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..So he got you too, Yu?

[Sayaka's leaning stark against one of her cell's walls, legs crossed neatly on the floor. If she stood up she'd just pace around angrily - and if she did that, she'd end up cursing everything to the high heavens. For now she figured - well, at least she could keep herself at bay this much.]
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...Yeah, he did.

[Thank the gods for his long bangs, covering the cork-like thing in his forehead. If he weren't a normally-calm person to begin with, that pacing and cursing would more than likely be seconded. Instead, he decided to conserve his energy and wait. After all, Adachi had proven what they were capable of if they lived within the negatives. Yu has no intention of following in his footsteps, either.]

How are you holding up? [Because what happened looked rather painful...]
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Who, me? Ahah~!

[Sayaka raps her knuckles on her head, as if to demonstrate that it still retains all its previous structural integrity, hole put in it to hold a gem or not.]

I haven't heard anything rattling around, so I think I'm good for now!
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[Well, he's glad for that much at least. Though gem-in-skull can't possibly be the best thing in the world...]

I hope it stays that way, then. [Until everything is back to normal because no, this really can't be permanent. He'd lose his mind if this continues for the rest of their existences...]
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[The smile she'd took up slides easily off her face into something more wry, because as much fine as she can claim to be - just as long as she keeps quiet, at least - fine's being applied relatively, here.]

Whatever happens, don't worry too much about me.
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[He knows. Oh, does he know. Yet he won't voice his worry, but that sentence...

Why does everyone assume that saying "don't worry" stops their friends from worrying when it always has the opposite effect?]

I can't do that. [He chuckles faintly, but it dies just as quickly as Sayaka's smile.] It's my job to be concerned. As a leader, and as a friend.
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[..Aw, geez. She hadn't thought about it like that.]

W-well, fine! [She sounds a little embarrassed, but not negatively so.] I'll just have to go and worry about you, too, then!
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[He tries to smile. Honestly, he does. Because that little comment was enough to at least push him to try and ignore their voices even more.]

Ah. [At least the nod manages to be A Thing That Happens?] That's what friends are for.

[He's got your back, no matter what SOB.]