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Seventh Staff ♞ home again, home again

Characters: Sayaka Miki & the tower at large.
Setting:  1st of the month. Dorm Room 1-05, and then the dorm room of pretty much anyone Sayaka has CR with - and if she can't find you there, she'll look for you elsewhere (so anywhere you want) or come back later to look again. Handwave it to any day shortly after the pod-populace return, and feel free to tag in if you don't have previous CR - she'll talk to you anyway. Because talking helped in the pods, right?
Format: Any.
Summary: Regains suck, but Sayaka says screw feelings, screw being upset over it, she's going to go look into every single person she can remember the name of to see how they're doing after that doozy of a month.
Warnings:  Angst in the first half. Ridiculously determined and annoying 14 year olds throughout the whole post.

When she woke up back in room 1-05, like nothing had ever happened - no marks on her, soul gem that intimately familiar state of clouded that she remembers it being from the very first day she arrived - Sayaka just stared at the ceiling. Even the color of it was just a bit different than it was in the pods - just some teensy shade of off-white that was off-er than the other. When she recovered from the daze, Sayaka sat up.

She heard a sound, like something had gotten jarred or rustled from her shifting weight on the bed. Carefully, she turned about on the bed to look at what it might be - and froze.

It was a CD player. A broken one, with several pieces of itself scattered around, along with shards of the last CD it would ever play. The whole mess is covered in blotches of dried blood.

Distantly, Sayaka remembers people mentioning getting 'things from home' before, and she knows exactly what this is.

She hadn't even cried in the pods, though she'd come tremulously close. But this is... this is what gets her. Sayaka attempts to scramble away from the sight in front of her, just ends up falling of off the bed - and there go the waterworks. She bites her tongue rather than make a sound, and presses her palms to her eyes - dammit, dammit, dammit, this isn't the time to lose it, this isn't the place!

She'd eventually shoved the whole mess into her trunk and slammed it shut with a crash, because at least telling herself she didn't care a lick about making noise made her feel a bit better. And it was true. She's got things to do that aren't being sad about obvious attempts to upset her. Things like checking up on everyone.

((OOC: Feel free to pop in during her freak out over the CD player or be encountered after.))

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[Sayaka finds John in his room; the door is open, and in the center of the floor is him, legs folded with a little reptile of some kind in his lap. He is playing with her as he would a pet, holding her under the arms and bouncing — and, of course, acting surprised when the bubble of saliva pops in front of his face. It seems that while Sayaka was busy crying over her CD player, the tower had finally decided to cut John a break and give him something nice instead; the giant salamander, Casey.]

[He and Casey both look up when Sayaka opens the door, the latter after a few seconds’ delay; her expression does not change, beady and thoughtless as ever, but John swooshes up to his feat in a gust of air. He cradles Casey in one hand while waving to the blue-haired girl with the other, trotting over to meet her at the door.]
Sayaka! Hi!
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Don't worry about it, not at all. [He begins idly scratching Casey under the chin, before realizing that Sayaka doesn't know her. He then holds her up.] Oh, by the way, this is Casey! Casey, say hi.

[Casey makes an odd gurgling noise.]
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On the second dorm-floor, near one room's door is Momotaros, peering at a metal puzzle in his hands, but he doesn't seem to care about solving it - he's more or less just staring at it while he moves the pieces around.

Sayaka's approach stirs his attention, and his head lazily turns to look over at her.

So much blue...

He makes an annoyed scoffing noise at himself, then shakes his head.

Blue's a stupid color. Stupid like stupid lying turtles.
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"Eh, not particularly. Not to you, at least." His tone isn't disrespectful - maybe a little weary.

"Y'looking for someone?"
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[Will a ridiculously annoying and determined fifteen year old help too? Because if so, Cross is going to be walking down the hall. He's still exploring this strange Tower and still hasn't found out too much about it. As he passes a room, he hears a loud slam of a trunk. Blinking, he curiously looks at the door. Now what's the polite thing to do?

Just open the door and look on inside. That's totally polite, right? He see's a girl around his age from behind.]

Hey there, are you okay? I heard something slam.
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[Yup, Cross just rolled a 19 to spot this. Her face looks like she had just been crying and there's just something in her voice that tells him otherwise.

Inviting himself into the room, he closes the door behind him.]

You sure? You look a bit upset.
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[Cross takes a seat on a bed, looking at her with concerned curiosity. It's not hard to notice her faltering smile.]

Maybe talking about it will help? I don't mind listening really. Plus I'm the perfect confidant, we don't even know each other~ So there's no way I can go around telling people.
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[Cross sits there listening to what the girl has to say. As he does, he just looks a little confused.]

What do you mean special stuff? And what did you get? Shouldn't that make you happy that you got something from home?
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[He's not going to pry too much, unless he's being lied too he might. But even then he might not. After all it looked pretty upsetting from what the girl's face told him.]

Hmm....that doesn't sound good....But you got something from home didn't you? Shouldn't that be kind of like a tiny silver lining?
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[Floor 15]

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[Ken's sitting in the workshop, jacket off, a needle and thread in his hands. He's doing his best to mend a hole under the armpit, but his stitches are messy, despite his attempts. He also keeps flinching as he sticks himself with the needle by accident. Maybe he should have asked Chidori or Minato or even Kanji to help him.]

