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[Another surgery done on someone she knew, someone who'd been talking her through her own travails -]


[A beat.]



[Can her voice even reach him? It looks like he's lost in trying to take his own advice to breath, breath after the strange horrorshow that'd been wrought on him, and Sayaka's hands curl tight as can be and cut little half moons into her palms nearly the same shape as depicted on one of the nails cutting them, of course that are just as soon gone as there, alongside tinny little bells.]
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[Shouting. He remembers Link shouting. His name. But that voice isn't Link -- and it's not saying his name, nor is it putting any strange magical tunics on him, but it's yelling for him nonetheless. At least, he thinks it is.

England seems to break free of his episode of choking with a harsh, successful gasp. His breathing goes from choked to deep, as is normal for one who's recovering from a bout of time where their lungs are cut off. He inhales needily for a few seconds before he raises his head to look in the direction that the voice is coming from.

Sadly, all he can see is a preteen-shaped violet ghost. It kind of resembles Sayaka. He's pretty sure it's her. He should make sure. It's only polite.]

[The fact that he's looking right at her and can't tell it's her should probably be a tip-off that it's not just his lungs that have been tampered with.]
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Eh? Who else would I be? ..but woo, you broke out of it. Thank goodness.

[The ghost seems to be moving in tune with how you'd expect someone's body language to express 'relief'-- raising the chance that yeah, that's Sayaka.]

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[England squints evidently, but that doesn't make the image clear up any. Sayaka doesn't seem to notice that anything is amiss, though. He should explain once he's done regaining his breath.

So he does that for a few moments before deciding to elaborate.]
Sorry. Can't really see you. You're all-- purple, like.

[He's not at his most coherent right now (and his accent is a little tripped up; it seems to be a bit thicker). Sorry about that.]