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[02] || [Open] || [An Eternity]

Characters: Jr. and you
Setting: Dormitory Floors
Format: Action or prose, will follow.
Summary: Jr. has spent an eternity in the tower. Hundreds, thousands years- Maybe even more? He doesn't know and he's stopped counting a long time ago. Now he understands more than ever why Albedo was once so afraid of being immortal. It sucks and it drives you mad.
Warning: A particularly distressed URTV whose powers are on the brink of going berserk and whose sanity is maybe already lost to the tower. Also the sleeping consciousness of Albedo may be influencing his behavior, for the worse. Meaning he can be fairly dangerous since at this point he barely gives a damn about anything. Replies may come from [personal profile] urtw.

Gaignun Kukai Jr. could be found wandering around the dormitory floors, a gun in the right hand and his harmonica in the left hand. He wasn't heading to a particular floor or dorm. No, he was simply wandering around endlessly as if he had no real purpose in mind. As far as he was concerned, countless years had gone by ever since he first explored in this tower. Physically though, he looked exactly the same as he always did.

It was his curse after all. As long as he would exercise a mental control to keep Red Dragon from growing and possibly going berserk, as long as he'd try to protect his friends from himself, he would remain a child in appearance. It was not only his powers he prevented from growing, but unfortunately also his body. Yet after so long, he was on the brink of just stopping and letting the Red Dragon go haywire. At least his clothes were finally on par with that of real cowboys, as used and old as they could get.

As he walked, he would sing a bit sometimes, in a half-broken voice as if he had a particularly bad cold. But the most striking was probably the near-lack of emotions as he sung, even though it was supposed to be a sweet song.

"I remember the days of summer~
We were so close together,
You were humming the songs of silence;
Sweetly plucking the harp of wind.

He chuckled (the laugh probably having an unfortunate familiarity with that of young Albedo) and kept walking, keeping a strong hold on his gun. At this point he wouldn't hesitate to shoot anyone being a danger, be it to him or his friends. An eternity in this tower probably altered his ethics and moral judgement.

"Every moment was sacred and mystic~
We were near to the shore of eternity.

After a while he finally sat down at a corner and crossed his arms, watching his harmonica as he kept singing in a slower and darker fashion. After all these years he felt closer to Albedo than he ever did before. Being unable to die, unable to rest... Oh he could die alright, but the guys in charge of the tower would just bring him back as if nothing had happened. And since he could not grow old, dying from a natural death was also out of the question for him.

"The days are gone, and will never come back..."

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