[... Sighing, he puts it aside for the moment, staring at his hands a little blankly. A little hamster pokes its way out of Ken's messy hair to look down at him.]
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[Oh. Ken looks up at Sayaka, reaching his hand up to carefully pull the hamster out of his hair.]

Um... his name's Featherman Tan. Or just 'Tan'.

[Sh... shut up. ;w; ]
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[Kuja is in his dorm, looking annoyed. Whatever he has from home, it isn't apparent - unless it's the sand he's sweeping up under his bed. Where did it even come from..? It's one of those indeterminate red/brown/yellow shades, like from an inland desert. He looks up at the door opening, however.]

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[If only it was, and not an awful joke. Not that he has much use for Superslick under usual circumstances.
Kuja pauses, putting the broom aside against the wall to gesture expansively.]

How wonderful of you to think of me! I'm afraid I wasn't much use in that horrid place, despite my efforts toward Dax's thwarted victory.
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[Tried never won any wars; the only consolation was that tried didn't always mean a straight loss, either. Not that Kuja will say any of this.]

I appreciate it. I shudder to think was Jason would be capable of... but with strong people like you, I'm sure we all could have done something under even those wicked circumstances.
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[Kuja was succeeding, then. Did she have something to prove? A missing need his praise could fill? Or was she just lonely, as any young woman might be? He'll sound it out of her sooner or later.]

So we saw, and thus we have some hope. If only we could get them to turn on each other once more.

[He stands closer, body language closed and voice slightly lowered, like he's sharing a secret.]

...You know Sayaka, I don't like to spread this around, but I was actually a noble where I came from. Sometimes, there would be wicked people abusing their power, but most were helpless because of their status. I found in situations like that, biding one's time and striking indirectly were the best methods to bringing them down.
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There are others going directly, but there's no reason we can't take another route as well.

[Feels like a couple of conspirators that way, but it's not harmful. Oh no.]

Observant of you: that girl is our ultimate goals. People like Jason are easy to replace, so while he's a tempting target, we should remember who is pulling his strings.
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[Dave is in the media room when Sayaka finds him. He hasn't bothered to pay attention to whatever the Tower gave him.

He's got a pair of headphones jacked in, but sitting around his neck as he fiddles with the knobs and dials on the turntables in front of him. The usual poker face is in place.
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[He glances at her for a moment before looking back at the turntables and looking back at her.]

Damn right I am. But I'm pretty much as conceited as conceited gets. Can't help myself when I think I'm the shit at music. Spoiler, I actually am. I'm a little out or practice, but I'm pretty much getting my groove on. Or was. I kind of been sampling shit all day, so we're seeing where that leads. Hopefully some purdy tracks I can actually show off to other people, but that's going to take at least a few hours worth of work. [He kind of ends up trailing off at some point, mumbling a large portion of his rant.]

Anyways. It's kind of yes and no. Yes, because I'm technically listening to something good. But it's just something I made.

[It's cool. He's pretending everything is alright.]
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[ Mami has already risen from her bed - after she'd woken, she hadn't spent much time in it - and gone looking for Sayaka, still holding the bulky, peach-coloured letter envelope she'd been given. She's not quite sure what it is yet, or what's in it, but she thinks she knows by the feel of it.

She peeks her head in just after Sayaka slams the trunk shut, but she doesn't ask.

Sayaka-san? May I come in?
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[ she doesn't say anything, not about the time in Jason's pod and what had happened at the end of week two; she just nods, and comes in (slipping her shoes off just inside the door as she does so) and sits next to Sayaka. ]

How are you feeling..?
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Ah, even when they give you gifts from home, it still hurts... That's cruel of them. [ she's always been more worried about others than herself, honestly. After being lonely for so long, with nobody to take care of but herself, having friends she could mother a little and spend time with was really something she got carried away with.

She's turning the envelope over in her hands, idly, before sitting it in her lap.

Well...I'm fine. [ she kind of smiles, a little. ] It's not too bad now, even considering everything that's happened so far... [ she may be more emotionally fragile than she appears, but her experiences back home have made her stronger than she would be otherwise.

And she doesn't blame Sayaka for what she did. She'd thought of doing the same thing, back in her own timeline, when she'd found out what magical girls were supposed to eventually become. After all, wasn't death preferable to such a terrible existence?

--But, life goes on, all the same.
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[ there's a long pause, before she speaks again. ]

If you ever want to talk about it, I'm happy to listen. All right?

[ Everything in its own time. All she can do right now is be here, and offer some sort of support.

she kind of sighs, nodding a little, turning the envelope over in her hands.

I hope this month will be more lenient, at least...

Ah, that's right. He is, isn't he... I don't know that much about him, though. Have you heard anything?
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[Sayaka's probably not looking for Rose, but her dorm room door's open all the same and giving those who pass by easy access into peeking. not like she's difficult to spot in that riotous red suit anyway.

she's on her bed, legs leaning against the wall as she sews. those stupid sunglasses of hers are off for once to afford her a better view of the fabric as she deftly guides the needle in and out. it would almost be peaceful if her focused look still didn't carry an air of anger.]
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[Sakuma's wandering the halls. Part of him wants to look for his friends and another part wants to visit the aquarium so in the end, decided by his indecisiveness, he ends up just walking around aimlessly, lost in his thoughts and not really paying attention to where he's going.

Which, obviously, causes him to walk into Sayaka.]
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Actually, I think that was my fault. I wasn't paying attention; sorry.