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[Tower Takeover Plot] || [24th to 25th June] || [Open/Closed]

Characters: A lot - Look at the tags. I'll try to keep the list updated as it goes on.
Setting: The Tower (various floors) / The Pod Area / The Control Room. The Teams attempt to break-in will happen during the night from the 24th to the 25th. The monsters being enraged will last for the the 24th and the 25th, and will end with Ganon's death early on the 25th.
Format: Action most likely
Summary: Ganondorf's plot to take over the tower is finally happening, with various team assigned to various tasks. You can go here for more details or to ask a question. There will be mainly three things going on:

- The Control Room team, led by Ganondorf and attempting to take over the tower. This group's action will be divided in two threads, one before they reach the control room, one after. Membership for this group is CLOSED.
- The Pod Team, trying to break into the Pods, actually only serving as diversion so that the Control Room Team can reach its purpose. Like for the Control Room team, there will be two threads. Membership for this group is OPEN.
- The Monsters going berserk in the tower and attacking everyone on their way, once more to serve as a diversion. No membership required for that.

Basically, we start by tagging the Gathering thread of each team, then after a short while move on to the Pod/Control Room thread. There will also be a thread about the recruitment if you want it played out- Hence there will be a total of six threads in order to keep things organized, but don't hesitate to make your own thread if say, two or more characters have a private discussion at some point during the event or for a monster battle. More details below.

Warnings: Everyone in the Control Room will die, no escaping it. Those in the Pod Team may manage to survive if they're clever about it. Anyone encountering a monster risk to be wounded or killed.

Optional OOC Information
Lots of tl;dr, just to give a few more details in case you need them. Don't feel forced to read unless you need it, it's really lots of bla bla.

Control Room Team
This team is led by Ganondorf with the sole purpose of taking over the tower. First Ganon will wait until all those concerned arrive at the gathering; then details of the plan will be given once more for those who didn't hear everything. Only then will they head to the Control Room, since Ganondorf more or less found out how to reach it. Since this team is full, no more characters can be accepted in. People in this team are:

Ganondorf, MM Link, Fado, Hojo, Reno (OU), Naoya, Xigbar, Richtofen, Gimli, Riku (OU) and Shion. Fi and Xion (OU) may appear in the Gathering Thread but not the Control Room Thread. Indeed, because of how many people are involved (11-13), the events for this group will be divided into two threads: one before they enter the control room, one after.

The Gathering
This thread will take place on the First Floor (Cafeteria) and will be about the team's member arrival. They can speak between them in the meanwhile, whatever to kill time. Once everybody will be there, Ganondorf will explain the plan once more for those who don't know the details. He will make no mention of the diversions (it's to say the Monsters and the Pod Team) as officially he's not behind the Pod Team and most people shouldn't even know this Team exists. Then they will move in toward the control room.

The Control Room
This thread will take place in the Control Room, as the characters step in. This is also where everyone will die (anyone tagging in this thread is sure to die). Probably killed off by Zo? The details for how it'll happen precisely are yet unknown. Considering how long this is all going to be, we won't have to wait until the first's thread end to start this one.

Pod Team
This Team is led by SS Link and has for objective to go and free those prisoner in the Pods not like those in Dax's pod want to be freed anyway. In fact, Ganon secretly set it up to serve as diversion for the Control Room Team to succeed. Nevertheless aside from the Turks, nobody in the group knows that it is only as a diversion. Those involved are:

SS Link, TP Link, ALTTP Link, Enoch, Kafuka, Tara, Suzaku, Beat, Rude and Reno (AU). Unlike the Control Room Team, this one is still open to more people if you want join in the horror fun. And unlike the Control Room Team, those in this team may come out of it alive if they play smart. IF. Much like for the Control Room team, events for this group will be divided in two threads.

The Gathering
Same than for the other team, except it happens on the First Dormitory Floor. SS Link will be the one in charge here. He'll probably also be much more sympathetic than Ganondorf, open to answer questions and less of a douche overall. Well he should be Link.

The Pods' Area
This thread will take place when the characters will get close to the Pod Area. What will happen exactly is not that clear yet, but if they play clever they may come out of it alive.

Inside the Tower
Because one diversion isn't enough, Ganondorf has used his powers to enrage the Tower's monsters and send them to kill everyone. He's sent out a couple monsters of his making as well, and asked Ghirahim to go on a killing spree. Just another day in the tower.

You don't need to tag in the monster thread for that, it's just for convenience. If you want to play with that side-effect of the event, you can chose to make your own thread, or your own log.

Same monsters than usual, except this week-end, they are out to kill. More than they usually are. Stronger, more ferocious, faster, etc. There are particularly more Darknut than usual. On the less dangerous side, there are many Poes Ganondorf created causing havoc around, not so much killing people, more like ravaging the tower in any possible ways. They're ghost-like creatures, sensitive to light.

Jalhalla is a gigantic monster unleashed by Ganon as seen here and here is for an example of how a battle against it works. Fou-Lu Is set to kill it before the end of the event, but that doesn't mean it cannot harm people or wreak havoc before that.

At least one of the two Ghirahim will be out, hunting to kill anyone they can on Ganondorf's order. The sad part is that unlike regular monsters, Ghirahim is very smart and won't go down that easily.

Because time lacked, there was no recruitment post for the teams. Nevertheless, if you'd rather not have the recruitment and revelations handwaved, you can tag into this thread to have the recruitment happen.

