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Characters: Xykon, the good fellows rooming over at 2-10, and everyone else
Setting: Room 2-10, throughout the Tower
Summary: Xykon wakes up from his sleep paralysis (two things liches aren't capable of feeling) and discovers that his world may or may not be destroyed. Kinda pissed off.
Format: Anything works
Warnings: An angry, destructive undead abomination

[Dorm 2-10]

[The Gate had been destroyed. In retrospect, it could have ended either way. If the Gate hadn't been destroyed, he would surely have died then and there. Maybe this was a little unlife insurance that the universe had unwittingly thrown him. He isn't capable of sleep. His mind always active. Sometimes aware, usually bored. In either state, though, he would have remembered something like the end of the world. After the Gate was destroyed, everything simply turned into a blur.

He found himself... no, that's not the correct way to phrase this... He would soon find that he had been sleeping. Sleeping. Isn't that, like, physically impossible for the Undead? They became that way specifically to avoid the Eternal Sleep in favor of Eternal Shambling Life. Something reeks to high heaven. Xykon's crimson, red eyes looked up at the ceiling from his bed.

He was mad. He knows that a Plane Shift spell hasn't been cast. At least, he's pretty sure he knows. Sure wasn't a good time for a tasteless and life-endangering prank, Redcloak. A few minutes pass. The paralyzing effects wear off. With a roar, the lich rises, yelling at the top of his nonexistent lungs.]

You want to know something? I could smell it! I literally and amazingly since it should otherwise be impossible SMELLED the incense from my coronation as World Emperor! This isn't the first time we broke a Gate or two! Plane Shifts don't suddenly happen spontaneously just because you mess around with the fabric of reality! And I know the only goblin cleric with me at the time barely had any limbs left to speak of!

[He raises his arms. Tremendous dark energy surges from his bony arms, creating ripples and waves around the air.]

So who's the buckwit with the brass testicles to dare warp me away from the world I was going to conquer!? If I don't get an answer in three seconds, it's Meteor Swarms for everyone!

[Hallways Outside]

[Since then, Xykon had been calmed down and briefed about what had happened. So his world has been destroyed. Honestly? He doubts that that's the case. There's no evidence that anything had happened to result in that. Gullible Soup was not on the menu and besides, he had no taste buds to speak of. However, there is one thing that's absolutely certain: he needs minions. Lots of minions.

Somewhere in this Tower, there's the answer to what's going on and a way to get back if possible. Otherwise, as a consolation, he'll be taking charge of this place. It's nowhere near the scale of his liking, but hey, he can easily multiply the torture by several dozens. Of digits. The lich is wandering around from floor to floor. Approaching a wall, he uses his paralyzing ability to make a mark on the walls.

It probably won't last forever, but maybe it'll last long enough to grab people's attention.]

Couldn't find a Tavern. The Restaurant or the Cafeteria isn't the same thing, morons.

Need Evil minions. Pay negotiable. Get your asses over to Room 2-10 with a resume.

Signed, Xykon the Sorcerer.
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[So picture Sayaka. Minding her own business, kickin' back on her bed in her dorm for a moment of genuine relaxation for once.

Picture that all being utterly ruined when there's a huge surge of someone throwing around magic like terrible confetti on the floor above. Her eyes snap open to stare accusingly at the ceiling. She could just close her eyes and take that nap she wanted. She really could.

...heroes of justice didn't nap on the job. Oh, dammit. She rolls off the side of the bed to her feet, and clenches her ring-bearing hand into a fist as bright blue begins washing over her -

One transformation sequence later, she's dashing for the stairs, using her soul gem's homing ability to try and track down the source.

If this is Lina again, Sayaka is going to harm her.]
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In front of the wall with the message

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[Reno read it over a few times and laughed. Whoever this Xykon was had a pretty good sense of humor.

Evil minions? Resume?

Hell, Reno was half tempted to write up his and take it down, just out of curiosity.

Chuckling a bit, he started walking away]