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[o5] ♪ Death's icy breath.

Characters: [personal profile]AU Minato Arisato & people, then later [personal profile]AU Jin Shirato and more Persona users.
Setting: Early Afternoon on July 3rd, toward the afternoon/early evening; all over-ish -> cathedral.
Format: Action. Prose will be far too slow for this, sorry.
Summary: Minato goes crazy thanks to finding his sister gone and falls victim to a certain Cerulean blood's mind control.
Warnings: If you confront Minato after a certain point, your character WILL have a VERY HIGH CHANCE of dying! Here is the OOC info post. Feel free to backtag into forever if you like once I get this up.

[ The floors he visited had begun to ice over. Anyone who wandered near where Minato was would find it almost unbearably, bone-chillingly cold.

In fact, the walls froze around him as he walked, searching.

For what?

People. People he thinks he can... 'fix'. Or save. Perhaps his inability to do so during their time in the Pods had gotten to him.

... He had Thanatos, didn't he? Why not listen? Why not let him go? After a month of enduring Thanatos and Samael's persistent voices, he no longer had any desire to be what he now viewed as cruel. Killing people was a niceness, here. Surely, it was nice. A kindness. They'd thank him. Even if they didn't realize it. Dying was better than that. It would be better to die. If he killed them, with Thanatos, then perhaps they'd stay dead. Perhaps they'd no longer suffer...

... He was prepared to do it by whatever means, and however much pain had to be caused. Pain was good, too. Pain told them they were people, you see? That they had personalities...

Yes, he did like people.

He liked them enough to freeze them slowly and let his Persona rip them apart... ]

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[Walking past rainbows, waterfalls, and upside-down flowers was something of a way of re-acclimating to the tower - it was weird, but not in an altogether upsetting way. You could even say she was finding the visit here pleasant.

(Well, that sure was going to last.)

Sayaka felt a chill down her spine before she saw him - a real chill from the cold, not the sickened ones she'd had all too many of. Presently, she realized those mysterious flows of water she'd been admiring a few minutes ago were all frozen in place, like time had decided to stand still here and now. Turned from flows to floes, as it were.]
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[It's like someone's breathing over her shoulder, someone's rattling metal like hell's windchimes - Sayaka's safely become vastly uncomfortable, and one hand clasps around the ring on her other. Just in case. She meets Minato's eyes as soon as she whirls about to face him, and her look's nothing but confusion.]

Hi, Minato.

[Her casual response hides the fact that her mind's begun to race - that's not the look of someone who's alright. That's the look she's felt on her own face, while bringing up a sword to slam it down again and again on a thrashing, dying Witch - but he'd seemed okay when they'd spoken barely any time ago on the network, just in a rush. But this chill, and the sounds..]
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[ He hasn't seen the full extent of her powers, but he's been around their pod enough to know a good deal about Sayaka's... abilities, at least.

Thanatos is resistant to any sort of sword attack. Immune? No, not really.

But it won't hurt him much. And what did it matter if he died anyway? He's not too concerned. ]

... I'm wondering something.

[ The smile on his face is more like a mask at this point. It's kind of... creepy, actually. ]

"Being saved." What does that even mean?
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[Half-crazy philosophy? It's all too easy to tempt Sayaka into that - she legitimately mulls the question, though reflexively takes a step back as Minato's smile gets more and more plastic.]

..By sparing them from harm, right?

[She's saved people before. By healing Kyosuke, hadn't she - she shuts down that line of thought. By killing familiars that were just going to go on to hurt folks later, by fighting the witches those familiars came from - she wonders if it counts as saving the girl who became the witch, by destroying her when she was that far gone.

Notably, she considers failing to save someone being what happened when she tried to help Mami.]
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[People who are too far gone to do anything but suffer. Yeah, that sounds familiar.]'re right. Dying... isn't the worst thing that can happen.

[She shouldn't be agreeing with him.]

But it doesn't work like that here, you know that!
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[ Here, he just shrugs. ]

Maybe. Maybe not. I mean, I saw what happened when they removed that one kid's collar. These are probably just shells.

... Besides, if I fail, then they just come back. And maybe I try again. What kind of reaper would I be if I didn't try a few times to help people?

Being dead would be better than going through what happened before.
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..Roxas. That's his name.

[As to the rest--]

I'm - I'm not saying it wouldn't be better! But if we're all just shells that keep getting back up no matter what happens.. it's not going to help, is it?!

It's just.. a waste of time. And meanwhile, everyone goes through more misery like before!
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Try what?

[There's a darkness growing in her own voice, and it's honestly a bit of a shock she's managed to keep it clear this long.]

What's the deadest you can make someone, huh? Stab them, strangle them, make them explode - destroy their soul?

It's all happened here, and none of that's worked!
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[Sayaka's all for attempting to run after and stop him - but as she'd been near frozen in place for all their conversation, it seems she's actually frozen in place; the frost that had crept in with Minato had lodged about her feet. She kicks it off, easy, but the stuff's all over the place and when she takes off to catch up with him, she succeeds mostly in slipping more than chasing.

Sayaka climbs stairs like someone possessed, but she's lost his trail. There's too many damned magic users in this tower obfuscating the magic sensing of her soul gem, and she's not familiar enough with Minato to be able to pinpoint him out of them all.

In short -

Mission failure, Sayaka.]