Control Room Team --- Gathering – Floor 1 /// The Control Room
Pod Team ---------------- Gathering – Dormitories /// The Pods' Area
In the Tower ------------- Jalhalla | Monsters | Ghirahim
Recruitments ------------ Tower, Anyday
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Why thank you. [He takes the offered bat, weighing it a bit and nodding in approval. The GGs had a shared cache of weapons back at the Garage, but generally they were only used when other gangs tried to invade. Spraycans are lighter, anyway.] Christ, been years since I used one of these.
swordofzero: (staring)

[personal profile] swordofzero 2012-06-25 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
If you have another spare I would welcome a weapon. [He could fight unarmed well but if they came across monsters he would feel better having a weapon, even if it was one he wasn't skilled in using.]
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[personal profile] notontheflowers 2012-06-26 12:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Sure thing.

[He tossed one over.]

Agsin, go for the joints, junction of the neck and shoulder can incapacitate or kill, and swing through not at. If we get attacked by things trying to kill us, don't be stuoid and try to spare their lives.

It'll get you killed.
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[Suzaku caught it with a nod; killing things was, unfortunately, something he was skilled at.

Once he would have worried about sparing lives, but now more than ever the end had to justify the means. He had seen what their captors were capable, they had to be stopped. The others had to be rescued.]
Thank you.
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[personal profile] theherourherocouldbelike 2012-06-27 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
[Link was a little late arriving to the group. He had decided to take a nap before the mission and accidentally slept in a bit too late, but luckily for him it seemed like they hadn't started yet. He was covered in all the weapons he could carry. He had his sword, his bow, his Hook Beetle was on his wrist and his Double clawshots were hooked to his belt and he also had his slingshot in a small pouch. He was wearing his Fireshield earrings just in case, and he had one bottle in another pouch with a fairy. These items had been loaned to his good friend Pipit who was sent back recently, and he was grateful for that.

He looked at the others who were already there and nods at them in greeting.]

Is everyone here?
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[personal profile] warriorscribe 2012-06-27 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
*Enoch doesn't know how many more were in the group, but Link's demeanor gives him away as their leader for this.*

You're the one leading us?
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[personal profile] theherourherocouldbelike 2012-06-27 01:48 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, I am the one who has been entrusted with leading this mission. My name is Link.
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[ Rude stayed closed to Reno, not saying a word as he distribute weapons around. He then turned when the young man clothed in green came in. The leader... He looked serious enough, but he was young.


He'll give him a bit of credit and wait and see. ]
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Andy gave me permission to assume TP Link is in the room already.

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*Another man with pointed ears, in green, named Link? He glances at the other two in the room (wondering if the one he didn't already know was also named Link), before continuing.

He had so many questions. How did they find out about the pods? How were they going to rescue the people inside? How did they figure out where the pods were? But he settled for just one of them for now, testing their leader's responsiveness to questions.*

How are we going to go about this?
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[personal profile] theherourherocouldbelike 2012-06-27 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
[To be honest, Link was playing this by ear. He didn't have any long, strategic plan or a convoluted plot or anything. All he knew was where the elevator was, and that they needed to get everyone out of the pods one way or another. But, he was the leader and he couldn't very well state that he had no idea, unless he wanted the others to look down upon him.]

We are going to take the administrator elevator to where the others are and essentially break everyone out. Perhaps we will run into the administrators, and if that happens, perhaps we can talk them into freeing the others. I highly doubt the probability of them letting the others out willingly, though, so we will most likely have to use violence.

[A pause] I do not know if everyone will make it out alive. If that is a risk you do not wish to take, leave this group now.
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[Suzaku nodded at the other Link, the one he had spoken to; who had told him about this. He listened and nodded at the words. He knew their chances of surviving were slim; but it didn't really matter. They would return and if they could manage to rescue anyone...]

They aren't the sort of people who will negotiate I don't think, but there is no harm in trying.
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[personal profile] theresnosuchthing 2012-06-28 02:50 am (UTC)(link)
It always depends on saying the right thing.

[The statement comes form a young girl with an easy smile as she shrugs slightly.]

The problem is finding the right thing to say, of course.
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[ They're already considering trying to negotiate with those in charge. Those in charges would probably take advantage of the bla bla to swiftly kill them, he assumes. Rude will just quietly facepalm on the inside. ]
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Just don't stick too hard to it. [Beat is having the same doubts as Rude. Actually, the idea of talking it out peacefully at all doesn't sit well with him, because he's not accustomed to dealing with authorities that way; this tower has already proved itself to be just nightmarish enough for him to make parallels to Rokkaku. What the Rokkaku Police do, these administrators will do. And the Rokkaku Police enforce bomber jets to take out graffiti artists.] If it works, it works, and if it doesn't work, blast 'em.

Otherwise yer gonna die, no questions asked.
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*He wishes Lucifel was here. Enoch is a better diplomat when it comes to appealing to people as human beings with basic senses of empathy and sympathy, but it's sounding like their hosts are lacking in those departments. Lucifel's cool logic and angelic stunted empathy would come in handy; he'd know best how to speak to people like their hosts sound on their own level.

He recognizes the downward spiral this train of thought could leave him on before it starts. Tries to divert it.*

I'm sure none of us would have volunteered without a willingness to defend ourselves.
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[Suzaku nods as well, he didn't think that negotiation would be possible and he was prepared to fight.]
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Alright. [He nods.] Is everyone ready to go?
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As much as I'll ever be.
warriorscribe: (Won't let anyone tell him what to do)

[personal profile] warriorscribe 2012-07-04 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm ready.