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Eighth Staff ♞ the tl;dr-ening

Characters: Sayaka and anyone, for any of the prompts.
Setting: Floor 31, 27, 15, 5, and.. your choice, if those don't suit.
Format: Prose, but I'll match.
Summary: General around the tower post + specific stupidity on the 22nd. 
Warnings: stupidteenager.exe

Bendy time for the month in general:
Floor 31:

She's been visiting this place again, occasionally.

...It's pretty funny, to be back sitting on the cobblestones of the floor - Sayaka's not sure if she's solved the problem she'd tried to think away here ages before, but she definitely feels different. Calmer? Thinking that she's calm is odd - it's easy to get angry over everything again, but she's not as stuck in the spiral of it.

She's not as impotently hopeless now, in regards to the tower. But there's another thing, that's been hovering over her like a dark storm cloud... Sayaka doesn't stay here long, leaving before her thoughts can actually start getting to her.

Any floor, night or day:

(if you'd like to encounter Sayaka in other circumstances, simply pick a floor and we can roll with some kickin' rad interaction)

On the 22nd:
Floor 27:

Messing around in the laboratory isn't usually her cup of tea, but Sayaka's following up with a visit after an earlier encounter - whether she finds the guy or not is up in the air.

Floor 15, and the floors between it and 5:

It was a terrible plan, inspired by a recent, other terrible plan that went well in its execution. Getting the sharpies initially had been a chore, but now that she knew where they were, it'd been easy for Sayaka to return and nab several of the darkest ones she could get. She'd realized pretty fast they wouldn't work for what she wanted to do, though, after testing the markers on a convenient window - what she really needed was black paint

Sayaka can be espied searching for (and carrying, once she's found it) a can of black paint. Unlike the other recent vandalism she participated in, she currently has no cohorts.

Floor 5: 

Blacking out the viewing stations is definitely her best plan ever. Sayaka's just gonna be hard at work sloppily painting over as many of them as she can, don't mind her.
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Floor 15, just after paintfinding

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No cohorts yet, that is.

Lina pauses at the doorway, and raises an eyebrow at the girl hauling the big can of...something. Paint buckets hadn't been invented in her world yet, okay?

"Hey, what's in the bucket?"
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Getting in the way of things is Lina's super special skill. She makes a disbelieving face, then pokes at the can. "Cute metaphor, but what's actually in there, hmm?" The sooner the little game ends, the sooner she's out of your way, Sayaka.

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[Floor 5]

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Spirit enters floor #5 and quickly glances around before deciding that this is definitely not the library. He's about to leave when he notices someone painting over the monitors.

Well now his curiosity has been piqued, so he's going to amble over and peer over Sakaya's shoulder as she vandalizes the security station. Don't mind him.
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He takes a moment to peer at the screen and examine Sayaka's work in earnest before turning back to face her, shrugging and smiling amiably -if a little confusedly- as he does so.

"It looks good to me."

He looks back at the screen for a moment before glancing over at the other monitors, finding them to blacked out at a similar manner. He then looks back down at Sayaka, only pausing for a moment before asking,

"Why are you painting over the monitors?"
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[Floor 5]

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... He'd been doing spectacularly well at avoiding the general Tower populace by eating very little and having his own private small food hoard, or going hunting, or what have you. Being a decent cook was kind of a good thing like that, and it allowed him to try to avoid the cafeteria unless necessary. Collar check-ups were certainly a requirement, but otherwise, he steered as clear of any other human life as he possibly could. Or he hid in the research library.

Unfortunately, even Minato cannot avoid everyone forever. He had to use a Terminal earlier to work on his guide and even after that, he felt kind of stagnant.

Floor 5 was usually where less people strayed, though, so he knew he could hang here and be alone in his thoughts.

Little did he expect to find Sayaka of all people painting over the viewing stations. For a moment, he just sort of stares, before the rebel in him, hands in pockets, mp3 player blaring loudly, removes his headphones and goes over to see if she wants some help. He did briefly consider leaving, like he'd been trying to do to most other people at the moment, but Sayaka was cool. Besides, she was vandalizing the Tower. Totally cool with him.

