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Characters: Saber (Alter) and YOU!
Setting: 9/7 (Dorm 1-09, Cafeteria, 4th Floor)
Format: Prose or Action (I will match your preference)
Summary: Saber wakes up and isn't happy about her predicament.
Warnings: possible violence

[Room 1-09]

From with 1-09, there was a loud crashing sound and anyone capable of sensing energy will have just felt a big spike from within the room. Those investigating - roommates or others passing by - will find the door ajar and half the furniture turned over or blown back from the black armored knight standing in the center of the room. An ominous-looking black sword with glowing red markings on it was held down at her side, a visor covered her face and she had her free hand grasping her collar (violet in color).

It seems someone just woke up.


Sitting at a table was a young woman with pale hair and yellow eyes in a black dress. She had three empty bowls sitting before her and was starting on her forth bowl of oatmeal. As she ate, she watched anyone passing by with a look of disdain.

[4th Floor]

Saber stood at one of the windows with a rigid posture, looking out over the land outside the Tower. So bleak... Her eyes narrowed. Where in all this was her master. Someone was providing her ample prana.

The knight paused to glance over the lounge and the others taking a rest for a moment before walking to the other side of the floor and gazing out those windows in case there was anything different to see.

There wasn't.
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"Shit, nutrition bars and oatmeal again."

Lancer grumbles as he looks over the food. Just as he turns to leave, he feels a strange sensation. It's like there's another Servant here. But this Servant feels very...different from the one who he had met previously.

Slowly, he looks around, hoping to spot this other Servant. His eyes finally fixate on the girl eating the fourth bowl of oatmeal.

"Huh...yet another one..."
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At first, he's confused about how she seems to know him, but then he remembers the matter of different Grail Wars. He glares back at her, his killing intent rising to match and even eclipse hers, if only by a little.

"Heh. Seems I'm quite famous around here. Too bad I can't remember your name at the moment, little lady."
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wow, the poor dudes in the cafeteria must be getting heart attacks by now

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From what she says, it seems that she's most likely a Saber. But there was only one Saber who had the power to dodge his Gae Bolg, and this girl was definitely not his Saber.

"Sorry, but if you're gonna bluff, make it more believable. Otherwise, it just sounds really funny, especially when it's coming from a cute girl like you."
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Lancer would like to declare that it's not his fault

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" sure know plenty about me."

The killing intent coming from him increases.

"Too bad I can't remember any of our past history. I might've enjoyed it."

It's not just knowledge that she has. It's the way that she openly declares that she can dodge his Gae Bolg. Had it really failed on her? The weapon that could invert causality itself.
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Hey, watch it--D is a perfectly respectable luck ranking!

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His voice drops to a harsh whisper and his killing intent spikes yet again.

"What did you just say about my Master?"

Yes, Misaya could seem cowardly or sneaky when compared with Masters who fought in the open. But it was her style, her "elegance" as she had called it. The elegance that came with never dirtying her hands directly until absolutely needed. It had been from necessity as well--there was no way she could have fought another Master openly when a curse was rotting her body from the inside out.

In everrything else besides combat, Misaya had proven herself to be a brave person. Her last moments especially were still fresh on Lancer's mind.

He could stand insults against his own honor to a certain degree, but he couldn't stand for this insult against Misaya's memory, especially from a Servant who could not possibly known anything about her.
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Better than the E-rank luck he would have if...oh crap, that's his luck now Misaya is dead

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"I thought Saber class knights didn't lie. Or does that just come to bluffing?"

Sure, he would have called Misaya a vindictive bitch, but there's no way he would have ever called her a coward. The fact that she might have been talking about another Master doesn't even occur to him. After all, as far as he can remember, Misaya is the only Master he's had.

Well, there was Ayaka, but that was more like a one-time thing.

"I'll give you one chance, Saber. Shut the fuck up about my Master, and take back the part about her being a coward. Otherwise..."
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He'll just take that challenge then

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Lancer says nothing. He just materializes Gae Bolg and charges Saber. He's let that bitch run her mouth long enough.
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If he stabs enough times, he'll hit. It's a matter of probability

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Even as the blade is pushed aside, he goes along with the force and swings the shaft of his spear at her.

"We've just gotten started."
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Battle Continuation is still Rank A

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He shifts his spear, using it to block Saber's strike.

"Because you had to run your mouth like a dumbass."

He too was fighting on skill alone. Partly because he doesn't want to give away his strongest attacks too early into the battle, and partly because it's a matter of honor. He can't just kill Saber--he needs to make sure he beats her up hard enough for her to learn her lesson.

"And your techniques aren't very impressive either."
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Not it he blows it up first

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"I told you, I never said that. Why would I lie?"

Quick as she is, he's still faster, so he can easily block her strikes. But, at the same time, he's been forced on the defensive.
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The food sucked anyways

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With any other Saber, Lancer could have counterattacked by slipping his spear into the openings left by her wide slashes, but for this Saber, the dark prana radiating from her was like a wall. Even if he can get in a few blows between her attacks, her wall of prana always pushed them aside.

He sees his chance when he's backed into a table. Sidestepping Saber's latest strike, he hops backwards onto the table. Now that he has the higher ground, he stabs his spear down at Saber.

"Fifth one, duh!"
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Yanking the spear out of her hands wasn't an option, but neither was leaving it with her as he jumps back. Therefore, he just braces himself and takes the attack head-on.

The blow connects, knocking all the air out of his lungs. Combined with the table being chopped apart, it knocks him off of his feet and causes him to fall. He's not sure how much it'll hurt by the time he can start feeling it, but given that it was much stronger than he expected, it'll probably hurt like a bitch.

Even as he goes down, he pulls on his spear, attempting to drag her down with him.
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This definitely wasn't one of his more glorious moments, being pinned under her foot. Plus, his abdomen had started throbbing, and it indeed hurt like a bitch. In fact, he might have even broken a rib or two.

He coughs a few times before he can get enough air back in his lungs to talk. For a moment, he wants to just activate his Gae Bolg against her, but he's curious as to what she might have to say.

"W-what is there to listen to? You already told me everything besides the war you came from."

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