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[Yuffie was scared, sure, but it still hadn't hit the level of fighting Sephiroth or even the time she was about to be dropped off the side of a mountain. Kicking the cell door had done her no good, but fussing over her sore foot kept her distracted from her surroundings, if only for a little while.]

[When that failed to keep her busy, the ninja did a few half-hearted jabs in the air, then slumped against the cell door. She was already bored to tears and she had only been locked up for a total of fifteen minutes.]

[This was not going to end well.]

Gawd, this is so STUPID!
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You're tellin' me.

[Sup, Yuffie. It's the roommate who was all grouchy and unsociable when you first arrived. Her opinion on the tower remains validated.]
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[Oh hi roomie! Yuffie perks up at hearing a familiar voice.]

Shouldn't we, uh, try to break out? There's only four of them and a hell of a lot more of us!
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i am made of late

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Of course!

[What do you think she'd been trying--]

Step one is busting loose from just these cells. ..I tried magic and bashing it and stuff like that. I don't wanna use everything up at once during step 1, but none of it worked yet...
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it's ok, I am too! we can backtag into infinity

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[Grumbling, Yuffie lifts her leg and lets it drop, the rubber heel of her shoe bouncing off the floor.]

Well, there's gotta be something!

[Yuffie is not a tactician. Anything that isn't beating the crap out of someone or stealing from them is beyond her.]
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[Sayaka... is also not a tactician. It's of note that she's one of very few Puella Magi to not fight at a nice, safe range.]

Right. We'll figure it out.