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when the going gets tough... (004)

Characters: Kazuma Kuwabara (OU) and OPEN
Setting: All Over the Tower
Format: Prose + Action you pick, I follow
Summary: The age up event and Kuwabara is wandering and learning things.
Warnings: Character personality differences, possible violence and such. Will add more if anything else comes up. Kuwabara is 30 by the way

[ the dormitory hallways ]

Kuwbara was minding his own business. It's been 12 years for him as he wandered down the hallway. He kept his gaze on the familiar hallway that he had ran into Yusuke with those many years ago and what had happened to Yusuke that many years ago. He didn't lose hope but he certainly didn't sit around feeling sorry for himself. Kuwabara was a determined person and a personality like his would not go to waste. He spent most of his time going to the make shift education that a strange man named Hei had set up. He learned all the things he needed to pass out of high school and eventually, he went straight into college material and learned quite a few things about being a doctor.

He also learned how to enhanced his sixth sense and his spiritual abilities. These things made him much stronger and a lot more mature than he was. He exchanged his scandalous fighting clothes and street punk style for a more mature look. Slacks and a tie were usually the cut for him and sometimes he had on casual stylish clothing. Today was one of those days that he felt like he wanted to be casual so he was swarming down the hallway practicing his punches. Hopefully no one would get caught in the cross fire of punches he was doing.

[ the cafeteria; floor one ]

Kuwabara was in the kitchen for once. It was one of things he got used to when he couldn't take anymore of the per-prepared food that they had to eat. He couldn't even call it food to be honest. So, he started t cook more often with his time and learning a thing or two about being able to make food that was edible. The first time he tried, everything burned relentlessly and he had to put out the fire. Right now, he could decently cook some stir fry or make a sandwich without having to hurt himself in the process.

Anyone passing by could smell the sweet smell of stir fry. Kuwabara had found some neat vegetables and other things while he was wandering around the tower. Not to mention the kitchen had some things he burrowed and hoped didn't belong to anyone because the last time that happened, Kuwabara got punched for it. This time, he really didn't need t have anyone resort of violence with him but he was humming softly to himself while his well grown cat was hopping about nibbling on a fish by his foot. She purrs happily at the meal, while probably jump at anyone for attention if she saw them.

[ the media room; floor fourteen]

Kuwabara was seen on one of the game consoles playing with Tekken and other fighting games that were recent to his knowledge. Since he found this place, he learned to use it whenever he needed to relieve stress, and hell he was one freak of a gamer. Video games and such were his forte and when he used to go to middle school, that was what he did with his friends. Kuwabara continued to press buttons as he played with the console controller. He was enjoying his time beating up a series of characters one after another.

He grins sheepishly as he continues, not really sure if anyone had caught him in such a state. After all, he had become much of a doctor

[ the the second library; floor nineteen ]

He's reading a lot into the technology and psychology things from this library. The books didn't appear to be easy to read, but Kuwabara was fine with it and he continued to skim and read through them for new information. He didn't have a doctor's degree yet, but could at least occupy himself with something useful before deciding to get a degree. He wanted other skills other than his brawling skills. At least, then he would have other skills that he could go through life with. The tower didn't really provide him with all the things he needed but when he got back, he would go to school for it and that would be that.

He flips through another page quietly by the dim light. He might say something or not depending on who entered.

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Media Room

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If Kuwabara's senses were sharp, he would sense Kirika in the room. She had entered a while ago and watched in silence. Kirika's grown habit was to mask her presence, and she did very well. Spiritual energy though was a whole different matter and something she couldn't control. Kirika then picked up a nearby controller and hit the button. Kuwabara was about to have a new challenger.
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Of course, he caught her the moment she stepped in. His senses were really sharp and he could pick up almost anything with an energy. On top of that, being thirty and having so many things under his belt, it helped him become more aware of his situation. It was like how Kurama and Hiei were when they started feeling a threat. He really missed those guys and wanted to see them eventually.

The girl pulled a controller up to him and a new challenge was issued. He accepted it without much complaint and was prepared to play a good couple rounds with the familiar girl. They've known each other for a while and he got used to being around girls more often now that he spent his time playing games and such things with her.
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It felt forever when she played. She had gotten the hang with games. He introduced the game to her, something to bypass which actually helped. At least no ones hurt except their ego. She had always enjoyed something new and different.

Kirika went ahead and taken a seat, a different chair of course. Already she began to select her character. Some reason she's drawn to the female assassin fighter. After she made her character select, she waited. Her attention glued to the screen.
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He didn't mind playing games with her since he had gotten used to her presence since the day he met her. It was probably because she had a lingering kind of connection to Yusuke that he didn't mind sharing with her. He waited for her to pick her character and picked his. He always went for the strong guys.

