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ITP: Drowning in your sleep

Characters: Arturia [AU5] and Irisviel
Setting: Dorms
Format: Action
Summary: Between the Bath Game and her trip into the Administrative Levels, Arturia is being chased by Daruma and is exhausted. Iri offers to keep watch while Arturia sleeps. Too bad Arturia misunderstood just how Daruma would kill her in her sleep.
Warnings: Character death, drowning, death during sleep.

[Arturia moved with purpose through the Tower after being released from the game. It'd been unnerving, yes, and a bit disturbing, but she hadn't opened her eyes once and been allowed to leave without much incident.

What she hadn't expected was for it to be true that there would be a ghost following them. With how much people described it as a game she had expected it to be nothing more than that: a game. She hadn't expected to see a woman reaching for her just over her shoulder whenever she saw her reflection. And so Arturia had to keep moving through the Tower, to keep the ghost from getting too close to her and fight to keep sleep at bay.

She had not slept well the days before the game. Regret had been eating at her the last few days and she'd been going out during the night to fight monsters to distract herself. This meant she'd only been getting a few fitful hours worth of sleep a day wherever she happened to be, rather than her bed. People had said you needed to sleep in your own bed here and she was beginning to understand why now that she was on her sixth consecutive day without any rest in the bed she'd been given. Arturia was so tired she could barely move, but she had to keep going, keep moving, keep that thing from reaching her.

Then she saw the ghost in plain sight right before her, hovering a few precarious feet above the ground. Remembering the instructions she shouts for it to stop, then runs, runs up the stairs. She's near the top of the tower, near the dorms, and when she comes out on the landing she almost runs down a familiar woman, barely skidding to a stop in front of her to avoid barreling them both over.]

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[Something strange was going on. Irisviel wasn't really sure what, but there was just... that feeling. And that worried her; there were several people within the tower that she cared deeply about, so knowing that something terrible might be happening to them? Not a pleasant thought.

So, oddly enough, she was relieved when Saber nearly bowled her over. Surprised, yes, but relieved. The relief doesn't last long, though.

Saber? [A small frown crosses her face. no matter the version, Saber was always very observant. For her to nearly run into someone? Strange.] Is everything okay?
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[Irisviel wasn't sure if it was because she had come to know Saber so well, or if the knight was just that out of sorts, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she could clearly see past the knight's lie, and that only caused her concerned frown to deepen.]

Saber... Whatever it is that's bothering you, you can tell me. I won't demand that you do so, but... I'll listen. I'd like to do what I can to help.
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I could tell something strange was going on, but I've heard very little about the specifics. ["Games"... that's enough to make her a bit uneasy. Especially since...]

You were dragged into one of these games, weren't you?
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[Judge her? Silly Arturia. You obviously don't know Irisviel well enough if you think she'd seriously judge you over something that happened during these ridiculous games!]

So you need help. [It was a statement, not a question.] If you'd like, I can offer my assistance.