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[ 01 ] ✿✿ [ Open ◦ Intro ]

    ☙Room 02-19❧
[ When morning comes, there has been a new addition to the room. In fact, the large wheelchair stored next to one of the beds might be more noticeable than the frail girl laying within the sheets. While she is dressed in the white vestments forced on everyone else upon arrival, there's color splashed along her hands. Stirring awake, with widened eyes, she notices the blood covering her hands right away. Shrieking, she holds them out as far away from her body as possible as her thoughts quickly dawn on her. Just moments ago (or so it felt like) she was holding the bleeding corpse of her older brother while the rest of the country joyously chanted for their freedom around the pair. Within moments she's struggling to drag her legs around as she wearily digs through everything around her. The white clothing was frightening and only made her lithe form look sickly, although the color draining from her face may add to that belief.

Upon discovering the letter, she'll shake her head as she mutters how untrue it is for a minute or two before it all sinks in. Judging from the world she "left behind", one where F.L.E.I.J.A. was becoming a common enough weapon in battle, the idea doesn't surprise her. Just what all had happened since the death of Lelouch vi Britannia? Just where did she fail to help out? Placing the first letter down gently, she'll catch up on her reading with the second one. ]

A network? [ It makes sense to her really as she looks towards her wheelchair nearby. If she can get to a terminal, then she can issue a formal apology to any other survivors of the incident and possibly get the answers she needs. ]

[ In an attempt to familiarize herself (and perhaps find someone), Nunnally will be moving between the floors via the elevator while in her electric wheelchair. She does have a bit of trouble adjusting to areas that are brighter than the rest of the tower, shielding her eyes with an arm. She's still dressed in the white suit though, but at least her hands are bare of the blood they bore when she first woke up. Having found herself uncomfortable with the 'skin tight' part, she's settled for having a blanket draped over her legs, just a couple inches away from the floor. Despite everything though, she'll put on a tiny smile the moment she encounters another being. ]

Hello there. [ Waving a hand as a greeting. ] Do you take residence on this floor or are you visiting a friend?
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I live here.

[It wasn't like he had any friends to visit in this place.]
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Pretty much. What, you've got five people in your room or something?
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Don't go too far then. It's dangerous.

[For example, Shadows.]

They're all girls, right?

[Because man, he was gonna complain if some lucky bastard got to room with pretty girls while he was stuck in a sausage fest.]
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Oh, I dunno. More fun, I guess.
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Getting to know girls better. And girls getting to know guys better.
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Uh, well...

[Well, this was awkward, having to explain things to a girl who didn't get it.]

There's some things you can only have when you share a room together.
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...Let's just go with that.

Everybody keeps secrets from each other, even between siblings.

[The trick was to try to guess what said secrets were.]
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Oh? Aren't you an honest one then? You don't look like someone who would have secrets either?

[Unless there was more to her than he thought.]
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Nah, I'm not disappointed. I like running into the occassional person without a skeleton in their closet.

[Kind of refreshing, really.]
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[He laughs too, realizing that it's all a joke.]

Hey, there's no accounting for taste!
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Thanks a lot, kid.

[Time under Misaya had taught him how nice actual gratitude could be.]

Hey, if you ever need anyone to show you around, I can explore the place with you.
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Lancer. I'm in room 4-16.