He's not sure what their names were anymore but he picked on with the silver hair. Whatever the name was he decided to choose him and read to engage in a silent combat with her. He always did with her. It was interesting and fun, even for a thirty year old guy like him. He gives her a grin to start the game.
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She looked at him before the game, smiled, then returned her attention to the screen. When the game began, she waiting for Kuwabara to make the first move then countered from there. Side steps was always her thing, then followed with a combo.
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Kuwabara kept his grin as he waited for the game to began. When it did, he didn't hesitate to take the first move, but he knew her style of playing after so long, so he didn't exactly dive blindly into it, but he was prepared to counter with his character if she chose to try something funny with hers.
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For now she focused her character to side step with a low kick combo followed with a blond attack. It was like a ki attack that sparked from the palm of her hands before she thrust it to her opponents. Some reason that attack was her favorite.
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Kuwabara was enjoying the fact that he got to use his usual brute force but in a game. The guy was almost an embodiment of how Kuwabara fought, but at the same time, it was also pretty different. He was watching out for her as he switch his joystick around to make more moves.
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Kirika's character stumbled sometimes by Kuwabara's over power moves. But when he would least expect it, Kirika would pull more attacks from the ground before she raised her character.
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Kuwabara got surprised by the sudden attack and had to try to block it the best he could but it was his character's turn to be overpowered by her video game character. He concentrated deeply and tried to counter it, but it didn't seem like this match was in his favour much, even though he was pretty good at this game to begin with.
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[It seems people taking any pets they may have with them to the cafeteria is a common practice, since early-twenties-aged MOMO enters with her albino chihuahua Alby, clutching an armful of goodies. He, however, notices something distinctly not human, and starts yipping. A lot.]

Hey now, Alby. You can't always be the only thing on four legs in the kitchen, you know.

[MOMO puts her beloved Bunnie frying pan, aptly named since there's a picture of a white bunny's face on the bottom, on an unoccupied burner and releases her pile of herbs, nuts, and some harvested rice onto a nearby counter. Alby regards Kuwabara's cat from around her legs warily.]

Ah, I'm sorry if he's trouble. Let me know if I should have him wait outside. I don't want him to terrorize your kitty too much!
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[ It seems that way since Kuwabara doesn't like to leave his cat unattended. She's now a grown cat, so it is hard to just lock her in his room. She might have torn it apart if he came back hours later. So, he decides that it is for the best to keep her with him at all times. He likes the presence of his cat. The one thing that kept him happy beside the many people he has met here.

He greets the girl with a brief nod as she continues to get fancy wit his stir fry throwing the contents into the air and back into the pan. The smell permeated the kitchen as he continues his task. Eikichi only meows a little at the dog that came into the room. She doesn't seem like she's afraid and she's not sharing her fish with the dog. The cat gets a little territorial as it meows towards the dog. ]

Nah, it ain't trouble at all. Eikichi can hold her own, so s'long as this little guy doesn't do anythin' dangerous, I'd be okay with it.

[ He grins as he speaks to her. ]

Ya need the stove? 'm almost done.

[ He replied pointing to his creation that sizzled for a few more minutes until he decides to turn off the fire. ]
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[MOMO can't either, because Alby also has... uh. Separation anxiety issues, let's just say.

Also, he's equally as protective of the people he likes. Two birds of a feather, it seems, when he starts circling MOMO's calves where she stands and makes some grumbling noises. Two can play at that game, cat!]

Alby's a good boy, when he wants to be. I'm glad to hear she'd put him in his place if he tried to pick on her, heehee. Just wanted to make sure!

[She giggles, nodding.]

Yes, thank you! Now it's even still warm. That smell is making me even more hungry, it's driving me crazy!
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[ Eikichi doesn't have separation issues, but she enjoys getting attention from almost anyone, really. She's just happy and attached to her owner because he's feeding her food that she doesn't usually get. Eikichi just meows a little at the small dog without much effort as she chews on the fish by Kuwabara's feet. She wraps her tail around his leg while curiously looking at MOMO. ]

Yeah, she's a tough girl. She ain't taking much from bullies.

[ He laughs with her as he pulls his food off the stove and tosses it into a large plate. ]

Guess that means you can get stuff don faster eh? [ He replies giving her a nod as he pauses at her comment. ]

Ya want some?

[ Of course when she's done cooking her food. He's not much of a glutton anymore, she he likes to offer people things once in a while. ]
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Second library

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Chihiro is now 25, much taller (at 5'8 from his previous 4'10) and there was no mistaking him for a girl now though he preferred cute clothing such as the bunny eared hoodie he had on. It suited him though.

Now he's in the library looking for a book he needed to help him work on his latest computer programme when he spotted Kuwabara, so he goes over to greet him cheerfully as always.

"Hello, Kuwabara-kun!"
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Second library

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Kuwabara is busy reading his psychology books that he doesn't notice Chihiro right away but he senses a presence within the premise of the second floor library. He continues to read the book quietly, though if anyone were to try to attack him, he wouldn't hesitate to sto them.

