, because once Roxas made for the water, Ven kicked off the ground and practically jumped after him, moving like a lightning bolt and grabbing Roxas' arm once he hit the water with a splash.

He planted his feet on the ground and pulled Roxas above water again, trying to maintain his grip. "Sayaka, come on--!" Yeah he could use a little help here.
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i could use this for a mermaid joke but i would hate myself afterwards

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Sayaka curses the restraint on her Soul Gem this floor enforced - if not for it, she wouldn't have cared about the magical expense zap-dashing in would incur and would've had Roxas tackled and fifty feet from the lake in the time it took her to come to Ven's aid. As it is, she just lends the 'keep Roxas out of the drink' effort all her un-magical powered 13 year old self can give.
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His primary concern was getting Roxas out, so with Sayaka's help, he dragged Roxas out of the water and back onto solid ground, and brought him a good foot or so away from the water's edge before he stopped.

He wasn't really tired from the physical exertion, but damn if he wasn't exasperated from panicking. Ven's mind wasn't quite sure how to address the clinging at this moment, though he wasn't dragging him anymore. He DID however, fall back on his backside on the ground, probably dragging the other two with him. "What... were you thinking?!"
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can i be in your serious thread guys look at this quality drama writing:

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And everyone goes down with the ship! At the very least, Sayaka manages to not get squished by the pile of falling facetwins.

"See, okay, let's just stay here, on solid ground..."
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Once Roxas had rolled away, Ven staggered to his feet, still panting a bit but probably at least regaining his breath faster than the others.

He turned towards Roxas (half-wishing he could still use his wind magic and dry off but whatever now's not the time to think about that), looking at him incredulously and all around not entirely sure what to do right now.

"Why did you do that?!" Yeah more questions that made sense.
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Surpringly, Sayaka's the least worn out of the three, remaining quiet while the other two huff for air - power restriction or not, she doesn't quite register the lung burn the same way as either of them.

She stays seated as Ven staggers up, giving Roxas an unreadable look, even if he couldn't see it.

"..we're not all that scary, right?"
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Ven was certainly calming down at least, in the form of drooping a bit as he looked at Roxas, then gave Sayaka an unsure face, and then looked back at Roxas.

"...What's wrong?" The last time he had talked to Roxas he was doing his damndest to keep positive. And now...this?
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Sayaka has a theory about what's wrong.

She could certainly understand getting.. overcome.. by this place, bitter as that is to admit. It wasn't just Puella Magi that could have meltdowns, after all. now they'd both seen each other at their worst, huh?
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no you

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Ven's expression fell a bit more, looking down at the ground and deciding to sit back on the ground with a 'thud.' He...wasn't really sure how to reply to that, really. Aqua or Terra would be way better at this than he was. Master Eraqus too.

"No one wants to be here. But dying every day isn't going to make a difference," He said, rather despondently. "I don't...I don't know what to do, but..."

Augh, he was so goddamn sick of letting all of this stuff get to him. "--You can't let it all get to you like this!"
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"..h, hey. 'If you freak out, you're just gonna get worse.' I don't think that just goes for me, Rox."

Recanting the advice she'd gotten seemed like the best idea, but - Sayaka feels like a hypocrite. She hadn't figured out how to even apply it right yet herself, so is it really fair for her to just regurgitate it to Roxas?
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coo coo cachoo

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Meanwhile Ven was totally unaware of most of the details about what actually happened with Sayaka and the Witchening, and was continuing with a combination of anger and exasperation.

"Kind of hard to do that, don't you think?!" Yeah they were kind of roommates, dumbass. "That's what friends are for. To cheer you up and help you out and stop you when you've gotten worse and got a death wish!"

Huh. Well that was kind of hitting a little close to home.