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[ This is...probably backdated... (18-19th ballpark?) ]

Characters: Filia, open!!
Setting: All over the dorm floors, eventually room 1-05.
Format: Action or prose.
Summary: Filia dreamed that she'd been eaten by a spider but HA HA that can't be possible, by the way Miss Lina you are the worst friend ever.
Warnings: Talk of being eaten, idiocy.

DORMS (unspecified)

That is Filia taking very angry steps (okay, stomping) through the floors of the dormitory, stopping at each room to read the names of its inhabitants. She looks upset.

You probably don't want to engage. ]

ROOM 1-05
Lina Inverse
Sayaka Miki
Yuffie Kisaragi
Feferi Peixes

Lina Inverse
Sayaka Miki

Lina Inverse

A-ha! ]

Miss Lina! [ Knock. Knock knock knock. ] Miss Lina, are you here?
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because really

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[Distantly, Filia will hear an incredulous "Miss Lina?" from inside the room.]
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[There's a brief sound of movement, then Sayaka actually attends to the door, letting it swing open.]

--Uh, yo, hi. She's not, but it's around now she usually does swing by, so it'll probably just be a few minutes.

[She pauses, and then gets a somewhat goofy look.]

So, you must have the patience of a saint to say Lina's your pal, huh?
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[She has to bite her tongue to keep from busting out another incredulous reaction to the Miss, but Sayaka manages.]

Then that definitely explains a lot. Name's Sayaka Miki, nice to make your acquaintance, Filia~!
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[...she does a mental count, then realizes she really doesn't have an accurate number for it.]

..I started counting the days about 50 ago, but I was here a while even before that. Kinda wild, huh?
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Tch, this is more than some stupid trick!

[Lina walks up right on schedule, having caught what Filia said. Great, the weird lady that knows her is talking with Sayaka. This is bound to go wonderfully.]

I dunno what exactly, but it's waaay too elaborate for a mere trick.
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[Oh god this kooky lady is invading her personal space now aaaaaaaaaugh.]

I told you then, blondie, I don't know who you are! And you didn't seem to wanna get out of the thing's way, so I gave you a little nudge.

[In the wrong direction. Whoops.]
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[Lina stares for a moment, then shakes her head.]

Nnnnnnnope. Doesn't ring a bell.
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Dark Star...

[Lina's face grows a bit more serious at that revelation.]

I've defeated a piece of Shabranigdu with Zelgadis and Gourry, but not Dark Star. He's in a whole other world--

[A beat. The way others have talked about alternate realities of their own worlds, maybe this is something like that...]

Or is he the Dark Lord of the Mazoku where you come from?

And for that matter, who's Xellos?
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[Lina's eyes widen a bit, and there's a chill down her back - a complete Dark Lord being summoned is some serious stuff.]

I would remember something huge like THAT happening for sure. And no, I don't know a Xellos.

[A pause.]

I defeated a complete Dark Lord...?
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Well, I ran across something that was kind-of Mazoku-ish once. [coughSAYAKA] That was just one instance, though. Bunch of us beat it down and it hasn't returned.
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[You're telling her.]

Yeah. The weirdos in charge, whatever they are, aren't Mazoku.
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[Wait, what.

Lina gives Filia a confused look, then looks down at herself.]

I dunno, it's been a long time since I traveled with Naga...
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[Lina blinks, then shakes her head.] No, my last set only had one kinda like that. [She raises a hand, and makes a circular motion around Filia's left shoulder.] The other one was rounded, and it came down a little bit, but I didn't have a talisman here, though... [She pulls her hand to her own collar bone area.]
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I hope that's not the case, but knowing the stuff these people are capable of, I wouldn't be surprised...
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[So very, very helpful.]

I don't suppose you know anything about the city of Sairaag, do you?
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It was.

[A beat.]

Wait, what do you mean 'was'?