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when the going gets tough... (004)

Characters: Kazuma Kuwabara (OU) and OPEN
Setting: All Over the Tower
Format: Prose + Action you pick, I follow
Summary: The age up event and Kuwabara is wandering and learning things.
Warnings: Character personality differences, possible violence and such. Will add more if anything else comes up. Kuwabara is 30 by the way

[ the dormitory hallways ]

Kuwbara was minding his own business. It's been 12 years for him as he wandered down the hallway. He kept his gaze on the familiar hallway that he had ran into Yusuke with those many years ago and what had happened to Yusuke that many years ago. He didn't lose hope but he certainly didn't sit around feeling sorry for himself. Kuwabara was a determined person and a personality like his would not go to waste. He spent most of his time going to the make shift education that a strange man named Hei had set up. He learned all the things he needed to pass out of high school and eventually, he went straight into college material and learned quite a few things about being a doctor.

He also learned how to enhanced his sixth sense and his spiritual abilities. These things made him much stronger and a lot more mature than he was. He exchanged his scandalous fighting clothes and street punk style for a more mature look. Slacks and a tie were usually the cut for him and sometimes he had on casual stylish clothing. Today was one of those days that he felt like he wanted to be casual so he was swarming down the hallway practicing his punches. Hopefully no one would get caught in the cross fire of punches he was doing.

[ the cafeteria; floor one ]

Kuwabara was in the kitchen for once. It was one of things he got used to when he couldn't take anymore of the per-prepared food that they had to eat. He couldn't even call it food to be honest. So, he started t cook more often with his time and learning a thing or two about being able to make food that was edible. The first time he tried, everything burned relentlessly and he had to put out the fire. Right now, he could decently cook some stir fry or make a sandwich without having to hurt himself in the process.

Anyone passing by could smell the sweet smell of stir fry. Kuwabara had found some neat vegetables and other things while he was wandering around the tower. Not to mention the kitchen had some things he burrowed and hoped didn't belong to anyone because the last time that happened, Kuwabara got punched for it. This time, he really didn't need t have anyone resort of violence with him but he was humming softly to himself while his well grown cat was hopping about nibbling on a fish by his foot. She purrs happily at the meal, while probably jump at anyone for attention if she saw them.

[ the media room; floor fourteen]

Kuwabara was seen on one of the game consoles playing with Tekken and other fighting games that were recent to his knowledge. Since he found this place, he learned to use it whenever he needed to relieve stress, and hell he was one freak of a gamer. Video games and such were his forte and when he used to go to middle school, that was what he did with his friends. Kuwabara continued to press buttons as he played with the console controller. He was enjoying his time beating up a series of characters one after another.

He grins sheepishly as he continues, not really sure if anyone had caught him in such a state. After all, he had become much of a doctor

[ the the second library; floor nineteen ]

He's reading a lot into the technology and psychology things from this library. The books didn't appear to be easy to read, but Kuwabara was fine with it and he continued to skim and read through them for new information. He didn't have a doctor's degree yet, but could at least occupy himself with something useful before deciding to get a degree. He wanted other skills other than his brawling skills. At least, then he would have other skills that he could go through life with. The tower didn't really provide him with all the things he needed but when he got back, he would go to school for it and that would be that.

He flips through another page quietly by the dim light. He might say something or not depending on who entered.

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