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002 | Vega and Altair

Characters: Jun Kurosu and anyone!
Setting: Floor 32, during the Day, and Floor 11 at Night.
Format: Starting in prose, but I can do whatever.
Summary: It's around the time of the Tanabata Festival, and come rain or shine, Jun would find some way to celebrate.
Warnings: Probably spoilers for Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and gratuitous paper burning.

[Daytime, Floor 32]

Despite all the crap going on, Jun was able to at least figure out what the date was. Tanabata had always been his favorite holiday-- even despite all of the issues and problems that had arisen from that day all those years ago, it was still the first day he had ever met his friends. And plus, this place could probably use a little pick-me-up.

He'd been able to gather up some paper (though colors were limited) and pens, but unfortunately there wasn't really any bamboo around the Tower as far as he'd seen. So, instead he had to make do with the normal trees in the forest. He'd settled himself under one of the trees on the Thirty-Second floor, a few paper strips with writing on them already hung up on some high up branches, along with a few strings of paper cranes and streamers for decoration.

At the moment, he was sitting on one of the roots, working on folding another crane to add to another string.

[Nighttime, Floor 11]

Hours after night had fallen, Jun had made his way down to the Eleventh Floor. Admittedly waiting so long and having to fight through the more.... active monsters, hadn't been his best planning, but at least he had made it. And he had an armful of tree branches and paper decorations, while still leaving a good amount on the tree on Floor 32.

He seated himself by the lake, next to a stream that would eventually fall off the edge of the tower. His expression was much more somber, now that night had fallen. Every now and then, he'd summon Suzaku above him, hold out a streamer, or a crane, or one of the strips, and Suzaku would light it on fire with an Agi spell-- with a rather large blast of fire, but a fire nonetheless. Once the paper was sufficiently ablaze, Suzaku would disperse, and he'd toss the paper onto the water. Most of the time the flame would burn out before it got very far, but sometimes it would flicker long enough to make it over the edge of the river.

Jun kept watching the decorations flow regardless, spacing out as he watched them go. Technically he should've been doing this after a few days for the end of the festival, but well-- he wasn't really sure he wouldn't be busy with more misfortune in a day or two.
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[It's been a week since they got back today, and Sayaka is tired, tired of people breaking to pieces around her, tired of pushing stomach-churning thoughts about home out of her head, and definitely tired of climbing stairs. Not that she would go out and tell anyone, but...

It's nice just getting out for a minute, to at least fool herself with somewhere that had actual grass to tromp around on. Like she'd chance the meadow for a moment alone, often as people sought the place out - and a place where she couldn't pick up twinges of all the magic practically seething in the tower's residents was also a pro.

Sitting down in one place to wait for her worries to flow out her ears was something she already knew didn't work, so Sayaka used her forced recuperation walk to precariously peer over quite a few of the edges of the island, prod fearlessly at cool-looking plants (hey, what's getting anything like poison ivy to HER?) and stumble onto Jun's makeshift celebration.

..the significance doesn't click for her, at first - it's just too out of place. She puzzles quietly over what he's done to the tree from afar, though making no overtures as to stealth - it's hard to hide a blue-haired girl in a school girl outfit in the midst of a forest, anyway.]
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[It's the offer of the paper and pen that turns this from a mystery into a solved puzzle worth 10 picarats. Sayaka accepts both with a nearly robotic movement, then sits down on a conveniently sit-on-able part of the scenery* to maybe set up about writing something - though mostly accomplishes feeling uncomfortable over the thought of writing a wish.]

...This is all for Tanabata, huh? Th-that's pretty cool...

[The last time she did this feels far away and unreal - like a dream she's nearly forgotten completely. She can't even remember what she wrote then. When it comes to wishes, after all, the first thing that always comes to mind is the one she's already had granted.]


[Even the thought of writing 'I want to go home' gives her painful pause. For one, how many peoples' wishes would say the same thing? A bunch of little slips of paper unified to that one wish - it just reminds her of how bad a place this really is. For the other.. if she went home, what would happen? She's been carefully dancing around that thought for a while now, and Sayaka artfully shuts it back down. She doesn't need to think about it. There's still enemies here she has to take care of.]

Wait, I got it.

[..Finally, after what was basically a long time spent staring fiercely at the blank paper, she starts to write something down.]

