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Post Surgery

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[ She feels nauseous now. Being able to feel the surgery like that...

It hadn't really been the best experience, even if there wasn't any pain. Actually, it had been horrible. It felt like being helpless again, back then....

She feels lightheaded, a little numb, and like she wants to sleep. But she forces herself not to, some bubble of panic rising through that artificially-induced calmness (her ribbons rise up of their own accord, threatening to tangle her up) for a brief moment.
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[When she'd realized Mami was being brought into the surgery room, Sayaka had surged up to her feet and into her magical girl form in a second, thoughts of conserving magic and all that stupid stuff are thrown to the wayside because no way is she sitting by while this happens. She'd waled at the glass with her sword for who knows how long uselessly, eventually dropping it to just try tackling the window.

Nothing worked.

When Mami's actually been put back in her cell, Sayaka searches out the spot she'd found before, the closet place between their rooms. She sits down there, arms wrapped closely around her legs and shoulders hunched. Throughout the long hour while she's recovering from the drug, Sayaka attempts to spark a dialog between them many times that Mami simply physically can't answer to. From the silence now, it seems like she might've given up on an answer, but then -]

Maybe you're just sleeping it off or something, huh? I bet I'd be. ..will be.
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[ It's a long hour, and somewhere in that hour, she falls asleep.

When she stirs, she finds she can move again, though she feels weak, still lightheaded, just like before.

It feels unnervingly like when she was recovering from the injuries she'd received in the fight with Charlotte, but she pushes through it, forcing herself to move to the wall to talk.

Her voice is wavering, weak still.

It's...it's all right, Miki-san.

Are they going to take everyone...?
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[It's like an impossibly taut string keeping her knotted up was just cut when she gets an answer - Sayaka slumps in relief, though her voice is still noticeably pitched from worry.]

--You're okay? We're doing okay here? Okay!

[That question catches her off, though. Sayaka sucks in a sharp breath of air, not wanting to say 'yes, definitely, we're all going to suffer' but not able to offer much sunnier words.]

..I, I dunno, Mami-san.
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[ 8( she wishes she could say something, do something reassuring, but this is a situation which neither of them can help, really. ]

I'm... I'm sorry for worrying you, Miki-san. I wish we could...do something.

[ She still feels sluggish, somehow. Like her senses are dulled. A little bit of panic bubbles up in her again, ribbons stirring, but it's gone quickly. ]


I wonder what kind of contest they're playing with one another...
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..I know. There's got to be something. There's got to be anything, there's no way he's going to be able to get away with doing this to us in person--

[She's pretty much seething over here.]

It's a sick game. I remember - they were bickering with each, before. This is just a stupid way to get a power trip!
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How callous of them...if they rescued us, like they said, then why are they using us like this...?

Is it because they'll just revive us when they're done...?

[ she sounds drowsy, melancholy. almost bitter. ]

Maybe they just don't understand our suffering. Like the Incubators...
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..that sounds about right.

[Sayaka lapses into contemplation. She can certainly see it. The matter of fact way Jason went on in the face of what had been done to them - it reminded her of Kyuubey, one paw pressed down on her gem and explaining how this is what it would really feel like to take a spear to the stomach.]