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Shion Uzuki ([personal profile] uzuki) wrote in [community profile] towerofanimus2013-01-31 10:03 pm

A magical journey to doll town?

Characters: Shion Uzuki, Tetra, MOMO
Setting: Dorm floors to the doll shop~
Format: WHATEVER you guys want.
Summary: Shion is going to be the worst babysitter.
Warnings: None yet.

After the incident with KOS-MOS, Shion hadn't really been sure what to do... So she had hidden herself in her room for a few days. But she couldn't mope anymore. A walk was the perfect thing to clear her head. She knew there were a lot of unpleasant places in the tower, but maybe she could find somewhere nice to relax... Somewhere that didn't already have bad memories attached to it.

So she headed through the dorm floors toward the elevator.

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