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also we're building pillow forts, GET IN HERE

Characters: MOMO, you, and special guest star Alby!!
Setting: Floors One, Twenty-Five, and the dorm rooms/Floor Four!! On various dates because I'm a slug -- the first two are backdated to the 13th, while the latter locations are a current event!!
Format: Brackety action, will follow suit with whatever
Summary: Some not-quite-magical-girl who is also mostly not a robot is dropped into a mysterious place. And her little dog, too. Jr's little dog, anyway. You know the drill, man.
Warnings: None anticipated!!

[Floor One: Backdated to 12/13]

[MOMO has eaten some unappetizing things in her life. Never anything downright inedible, except for maybe that one time she accidentally ruined her attempt at pancakes, but she has the same likes and dislikes as anyone else. Usually, she's polite enough to eat what's in front of her even if she doesn't like it, unless you're holding her captive in a small prisoner cell on a remote, heavily guarded asteroid.

But this just isn't one of those cases. MOMO takes one tentative spoonful of the oatmeal and chews it thoughtfully, then inserts the spoon back into the mush with disdain. It's a convincing impression of eating soggy mulch chips, at best.]

Alby, you need to eat, too...

[She glances down at the white chihuahua nestled by her feet, who glances back unhappily. His tail starts going a little when she sets the oatmeal bowl down, but droops when he sticks his nose in and immediately pulls it out. He curls back up at MOMO's feet as she makes a face at her tray; she at least had the insight to grab a nutrition bar, too, but it's unfortunately not doing her much good. If the oatmeal was mulch, the nutrition bar smells like fertilizer. Her senses are too strong to convince her that maybe they aren't edible, because they have enough nutritional value and no other harmful components, but...

MOMO takes a bite of the nutrition bar, and instantly regrets it, but summons all her willpower to swallow it down anyway. She regrets it even more when, after a five-minute period of staring disinterestedly at the remainder, nausea grips her before she has a chance to figure out what to do with herself, and winds up spitting up into a fistful of napkins. She blushes as she glances up slowly, mortified.]

Ohhhh... Wh-What...?

[Floor Ten: Backdated to 12/13]

[After the disaster that was their first meal upon arrival, MOMO, not content with what had been provided, went searching and found the restaurant. Feeling silly for not having realized its existence sooner -- maybe it was supposed to be a secret? -- she gleefully made her way in and requested a seat.

Some half an hour later, she's on the aquarium floor, trying to concentrate as she aims her ether bow into the wall of water. The fish she wants is small, but relatively close to the forefront, so it shouldn't be too hard...

MOMO fires a shot, and misses. The fish in question begins zipping around in a panic, startled by the arrow of energy zooming past it and just barely grazing its fins. Her hands are numb, and she knows it's what's throwing off her aim, but she has to keep trying. A few more arrows sail haphazardly towards the fish as it darts around, and it makes the leap to the other side.

...Never one to let an opportunity slip past, Alby lunges for the fish, knocking it successfully out of midair with his snout. In the process, he skids towards the far water wall and into it, but bursts out a brief moment later with the fish snugly in his teeth.]

Oh, Alby! Good boy, good boy! But... what am I going to do with you? Now you're all wet, and in this cold...

[She grimaces, rubbing her hands together briskly for a moment before reaching down to pat him. MOMO is rewarded with the classic wet-dog-fur-shake, of course.]


...Oh, now look what's happened. Maybe we should forget about this whole thing and go try to dry off. We could try and cook the fish instead, couldn't we?


[Floor Four / Dorm Rooms: 12/23]

[As time has gone on, the temperature has done nothing but plummet, and on top of that, everyone is catching the weirdest bug, almost without exception. MOMO isn't especially surprised that she seems to have caught it too, whatever it is, since her system has enough of an affinity to human biology that it's perfectly feasible to get contagious diseases. In her case, this seems to involve being terribly stuffed up and suffering through a scratchy sore throat.

But a simple cold won't stop her, even if it means she can barely breathe through her nose or speak without pain and coughing. It's still ridiculously cold, and that's even less okay than her having a sickness that will surely pass in due time. (Right?) So MOMO has taken to collecting all the pillows and blankets she can find and tossing them in a pile on Floor Four, with the intent of building a pillow fort or two. She's started with whatever she could scrounge up from the infirmary that wasn't in use, leaving a number behind in case of emergency, and has moved on to going door-to-door in the dorms, trying to recruit people to help her out.

If you're in the dorms, you may get a cute little peach girl knocking on your door to trouble you for some spare time or bedding. If you happen upon the mountainscape of white fabric that the fourth floor lounge has turned into, you're welcome to crash in one of the pillow mounds, stow away under one of the sheet tents, snuggle on one of the couches buried in piles of excess, or otherwise ask what the hell she's doing. But hey, everyone loves a sleepover-style fort building endeavor, right? Maybe it could even set the stage for pillow fights later on.

Indulge a cute little girl's well-meaning whims, won't you?]

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