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Third Fragment | Open to All

Characters: AU Terra and whoever crosses his path
Setting: Multiple! [Floor 1] the Kitchen, [Floor 3] the Library, [Floor 14] the Media Room, [Floor 6] - Night time, the Forest
Summary: [1] Just preparing lunch, now that there's actually food to do it with. And much to the surprise of, strangely enough, himself, he actually knows what he's doing. It's like riding a bike; you never really forget.
[2] Terra's looking for something interesting to read, and actually finds more than he bargained for.
[3] No chance getting bored in here, that's for sure! Might as well see what's available.
[4] Rusty. He's too rusty, even after a year or more in the Realm of Darkness. Time to get some practice in.
Format: I'll start in [Action], but I'm willing to follow your lead.
Warnings: Um... Not sure. Keyderp stuff, likely. If Xehanort or Xigbar show up, they're their own warnings.


[Anyone stopping by the cafeteria will be quick to note the sounds and smells of someone at work in the kitchen. Anyone curious enough to take a peak will find a tall, dark-haired man wearing a black hooded coat at work, a knife in hand as he continues to prepare ingredients and an oddly relaxed look on his face.

It actually looks like he knows what he's doing, and he seems to be 'in the zone', as it were, though it won't take much to draw him out of it if you want to know what he's making.]


[Terra has stopped by this library before a few times since his re-arrival, and today was no different. As strange as it might be to those who knew him, he was finding himself enjoying the quiet of the place. With his lack of knowledge about a vast number of the topics that are written about, he's happy to spend a few hours reading one of the many volumes.

It's a carry-over from his 'Apprentice' days, but not a terrible one. He vaguely remembers someone always telling him he should crack open a book more.

As he's searching the shelves, he comes across something... odd. A set of bound papers without a proper cover. Curiosity getting the better of him, he pulls the set of what appear to be research notes off the shelf, settles in at one of the many tables, and begins to read...]


[It was good to know that if he ever became bored with the library, this floor offered a good alternative. It still isn't quite what Terra has been searching for these past few days, but maybe watching one of those movies or listening to music would be a good way to unwind after training.

Once he finds a good place to do that. For now, he'll be looking at each of the game consoles, seeing what's available for them.]


[Night is falling, and the more dangerous forms of wildlife on the forest floor are starting to become more active. If anyone should enter the forest, they can follow the sounds of crackling and an odd whirring to a tall man in a black coat in the midst of fighting. In one hand is a very peculiar-looking sword, and in the other? A beam of solid red light that looks like the blade of a light-saber, but lacking in any sort of visible hilt.

He's surprisingly fast, all things considered, and looks like he's handling himself well enough. But the night is just starting, and things will only get worse from here. Does he really want to be out in the tower this late?]
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[2] Library

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[So okay, Sayaka has actually gotten more attached to hanging out in the library than she would like to admit. It'd sure ruin her ~carefully cultivated reputation~ of being a non-academic, but, well...

She's a creature of habit, and Sayaka was mostly biding her time until she saw someone she knew. Yes, that's the perfect excuse. ...well, that didn't happen, but she did see a fellow leafing through a set of papers. He looked a little familiar, like she'd seen him once, a long while ago...? Ah, probably not.

Bothering people that are trying to read is another one of her long standing hobbies. Sayaka slips into the open chair opposite of Terra, and leans forward over the table a bit -]

Reading anything interesting?

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[A sister-from-another-dimension, as it were.]

What, is it like, someone's philosophy manifesto? Some of the people you meet around here, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd left it laying around.

[Mark her genuinely curious. She's never seen anything looking like those papers around before, but then again... ..Sayaka isn't the most observant person]
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So this guy wrote a whole bunch of notes on...something, under the other guy's name? What, was Ansem's first report so awesome he just had to copycat?

[She furrows her brow. ..this all sounds kinda ridiculous.]

So what are they about?
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..Wow, what a way to spite your teacher. 'Screw you, sensei, not only am I gonna do this stuff anyway, I'm gonna do it in your name!'

[She carefully flips the bundle open, considering that it would be, pretty awful if the guy handed her these notes just for her to immediately accidentally rip a page.]

So this is the first one, by the real guy... [The talk of darkness and corruption is a discomforting one that's... a little bit close to home. It's surprisingly short, sort of a like a single entry from someone's diary. She continues to the next.]
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That's.. actually really sad.

[So the second writer had hopefully set out to find the answers his teacher had wanted, but wouldn't seek. For a minute, she can feel a pang of sympathy for them. They'd gotten in over their head, and...

Then she reads the second report.

It's easy to make the mental comparison from 'heart' to 'soul.' And with that in mind, what's written here is...]


[Sayaka rereads it a couple times, trying to trick her mind she'd misread. She hadn't. Despite her current silence, Sayaka's horrified state is easily evident.]
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[She seriously considers just stopping right here, if it's just going to get worse and worse.

But if she did, the thought of it would just fester in her brain until she gave in and read the rest, wouldn't it?

So Sayaka clams up, until she manages to get to the last page. She blinks at it, for a moment - it felt like that would go on forever, but there's the end.

She's going to... need a while to process all that. Whoever the second writer was, she definitely doesn't feel that sympathy for them anymore. The bit at the end about hearts and souls being different things, about non existent people - well.

Considering he wrote it after changing himself like that, it's pretty easy to dismiss as crazy in favor of the mental jump she'd made before.]

So in the end, he turned himself into a monster.

['Keyblade,' though. That's a word she knows from a friend. Were the writers - and this guy - from the same place as Ven? Considering the kind of trouble Ven had been dragged into before, she's not sure whether she should ask.]
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So he split himself into a super dangerous two times jerkwad combo, and gave people even more hell than he did before?

[That last thing he said pulls out a bit of dark contemplation from her - a conclusion she'd gathered after recent events already, but seemed to just have more evidence for now.]

Monsters that are just waiting inside people. Those aren't uncommon. It's pretty sick.
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[A balance of darkness and light, huh--?

..It's been a long time since then, but briefly, Sayaka looks down at the wood of the table and can see an old memory of a blasted-out church instead.]

A balance of hope and despair..

['--It always equals out to zero.']

If that's true.. would that mean there's gonna be a new monster, to stand up to every hero?
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Re: It's all right. ^_^; It happens sometimes.

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['Darkness always has a flicker of light...' An uncertain look crosses Sayaka's face as he says that.

He's speaking so earnestly, but.. that's something Sayaka just can't believe. It's like saying 'there's no one too far beyond redemption.' And that's a lie. She's even felt herself go too far, felt her soul about to turn inside out from having nothing in it but darkness - and she knows if she talked about that, nevermind that she wouldn't, the fact that she's here now would be used as a counterpoint. But it wasn't the same. The monster she'd turned into had to be put down, after all.]

So... a peaceful world is would be where there's no monsters, but no heroes, either. I dunno whether that's sad or not. And it'll just keep equaling out, over and over...

...guh, I knew I hated math for a reason.
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...that's how it is, though, isn't it? A real hero's gonna have a reason to do good things. Somebody who could be a hero will stick to living normally if there's nothing pushing them.

['After all, having a wish you would give everything for isn't that rare...'

--oh, damn. She's really gotten drawn into this debate, hasn't she? Sayaka looks just as embarrassed for herself as Terra had sounded when he laughed.]

My name's Sayaka. Eheh, I guess it was a little out of sorts for me to talk your ear off without even saying my name.