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[Sayaka has to bite down asking 'you don't feel it, do you?' because that's the look of someone that just realized there's not any pain where there should be, and she's known that look as it played over her own features.

She opts for 'less creepy, more irritating.']

It seems kinda gimmicky. ..gadgety?
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Yeah. I guess that's one way to put it. I guess this is Jason trying to have a sense of humor or something.

Got to say, I'm not really feeling it. Hopefully he never tries to be a comedian. This shit isn't funny. [A short pause.] How are you holding up? [He saw it and he felt kind of guilty for kind of sassing her earlier. He didn't want to pity her though since she seemed like she can handle herself fine.] If you like, I can yell at the obscenities at Jason to make up for it. Way to take away freedom of speech, the fucking douchebag.
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Well, I dunno. Let him try stand-up, think of all the tomatoes he'll get thrown at him--!

[Turns out a comment as little as that counts for turning on the pain facet, though - Sayaka grits her teeth and falls quiet for a while instead of answering the question.] sounds lovely.
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What's your favorite adjectives? I'll be sure to include them, free of charge. Anything to kind of just call him colorful things. Fucking, lying, cheating, shitty voyeur. Getting off on this shit and being a general piece of shit.

[Everyone should be allowed to hate Jason. How dare they not be allowed to hate him. Asshole.]
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[She's tempted, but.]

...Sorry. I think you're gonna have to fill even those in for me, too.
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It's a good thing the internet prepared me for all the colorful slurs a kid needs to throw at a sadistic fuckass such as him. And if there isn't the internet, well, I sure had a few friends who said some pretty colorful things before.

[Bluh. This pisses him off.]