(* a lengthy period of consideration finds that this is highly improbable to be a stump of sufficient quality to comfortably find purchase on it as a seat, unless some intrepid soul had chosen to practice their craft as a lumberjack within this particular forested area of the tower. Instead, I will offer for your imagination, say, a large and somewhat mossy rock.)
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For some time, Jay had taken a break from his typical schedule- training, monster fighting, and bombing the network with nonsense -to keep an eye on one of his...charges, he supposed. Sayaka's request was sort of a weight on his shoulders, and he wanted to make double sure he was doing the right thing. Plus, he needed more information- stuff he wouldn't enjoy asking of her. Why did she want to help Jin? And was her intention really as straightforward as she portrayed it?

However, he hadn't expected to follow her this far and for this long. He was down to just his eres stones and his casual outfit, which made it easier to blend in to the forest...something he found himself painfully glad for, when he spotted the decorations. Somewhere in his trunk was his folded-up wish from the festival back home, which just made the display in front of him feel like a slap to the face. It was too familiar, and too hard to look at. But Jay the Unseen didn't flinch from his duty. He couldn't. But he was human- he couldn't just ignore...

No, he wasn't going to have that mental debate. Not in the middle of a job. Eventually, he found a middle ground- crouching within the cover of a low-hanging tree, and watching Sayaka and the other stranger.
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[Sayaka visibly draws in on herself at the word 'wish' being spoken aloud, shoulders hunching uncomfortably in a nigh reflexive reaction - but that was while she was in thought, and now she's too busy writing down whatever her wish is to respond.

When she dwelt on it, it was pretty simple. Wishes getting granted only happens if there's a sacrifice in return. She'd thought of a wish she could strive for in her own power, but was still something she desperately wanted and worried for - and it was something she'd want here and if she ever.. when she goes home, one day..!

'To never become a Witch again.'

The penmanship is messy, but the words are succinct. She folds the paper in half in time to hear Jun offering a wary hello to the world in general.]

Somebody else show up...? A few more and this is a full-blown festival crowd.
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He hadn't moved, he was properly clothed, and he wasn't making noise- how did the stranger pick up on him? Jay was still as a statue while his mind raced, debating between the options he had. Sayaka would want to know why he was here, but who knew if the other could find him again the same way?

With a soft but frustrated sigh to himself, Jay roughly yanked out his ponytail, letting his hair swish down about his shoulders. Tucking his hairbands in to his pocket, he cautiously stepped out of the treeline, looking guilty and embarrassed. Sayaka would be able to tell it was dear OP-kun regardless.


However, he was carrying his voice completely differently, much shyier than he'd been on the network. His eyes landed on Sayaka, before walking closer and fixing his sight on Jun. "I'm sorry. I simply didn't want to intrude."
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just gonna keep calling him OP even in narration

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[..OP-kun? Sayaka's initial surprise is clear when OP looks directly at her, but she's pushed it down by the time he approaches and speaks to Jun.

It could be OP-kun's facetwin, but frankly that thought makes her head hurt and he wouldn't have given her that look if there wasn't something up, right, so she better keep quiet either way -

But why was he here? As Jun's wariness seems to fade on OP's approach, Sayaka's just built up. ..she was thinking of excusing herself to dash away, but.. she'll stick around. Is this just a coincidence?]

Yeah, you're not intruding - this is a celebration, after all!

[Sayaka, for her part, is pretty good at putting up an excitable front.]
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He was welcomed to write a wish. They were offering and letting him be a part of the celebration, despite what he was doing, despite what he'd done in the past- ignoring if they even knew or not, they...

He couldn't do it. Jay couldn't keep up the illusion and fake expression under such conditions. He wasn't a faceless tool, or a perfect killer. He'd become a sixteen year old boy after spending time with his...friends.

... ... ...

Jay only moved to grip the front of his shirt tightly at the sternum, looking impossibly paler and a little sick. Why did this have to hurt so badly?

"I...I don't have anything to wish for." He was trying, but there wasn't much effort used in making it sound like he wasn't sad. "I'll pass."

In the back of his mind, he hoped they'd simply think he was being overdramatic and not legitimately overcome. Gradually, his hand loosened, and his grip became less vital. "I was just curious, that's all. I've seen a festival like this, back home."
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[OP-kun didn't look like he was doing so good. She can.. certainly understand wishes and issues with wishes, and--

If we can't think of anything to wish for... that's means we're fortunate, right?

--stuff like that. But that's the kind of thing someone says when they've got a wish and they're not admitting to it. ..she kind if thing she might've said.]

..but it's okay to write something silly. It's not like there's a genie or something asking for you to hurry up and wish. It's not supposed to be stressful.