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I'm a needy fighter...I don't need a preacher...

Characters: Akihiko, Shadow Akihiko, and anyone in the gym
Setting: Gymnasium, September 7th
Format: Either is fine.
Summary: Maybe he was meant to walk alone after all.
Warnings: Violence, everything typical of a shadow self encounter.

[Akihiko's shadow has been reduced from a snarky, cruel dating show host to a miserable, sobbing wretch on the floor. It cries more than humanly possible, and the gymnasium floor is covered in a thin film of water. This only makes the out of control electrical currents surging through the light fixtures and tv equipment much more dangerous.]

It's not fair! I just wanted to be normal! After the Dark Hour's gone, nobody will have a reason to be with me! Even my best friend doesn't want to be around me anymore.

Quit lying! You aren't telling the truth at all!

[But he is. Akihiko doesn't realize he's in denial, because the reasons his shadow is upset seems so...silly. He should be over these things...he is over them, right?]

Heh, I can't stand to be around myself, it seems.

I couldn't even get Minako-chan to like me, after I thought I finally figured it all out! She turned me down for Shinji! He was always the stronger one.

I don't need anyone! I can get by just fine on my own now.

[Now he's getting emotional too. Perhaps because seeing his shadow cry like that is so painful. But really, that can't be him. Maybe it was a few years ago, but not today.]

Doomed to be alone forever...I might as well get used to it. Nobody's going to help me, so they can just keep their distance. And if they try to hurt me, I'll use force.

Stop talking like that. I'm sick of listening to you. You're...

[Shadow Akihiko looks up at the original.]

You're not me!

[When the shadow hears those words, he holds his head in his hands. The waterworks stop, and the handsome cream-colored suit he was wearing begins to rip and tear as its body grows in mass. His hair grows into a wild mane, and his flesh fades into a pale and sickly turquoise color. A skull-shaped mask hides his face. Wrestlers wear them all the time, but it's the perfect way to hide his feelings too.

The towering gorilla of a shadow flexes and lets out a mighty roar, crackling with electricity as he swipes at Akihiko. The boxer gets knocked into the stage, writhing in pain.]

I am a shadow...the true self!
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[Woah. What had happened? Somehow, this white haired kid had a twin brother, who showed up and gave him a breakdown with a few words. And then the crying boy had turned into some sort of monstrosity.]

Think you said the wrong thing there, kid!
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You are, but your twin doesn't seem to be.

[As Lancer rushes toward the boy and the monster, he summons Gae Bolg. The first few days in the tower had taught him to take all the monsters seriously.]
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[Lancer easily dodges. After all, he is the fastest Servant.]
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[Reckless as he may be, he's still not stupid enough to take one of those head-on. Instead, he ducks out of the direct path of the lightning.]

Who? Him?

[He points at the non-transformed kid.]

Some sibling rivalry you've got.
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[There is a loud noise a Lancer's palm slams against his forehead.]

Seriously, you're trashing an entire floor because you don't think people like you. I don't think anyone would like you keep doing this shit.

[He swings his spear at the monster.]

So why don't you go to sleep for a second and talk about this later?
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[The electricity sends a painful shock through Lancer's body, almost enough to knock him over. He knows he can't take this for long, Servant though he may be, and so he jumps onto the stage to dodge the painful shocks.]
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[Lancer hops off the stage...and ends up landing on the shadow's head. From there, it's all too easy for him to shift into a sitting position and ride on the shadow.]

And you're stupider than I had hoped for.
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[Lancer hangs on, slamming punch after punch into the being's head.]

Ask nicely and I might consider it, kid!
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[Lancer, of course, keeps punching in hopes of knocking the monster out. As they approach the wall, he start punching even harder and faster.]
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[It certainly makes a huge impact, knocking Lancer off and throwing him onto the wet ground.]
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[Lancer climbs to his feet, though getting thrown off the Shadow has left him rather sore.]
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[He stares at the shadow, almost pitying it for second. Then he strides up to the crouching shadow, grabs its head, and pushes so the shadow's head smashes into the floor. He hopes it'll stay down, because his ribs, which had been broken by Saber, seemed to have been fractured all over again by that fall.]
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[Lancer gives a sigh of relief, and then turns back to look at the unmutated boy.]

Hey, kid, your brother's back to normal. Try saying the right things this time, will you?

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