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Makoto Naegi @ Tower of Animus ([personal profile] yougotthatwrong) wrote in [community profile] towerofanimus2013-01-31 05:12 am

troubled kid is troubled.

Who: Makoto Naegi and [community profile] You!
What: ...Naegi is in need of some advice. It involves [personal profile] a certain idol. Hilarity may or may not ensue.
When: Morning, 31st January
Where: Library, Cafeteria
Format: Brackets, will follow though!
Warning: He's a protag, so usual dense warnings apply???

[For a while now, a certain high-school kid could be seen spending the most of his time in the cafeteria lately, either reading a book, or just eating while looking partly like a zoned out guy as the day went by. In fact, this time seemed to be pretty bad as you can find him reading a book upside down as he sat in one corner in the cafeteria, still with that distant look on his eyes.]

[Or you can find him buried in books in the library.


See, while he's lucky that the book case didn't fall on him, he still had the misfortune of being trapped beneath a lot of books.]

A little help here...?

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