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Characters: Vanitas, CHICKENS, cuccos, and anyone stupid enough to get in the way
Setting: Everywhere. Just, everywhere
Format: Whatever's good
Summary: IT'S A GOOD DAY TO DIE. After a little fowl play, of course
Warnings: Chickens cuccos. Chicken jokes. Zelda jokes. And death.

[Coming back to the tower after so long alone in the wastelands of what had been his-- place of existence, was unsettling to a level Vanitas hadn't expected. The flares of negativity were like sirens going off in his heart, head whipping this way and that, struggling to gauge the distance and depth of each one from his current location.]

[The tower was too loud, with no reprieve since he couldn't just up and leave, couldn't roam. It actually felt stifling.]

[Added to the stupid music that gets caught up in his head, probably from one of the ocarina playing brats filling up the joint, Vanitas is in a bad mood.]

[So he kicks the first living thing he comes across.]

[Which happens to look like an uguu-animu styled chicken.]

[Several explosions later, and Vanitas had given up on just blowing the damn things sky high. Evasive action was necessary,because he totally wasn't running away from a flock of chickens.]

[Even if, ducking through a doorway and slamming the heavy wood shut behind him, every little peck against the wood was like the crowing of his inevitable doom.]

[.....This is pathetiOH GOD THE DOOR RUN FUCKING RUN]
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[What the fuck? Did some kid almost run him over...and was he being pursued by angry chickens?]

Alright, someone better give me a good explanation...
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[Well, that was unexpected. Facing down the angry hoarde of fowl, Lancer does the only thing he can--he summons Gae Bolg and takes a couple swipes at them.]