theherourherocouldbelike: (DON'T TOUCH MY DARLING BBY GIRL)
L i n k ([personal profile] theherourherocouldbelike) wrote in [community profile] towerofanimus 2012-06-27 01:10 am (UTC)

[Even as he stood in front of the Elevator Shaft, he couldn't understand why he was doing this. He knew that this was for saving those inside the pods, but he didn't trust Ganon. He didn't trust that man one bit. Yet he agreed to this all the same. Was it because he wanted to be a hero for once, instead of sitting behind and watching everyone else save him? Or was it pure curiosity?

Either way, he had the Elevator open now and looked inside for a moment before confirming that it was safe.]

Let's go!

[He steps inside and waits for the rest to follow suit.]

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