Of course, that didn't happen, because Kuwabara looks up when he is greeted with a familiar tone of voice. He relaxes with a brief grin on his face. It's been a while since he's seen Chihiro and the shock of Chihiro being a guy totally threw him off for a few days, but he learned to just accept it as the years passed.

Kurama was pretty feminine as well, and he shouldn't judge people based on their looks. Chihiro is a man so he's not going to degrade the guy for whatever his tastes were. Instead, he accepts it without much thought. After all, Chihiro isn't a bad person and he's very kind in his own right.

"Yo, Chihiro," he greeted. He's used to calling him that way. It's better than using other kinds of greetings. He has long dropped the 'chan' part. They are close enough to just address each other normally. At least, he feels that way. Chihiro still calls him 'Kuwabara-kun' not that he minds.
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Addressing people with honorifics is Chihiro's way and he just feels uncomfortable not using it. Though Mondo was the exception~

Chihiro comes closer to see what the other is up to. "What are you reading up on?"
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It's someting that Kuwabara will never get used to, really, but it's fine. He doesn't mind and he's used to it for a long time now.

Kuwabara looks up at the boy as he asks, "Some Psychology books. Helps ya learn about people's mind an' stuff. I thought it could be useful when I need ta learn about patients an' stuff," he replied showing the boy the few pages he's reading. The pages looked extremely long and the font is rather tiny.

"What about you? What're you doin' here Chihiro."
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"So you're planning to go into the psychiatric field?"

Chihiro takes a look. "... this is really advanced stuff! You're amazing, Kuwabara-kun!"

"Me? I'm just looking for a programming book... I referred to it last time and I'm sure it's here somewhere but I can't seem to find it now..."
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"Somethin' like that. More like a doctor or something...wait is that the same?" because he clearly had his moments where his brain was not following him correctly. It was rhetorical but if Chihiro chose to reply, he wasn't going to do anything about it.

"Eh, when ya got nothin' ta do in a place like t his once in a while, ya get curious."

He grins at the comment, "but it ain't all that great. I jus' wanna help people without havin' ta cause ruckus all the time, an' ya ain't too bad yerself. Those programming books are pretty hard ta understand. I'll never understand these computers," he rubbed the back of his head as he said that.
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"Well... there are quite a number of different kinds of doctors... Psychiatry would be dealing more with mental injuries than physical ones..."

"So you understand all this then?" Chihiro smiles back. "Not many people do. It is like learning a whole different language really."
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"Right. Jeez, I feel like an' old man with my memory an' all. Yeah, I kinda want ta do both if it's a possible t hing," he replied putting the large book down as she answered more of Chihiro's questions.

"Most of it. Some of this stuff, I probably gotta research some to understand it fully," he replied honestly, and adding, "It kinda is, but ain't your programming stuff similar to 'nother language?"
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[personal profile] superprogrammer 2013-01-27 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
"I don't think it's impossible. You certainly have time here to pursue both routes if you want to!"

"I see. It is. It's learning a language that computers understand."
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"That's the goal, kinda. It ain't too easy. I've been at it for years, and some of this stuff still doesn't make sense," he replied with a low laugh.

"Eh, something like that. It's just got a lot of fancy terms and stuff regarding certain things. I mean a guy can have and heart attack but they'll diagnose it with Cardiac Rest."

He mused using that as an example. There were other terms that were far more complicated then this though.
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"Hmmm... have to talked to the other people here who have medical knowledge? They might be able to help you.

Chihiro laughed a little a that. "Mn. There certainly are a lot of fancy medical terms."
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"I guess that's a good idea, ain't it? I was sure I could get things without some help, but that ain't happening. I sound like an arrogant idiot, heh," he replied with a nod of his head, "That's on my list of things ta do, thanks Chihiro."

"Yeah, there's also other terms for lotsa stuff that gets confusing an' all," he replied shaking his head, "My bad if I'm borin' ya to sleep there Chihiro," or at least he thinks he's boring him.
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[personal profile] superprogrammer 2013-02-07 02:56 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh, no, you don't sound like an idiot, Kuwabara-kun!"

"And it's not boring me!"
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[personal profile] superprogrammer 2013-02-15 04:30 pm (UTC)(link)
"It can sometimes but I don't think it has in your case."

"You will? Sure! It's been a while since I've tried your cooking!"

"It's alright. I'm interested but I don't think I'll ever truly understand it!"
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He smiled. "I do think so."

"What are you making then?"

"Yeah, I can understand that."
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"Sure. That sounds good to me. I'll help you."

Chihiro thought about for a moment. "So you didn't always want to be a doctor?"
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[personal profile] superprogrammer 2013-03-11 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
"I do want to! It'll be fun to cook together!"

"Oh, I didn't know you had an older sister!"
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[personal profile] superprogrammer 2013-03-24 03:32 pm (UTC)(link)
He laughed at that. "That's true!" And Chihiro followed him to the kitchen.

"She sounds like a really awesome person! You must miss her quite a bit."