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Characters: Roxas, anyone who posted to his network post (but it's open to anyone else, too). Then, a private thread with Sayaka and Ven.
Setting: Floor one, the cafeteria; then, a private thread around the tower.
Format: Any and all~
Summary: Roxas finally decides to follow through with baking an anniversary cake, and then furtherly celebrates a little...dangerously.
Warnings: Rox being stupid and risky with his life- and also cake.

[Cake baking time!]

He'd sort of planned this out- as much as he planned out anything, anyway. Sitting down in the cafeteria, Roxas had arrived early and was anticipating not that big a turn out for his baking bonanza. Two people had offered to help, and he'd tried to set this up so they would both be around to help him and the others. Optimism aside, he wasn't sure how well this was going to work out. Mostly because of his plans for some of the cake later...

Oh well. He'd just have to do his best. After all, it was for cake, and plans or no, eh really did want something sweet.

[This is a sneaking mission-]

Rox had gotten together a crack two-person team to help him with Phase 2. To be honest, he felt bad for sort of lying to Nams about his intentions on the network before...but hey, he was being slightly less dangerous with this idea! Er...maybe!

Instead of smashing cake in the suggestion box, Rox was standing with his two cohorts just outside the security room, armed only with a sharpie.

"You guys ready for this?"

It was celebration time.
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"I was born ready, baby," Sayaka says, with a grin that passes right past impish into all-out evil. She pops the cap off of her own painfully light blue highlighter.
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Ven stood next to Sayaka, tossing a dark green sharpie of his own up and down the air and a mischievous grin on his face.

"Let's do this."
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Aaaaand they're off!

Sayaka knew her part well. They'd discussed and rehearsed this, and now it was just down to action.

She was usually the middling in speed of the group, and it showed now. Sayaka ducked past Roxas towards a unit she'd already picked out while they were waiting, and swiped a long blue line across them. Then, two more - and she had an A.
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Being the speedster of the group, it was a wonder there wasn't a cloud of dust from his feet when he took off. But, Ven zipped and rolled right up to one of the units and scribbled nice big P on its back.

Again, he was the speedster-- so with a hop and a jump he was already next to another unit, on which he wrote yet another giant P. That took care of the double letters!
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...Let's see, if the first word is officially over -

Oh, she'd be drawing the same letter twice in a row, neat.

"We got this," is the most Sayaka spares in response, as she goes about making that next A on yet another unsuspecting drone.
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Ven had already sped over to another one, finishing up the upstroke on an N, and running off to another one. The doubles have it again, because just as quickly as the last time, he ran in front of one, slid on the ground to get behind it and scribbled out another N.

And then instead of speaking, he looked at the other two with a stupid manic grin, and returned the thumbs up.
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It was the most glorious half a minute of their lives, shh.

The V was definitely easy - c'mon, it was less work than making an A, and she'd just made two of those - so Sayaka gets daring and goes for the E.

...hopefully Ven notices she's going out of turn because otherwise it's going to be a very HAPPY ANNIVEERSARY.
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Hey no worries, he's got this. When on the battle field, one had to be attuned to everything that was going on around you.

So he's able to note Sayaka making the next E, so he takes the time to do a stupid overdramatic backflip in the air to the next unit, nd scribbles on an R.
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Sayaka Miki, master of drawing A's on drones.

...which is to say, they're one more letter closer to their goal!
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Ven, master of drawing double letters, because there's another R on a another drone as he slides around on the ground.

(Armor purely for dramatic effect, we assure you he is not actually wearing his armor)
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Assuming this applies to her?!

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So Naminé wasn't about to back out of this cake thing, inexperience or not. It wasn't a big deal, right? They'd figure it out. And it also meant getting to see Roxas again, which was always nice - spending time together was definitely an appealing prospect, especially now that he seemed to be doing better. He'd best get prepared to make up for his later shenanigans AND lying to her about them when the time comes, because she will Not Be Happy and also kind of hurt. For now, though, she was in a fairly good mood.

That was probably why she was walking into the cafeteria just at that moment, right on time and glancing around in search of him.
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C': !

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That might be a good start, but at the rate he seems to be going it might warrant another apology.

Naminé came to a full stop at the sight, slowly turning to look around at the carnage. He's certainly been... productive. Still, she smiled as her eyes focused on the mess that was him.

"Hello, Roxas...! I see you've gotten started already."

But even she could see that he was having some difficulty in the 'not destroying the kitchen' thing, and that miiiiight have been a giggle behind her hand just now.
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djbgdkjf ffffffffffffffffffffffff i-it's okay ;A; <333333

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They'd better be the best dang cupcakes ever made in this universe in the history of forever.

And that chain reaction ended up sweeping her along as well with more giggles, more free than before but still perhaps by nature more withdrawn than his laughing. "I'm sorry." She doesn't look sorry. (She doesn't sound sorry either.)

"Mmhm." It's hard to tell whether that's incredulous or not, but she's smiling. That's a good sign, right? "I'm sure." She steps closer to survey the mess more thoroughly. "I guess it's good that I got here when I did~." Not that she's likely to do much besides possibly make it worse, but she didn't really mean it, anyway.
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dfjbgdfkjgd ;3; !!!!

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... It'd be a slightly better start. 8|

Mostly unabashed, she smiles a little wider. "I suppose I deserved that."

... Yes, yes it is. Besides, she generally gets things done WITHOUT lying... which isn't to say she can't be sneaky.

"-- Oh. You're-- probably right. I hadn't considered that." Because she is silly and has never had to think about things like that. She watches him for a moment, then turns to have a look around herself until he speaks up again and she glances his way to see-- "--Roxas, you're making a mess."


"... A bigger mess."
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... +1 point. 8|

She nodded, watching his reaction. Smiling faintly in an attempt to be encouraging, she replied with a, "Right." intended to be approving. "We can't have that."

Turning her eyes back to where she was looking before, she continued to search around. Aprons, aprons.... Now, if only she actually had some kind of experience with a real kitchen that wasn't a secondhand memory never paid much attention. At his comment, though, she looked back his way, smile weakening for the briefest of moment before returning even larger. "Probably. But don't worry, you won't be alone."
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cake baking

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"I trust you are ready to begin?"

Hei had just arrived, already heading into the kitchen to begin. So long as things were ready and the ingredients needed were here, this should turn out alright. Luckily, he had prepped a bit ahead of time before coming here, though he hoped no one else took the contents. It was a risk, yes, but it was also quicker in the long-run.
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He nods. The more motivated someone was, the better the turnout. "I took the liberty of preparing the ice cream the day before. Not quite perfect to brand flavors, but once within the cake, it should do nicely and be enjoyable for your friend."
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"It's nothing," he spoke, opening the fridge, and eyeing the three containers. He frowned. Someone had gone through it, but there was still enough. Hopefully no one used their hands, but who would be dumb enough to do something like that? Aside from a certain thief that stole his food.

"I needed to prepare some in the future anyway, and see if it was possible here. What kind of ice cream did you want for the cake?"