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Characters: Jin Shirato ft. Crazy Head Persona, and anyone willing to approach him
Setting: Floor 27 [The Lab], Floor 15 [The Workshop], Floor 2 [The Infirmary] and in between. Can backdate to before the event if you want.
Format: Starting prose, but I don't care~
Summary: The fallout from the Infighting event and Minato's Bluekat-induced rampage are still casting a dark shadow on Jin's already screwed up head, and he's dealing with it the best way he knows how to: by avoiding everyone ever, ignoring his problems and distracting himself with totally normal person hobbies!
Warnings: EXPLOSIVE material (get it), mentally unwell techie arsonist

Floor Twenty-Seven - Research Laboratory||

For over a week, Jin'd been able to avoid most contact with others-- at the least, those he knew. He'd hardly even been in his room, only there to retrieve some things he needed and get a bit of a shut-eye when he needed it. He'd been coaxed out to the party only from his budding paranoia, and someone might've seen him in the hallways every now and then in transit.

But for the most part, he had been holed up in the laboratory on the 27th floor-- not exactly ont that was popular around here, and hopefully especially less so after June. Jin himself would've absolutely abhorred the sight of this floor a month ago, but now it had what he needed; it had an ample amount of supplies, and it was quiet, and was usually overlooked by most of the residents in favor of the Library or the Music Room above. He still couldn't bring himself to face much of anyone, so the solitude was for once, a comfort.

It was here that he had settled himself at a worktable for a good amount of the last week, an ample amount of supplies on the table in front of him where he sat. There were some containers that were already sealed and finished, and there were others that were half full, some empty, and an ample amount of miscellaneous things just scattered about-- he even had his laptop on the table, the casing open to expose the gadgetry inside. He was preparing a mixture of some kind of powder, or alternatively, assembling something else with wire and metal. He needed something to do with himself; something productive. Idleness and inactivity were not a luxury he was accustomed to having. If one could hear they might hear him mumbling in an odd, one-sided conversation.

Floor Fifteen - Workshop ||

He needed materials, simple as that. The Workshop was a much more common space for people though, he knew that; so while he was trying to sort out what he needed at the moment, he as mumbling a bit more above the normal low-volume one would expect from mumbling. It'd quickly become apparent that he wasn't talking to himself-- it sounded like he was actually addressing someone. And those that knew Jin might be able to guess that his other conversation partner was the doombringer that was living in his head.

Floor Two - Infirmary||

Moros had been his only substantial contact since the month began, but the Persona still wasn't agreeable enough to give him any healing spells. So Jin could be found in the infirmary, his jacket open so that the sleeves could be more easily pulled off his arms as he fixed up his hands with disinfectant and bandages. Working with sharp materials and strange chemicals wasn't exactly leaving his hands in any good condition.

He'd also grabbed another bottle of the suppressants from one of the drones, which had been hastily shoved into his pocket, a long with a few other medical supplies.

Anywhere Else ||

As much as he wanted to avoid people, he had to do something with himself, and with the long distance between floors that he needed, it was easy to spot Jin in an a hallway or clammering down the staircase. Don't expect him to stick around though; he was even less open to conversation that he usually was right now.
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Floor 15, backdated to the 15th?

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Enoch had found some leather here and was using the tools to maintain his sandals. He worked in silence and, like Jin, mostly kept to himself. He finished replacing the last weak strap and put his sandals back on, testing them by flexing his feet for a moment before standing up-...and then noticing the unusual way this man seemed to be talking to himself. Was he speaking to someone he couldn't see, or...?

"Excuse me...are you all right?"
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"You only seemed agitated." Enoch stepped back, trying to show he wasn't a threat. He'd interrupted something, that much was certain, and he'd been right about "agitated" to some degree...
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"If...if you insist," Enoch said, with a heavy undertone of If you're sure I can't help. He was normally content to leave people be...if he was sure they could.

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Floor 15 because it is a party

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If he wasn't inside the kitchen or scouring the levels for food, Shinjiro could be found inside the workshop in his corner.

