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A magical journey to doll town?

Characters: Shion Uzuki, Tetra, MOMO
Setting: Dorm floors to the doll shop~
Format: WHATEVER you guys want.
Summary: Shion is going to be the worst babysitter.
Warnings: None yet.

After the incident with KOS-MOS, Shion hadn't really been sure what to do... So she had hidden herself in her room for a few days. But she couldn't mope anymore. A walk was the perfect thing to clear her head. She knew there were a lot of unpleasant places in the tower, but maybe she could find somewhere nice to relax... Somewhere that didn't already have bad memories attached to it.

So she headed through the dorm floors toward the elevator.
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Tetra was walking through the halls, calm as can be despite the recent incident that had occurred in the halls. The little pirate was swinging around her sword, practicing with it even though most people kept her out of trouble. She hadn't quite realized that there were new floors yet and didn't consider exploring the tower since she'd seen most everything it had to offer in what was nearly a year here.

And she knew what people looked like after they died. When Shion came near the elevator, Tetra looked at her and furrowed her brows. Sadly, Tetra lacked tact and:

"'Hoy! You look down, like ya died or somethin'."
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Tetra sighed softly and slipped her sword into the sheath hanging at her side. She didn't believe her but what was a kid like her going to say to that? Even if she was, technically, royalty but what good did that do her here in the tower?

"You should be restin' then instead wandering around. That's what Zelda would make me do anyway." Shruuuug.
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Oh yeah, same thing her pretty shining crown. Tetra extended her own hand though, looking a bit skeptical then grinning. It was odd, really, how often kids saw more than most adults but if she wants to deny it, okay.

"Nice t'meet ya, Shion. The name's Tetra!"
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Sweet Goddesses, you grown ups are weird and annoying. She didn't want to grow up. she knew she would but Tetra planned to be as cool as Link's Grandma. That old lady was pretty awesome in her book. Back on topic though, grown ups sucked for denial.

"Where ya headed?"
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Huh? Tetra stepped quickly into the elevator and marveled at all the new floors. That look should tell Shion plenty: no it did not. She'd only ever seen the tower get new floors once before and, actually, she was pretty sure it had been a Riki thing too. Then again, back then she hadn't really paid attention to the administrator cycles so it could have been anyone.

"No and there are a lot more than I thought this place could hold. A'course, the Tower of the Gods was pretty tall too but I don't think it had a hundred floors."
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For a moment, she was tempted to say no but then she remembered who and what she was. No way was she going to let the tower intimidate a great pirate like herself! And definitely not the princess of Hyrule.

"Sure, why not? I ain't got nothin' better to do." It's not like she and Lancer had anything else planned to torture Ganon with anytime soon.
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Normally Tetra avoided the elevator like it was diseased. The only time she'd ever been in one before now was when she first got here and Link was showing her around and telling her about this, that and then took her to his room to meet his Bullfairy.

So if Shion pays attention tot he small pirate, she'll notice that the kid seems very anxious.
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"Huh? Yeah... Oh yeah, totally... safe..."

No, she doesn't. It's a small box being lifted up and down a tower that now has a hundred floors. It was unnatural and weird. Oh Goddesses, she should have just walked. She's going to die!
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Shion didn't even had to let Tetra go first. As soon as the doors made any indication of opening, the child was already darting out and leaning against the wall across from it. Already she was relaxing and swearing to the goddesses that it would be far too soon if she ever climbed into that thing again.

"Where to now?" She asked, trying to seem calm, like Zelda, and brushing down her clothes to smooth them.
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"Up it is~"

And Tetra was right at her side, hand on the sword at her waist just in case something jumped out at them. After almost a year in the tower, and surprisingly without more than one death, Tetra had learned to be wary. Especially of new floors. New floors could mean new monsters, new places for enemies to hide.
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If only it was just the tower and the monsters that always left Tetra on her guard. Living in the same place as the King of Evil added to the danger, plus her new collar color due to getting her piece of her Triforce back. Her hand was still bandaged for that, like Zelda had shown her, to hide the mark.

"How long you been here?" Look at her, butchering grammar and languages at her age.
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Tetra takes a moment, lifting her hand and counting down and thinking over how many administrator changes she's been through. After a moment, she scowls before shrugging like it's no big deal and adjusting the sash around her waist.

"Eleven months now."
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"Well, I'm captain of a crew of pirates, I gotta be tough. And I have Princess Zelda here, she's family and she's the best, plus there were a bunch of Link's here when I first got here so they looked out for me until I got used to everything."

Tettra shrugged her shoulders, suddenly missing her friends. There weren't any Link's in the tower any more. The hylian child had gone to check all the nameplates on the dorms.

"Livin' on the Great Sea, ya learn a lot about survivin, ya know?"
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"Yep. My mom was captain before me so that's why I am now."

And then her mom died and the crew stuck with her because of the effect her mom had on them. And Tetra was already a lot alike her mom, there was potential there.

"She's hard to miss. Zelda holds herself like a princess and she's always dressed nice, plus she's got pointy ears like me and gold hair but she keeps hers down and proper like. I guess I kinda look like her if I was older and pale."
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Not to mention that Tetra actually scared her crew sometimes with how alike her mother she was. That was probably part of the reason they stayed too, besides just how loyal they had been to their former captain.

Tetra stopped too, looking at all the dolls. She'd never really liked them herself, dolls got ruined easily and fearsome pirates didn't carry them around. Except here, she wasn't a fearsome pirate. She was a kid and heir to the royal family, the mark that proved it was sitting under the bandage on her right hand.

"Neat." She said simply before stepping further into the room to poke at one of them.
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we love u shion

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MOMO had been tracking Shion out of the corners of her Realian senses for the past few minutes, following her movements about the dorms and walking briskly to try and catch up to her at the elevator stop. A small, nagging voice in the back of her head reminded her that she might not be happy to see her right away, after the mess she (felt she) had made of trying to save her from KOS-MOS, but it still hurt too much to stay away... Surely Shion must have felt the same, too, if she had finally come out now.

"Um... Shion!" she called from a short distance away, "Where are you going? Can I come along with you for a little while?"
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"Okay! I'll come with you," MOMO responded, perking up at the positive response. Deciding she'd avoid the elephant in the room for the moment, she added, "Were you going to look at the new floors?" She had already explored a little on her own -- and decided to put the mail floor to good use, while she was at it -- but had yet to do much with any of the others. A lot of them seemed to be varying environments, but there were a handful of new workshops and places that were... somewhat safe to look around.