"... Y'know, this is pretty bold for someone to do alone." He hopes she won't get in trouble for it.
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He has to smirk at that. Oh, it was definitely innovative. And he had to admit he liked it, purely because he hated this place equal amounts.

"You're definitely an innovator," he says, watching the brushwork. "What was your inspiration?" Because well, Minato had to admit he was curious as to how she got this idea.
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Floor 27

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Well, Sayaka will find someone else in the lab today.

Cross at the moment, had been currently working on a camera he managed to find. After his conversation with Sayaka at that dating party, the boy had already set to work on procuring things to make their movie.

Looking up from his work, he saw that blue haired girl. "Heeeeey, Sayakaaaa!"
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Just going to try and use all the puns with his name wasn't she?

"Yup, me," Smiling towards Sayaka. He had managed to find this floor and hey, it was the perfect place to work on tools and stuff. Curiously though he looked at her about her surprise at him being here.

"Well I need to work on my gadgets somewhere. This is the only place with a surplus of spare parts. But, I gotta show you something!"

He soon retrieved a modified camera from beside him and extended it out towards Sayaka. "Know anyone who would want to take part?"

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Floor 1, maybe the 23rd? Possibly later, idk, bendy-time I'll figure it out.

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Enoch had been spared the sight of Meridian's ruins, thanks to Sayaka's little stunt. Curiosity had struck him as he passed, a too-rare occurrence these days, and he'd tried peering into one of the viewfinders. In a healthier state of mind, he may have tried chipping away at the paint to find out what someone didn't want him to see, but in all, he had just been wandering restlessly.

This moment found him just after dinner hours, preparing his own meal from what was left, cooking some donkey meat slowly and carefully, constantly checking on it as if not sure of his cooking skills.
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Sorry for the delay

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Enoch hadn't paid the young woman any mind until she spoke, assuming she was hoping to see what she could find to cook after he was done. As he pulled the pan off the heat, he looked back at her.

"I'm not certain. A horse, perhaps." It wasn't as if horses hadn't been eaten before in an emergency, and it would be a waste of meat here, considering someone had already killed it.
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Ken is heading back up the stairs, and as he passes through the thirty-first floor he spots Sayaka. He pauses, and walked out to her. He doesn't say anything, just sits down near her, setting his spear down.
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After a minute or so, he speaks. He doesn't want to interrupt her thoughts, but... well. He's concerned, shut up. Not that he knows she can't take care of herself, or at least look like it - the pods proved that enough - but... well.

"Are you okay?"

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Floor 5-- ngl I almost tagged with Fado after your comment on the CR meme

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One of her cohorts suddenly appeared, however! He didn't usually come here except for...well shenanigans, to be honest. But now he was here, and kind of watching Sayaka paint for a moment or so before speaking up.

"Sayaka? What are you doing?"
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"Personal project?" Say what.

He stepped a bit further into the room proper, looking around at some of the painting that she had already done, before looking at her again with confusion.

"Why are you painting over the monitors?

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Floor 27

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[ Homura needs to make more pipe bombs-- it goes without saying, since she doesn't have very many on her at any given time. She doesn't think they're a good idea in the tower, really, but figures that she should make some lower impact explosives to at least be distractions.

That's why she's in the laboratory. Cautiously walking around, after of touching anything. The shy girl inside of her doesn't want to intrude on this fantastic laboratory any more than she already has.
As Sayaka enters, Homura flinches and swallows hard, as if the act of swallowing will physically help her swallow her nerves. She turns, straight faced again, maintaining a look of calm, and nods in Sayaka's direction.

Sayaka Miki. Hello.

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Floor 27

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She does indeed find him, because it almost looks like he hasn't even moved-- aside from the fact that he's not dying of starvation, you can tell he has at least moved given that he eventually had to go down to the Infirmary to bandage up the small burns on his hands he'd been accumulating.

Jin was however, also slumped forward on the work table that he had been situated at, his arms folded so that his head could rest on them, his glasses completely askew, and him fast asleep.

It wasn't very sound sleep, but hey, it was sleep!

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