Jin was not a sight he'd see here often. Not too hard to guess who he was talking too either, and he quietly watched him from the corner of his eye, waiting to see exactly what he was coming here for.
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beep boop bop

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Wow, that was really hard for Shinjiro to figure out what he'd be making with them - in fact he might as well have a large flashing red sign above his head "I AM BUILDING BOMBS LOOK AT ME GO" and it would have somehow been less intrusive.

Noticing him or not didn't matter because Shinjiro was going to make himself heard no matter what.

"The hell d'you think you're doing?"

danger danger

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Since his fight with Minato Suzaku had been avoiding everyone. Especially Lelouch, he was avoiding his room; it wasn't like he could sleep anyways and Psi had disappeared. He stuck to the floors no one wanted to go to. He was trying to avoid thinking about what had happened.

Mostly he did that by killing monsters, it seemed it truly was the one thing he was good at. Killing things. If he were to be a murderer he might as well try and make the tower a little safer.

Of course fighting monsters meant getting injured, especially the way Suzaku fought them, with no regard for himself. Throwing himself at them until his Geass kicked in and took over.

So he was in the infirmary, seeing to his injuries; avoiding the clear collared workers as best he could. He didn't trust them.

As he was leaving he passed by Jin, he froze, since the last time he had seen him had been in the competition; making the promise to him which he had broken a moment later when he had been sent to die.
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the best trainwreck

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Suzaku frowned, from the glare it seemed that whatever temporary truce they had made was broken now. He himself had probably broken it when he had died and abandoned Jin to his fate. Him and all the others.

He had failed again when he had tried to rescue them, made things worse he believed. "I wanted to apologise." He knew Jin would most likely not accept it, but he wished to try anyways.

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floor 27 - cuz labs r cool

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Screw waiting. Screw hearing back from OP-kun, screw the tower, and screw her for stalling on this.

Sayaka's going to find Jin and wing it from there.

It was easier said than done, though - that was days ago when she resolved such. Sayaka's combed floor after floor for a sign of the guy, and not come out without a few scratches sticking her nose out in the more unlikely places. Well, she would have scratches, but those aren't a thing she keeps anymore.

Mumbles and sounds of someone's busywork are like a beacon on this floor - you can miss it, but you'd have to be, y'know, not actively searching for a person.

Sayaka lingers a ways away, wavering.
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Okay, words are good. Talking is good, she can do this.

"I was looking for you. You've been impressively scarce!"

She puts a foot forward - one step. Another step. She's actually approaching properly now, most signs of waver vanished. "I tried leaving you alone, but that got old."

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idek where just somewhere

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Paranoid teen, meet unseen observer. Or, preferably, don't meet him- Alcor was having enough to consider just keeping a distant eye on Jin. He really didn't need to approach and make it worse.

Of course, he was a hard will to miss when one knew him, so Saiduq's success rate went down the longer he lingered. And since he hadn't abandoned his observations yet...

This will become a trainwreck.
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Alcor was often someone who delved in to complex realms and managed very high-tier matters easily. However, he was being impressively simple with this. He actually walked out of hiding.

"I do not want to argue, or to fight."

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Floor 27 all aboard the awkward train | dated to the 22nd??

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[ Okay.

Things had gotten Awkward. So he'd gone crazy, and he and Jin had died, and he'd given it time. But he realized time does not fix things, and he was tired of this.

Of them running around each other. Frankly, though, Minato was equally being a hermit, avoiding all other people, being as anonymous as possible. Trying to just blend in. Kinda hard to do with blue hair, but whatever, he managed okay.

He knew of one place Jin might be, though--so he decided to look.

And what did you know? Here. Making bombs. He's not bothered by it; in fact, it's normal routine. But to Minato, he also knows this is what Jin does when he needs to busy himself, so he knows this isn't a good thing. He sort of pauses awkwardly near the stairs before coming in, careful not to interrupt Jin during an important moment in the bomb-making process, or sneak up on him.

They needed to Talk. ]
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[ ... He coughs once or twice from the smoke, waving his hand to get it out of his face.

Then he just... silently walks over to Jin, and uses his Persona to heal his hand before putting his Evoker back in his pocket.

... :c He's sorry. ]

... I didn't mean to startle you.

[ Hey, hey Jin. You okay? ]


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my spirit is writing this

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