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Do not cross the path of a youkai...

Characters: Meiling and -YOU-
Location: Dorm Floors all throughout the event!
Summary: Welp, Meiling is guarding the doors and patrolling when she isn't doing that. Are you behaving?
Warnings: Grossness, Violence, Possible Chara death? Just let me know if you want this or not, Also if you want her to malfunction! Her modifications and Her OOC Plotting post

Dorm Hallways

Well, Meiling has reappeared in the tower and does not seem to notice anything wrong with her. She's just patrolling the halls, keeping a sharp eye out for any one causing problems. Why not? Everything is fine. She's smiling as if this isn't anything new, or that she's happy doing this.

[Any Door]

Did you need to get into your room? Or to the Stairs? Sorry! Not happening because there is a Meiling in the way. Do you dare move her out of the way?
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Door to 2-17

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[Marisa was on her way back to her room with a nutrition bar in her mouth and a few in her hands to chuck at Reimu. The shrine maiden was lazing about in bed still...]


[Marisa comes to a stop and just STARES at Meiling. What the hell is that thing?]

[ooc: Reimu will eventually hop into the thread when Marisa gets her attention.]
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[Eyes wide, Marisa was just biting down on the nutrition bar when the... thing spoke.]


[Great, witch. Choking on a nutrition bar was the best way to go. The surprise combined with Marisa eating and talking at the same time resulted with her on all fours on the floor, hacking the piece of food out before she choked to death.]
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[Don't worry! Marisa manages to cough enough to get the piece to go down properly. She take a moment of panting before finding her feet again.]

...the hell? Is that really you?

Gods, where is your skin?
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Remilia is finally revealing herself! Damnit, and here I thought this whole thing was too clever for her.

Shit. I totally owe Reimu, like, a hundred yen. Maybe I'll just shove one of those gems in that one floor at her...

[She shakes herself from her thoughts and looks at Meiling again. And then looks away. Then looks back.]

No... your spleen just fell out. Almost. I think that was your spleen. Was that your spleen?
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No. You aren't fine and if you hadn't had a control spell cast on you, you would totally know it.

[She raises her hand and makes an attempt to dispell said control spell. This, of course, will fail.]

...shit. Be right back. [She says as she tries to squeeze past Meiling (without touching her) to get into her room.]
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[The sudden reaction caught Marisa by surprise and she eeps as she jumps back, brandishing an unopened nutrition bar before her like it was a knife.]

Going into my room. Let me into my room, Meiling.
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[Really, Marisa wasn't worried about the growl and the way Meiling looked like she was going to try to snap her like a witchcicle since she could graze like it was no one's business, but this... this wasn't something she felt right just blasting Meiling over. They did something to her and even Marisa wasn't that much of a dick.

...and the no-skin thing HAD to be uncomfortable.]

Yo! Reimu! Gotta problem out here you need to fix. Like now.

[This way, if Meiling tries to beat someone up, it'll be Reimu.]
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[It took her a few moments but she groggily opened the door to their room, behind Meiling. Hold on, it really hasn't registered to her yet.]


Ugh, will you get out of the way?

[She wants to shove at Meiling but

A. She doesn't quite know who it is yet.

B. Looking waaaaaaay too gross to touch.]
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See? Big problem, ze. Fix it.

That's Meiling.
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Fix it? That's...

[Suddenly realizing who it was with Marisa's words, Reimu's hand goes over her mouth. Seriously, what the hell happened.]

I don't even think that doctor Eirin could fix this. What the hell happened to you, gatekeeper?
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She's talking about the Administrators, not Remilia.

[And that would be a magic shield cast between Marisa and Meiling.]

She won't let anyone through the door and I tried dispelling the control magic. I don't know what it is.
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[Oh brother. She jumps a step back and summons up a yin-yang orb. She could do melee combat a lot better than Marisa but still no where near Meiling's level. And she had a suspicious feeling that there would be no rules to be followed here.]

Marisa, we're going to have to get a little extreme. I'll keep her busy and you toast her.

[She gave Meiling one last look, not only feeling sick but a little sorry for her. While youkai like Yukari didn't have a shred of pride, she knew that most of the youkai in the vampire's mansion had plenty of it in certain fields. That, combined with the fact that even she hated to see Meiling like this...]

Make it a bit permanent while you're at it.
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[Reimu got to see Marisa's eyes distinctly move to the trunk she could see at the end of her bed. No, she didn't have Mini-Hakkero on her since she'd just gone down to get food and was coming back. She -could- toast Meiling without it, but she'd also probably kill herself and half the floor without the magical furnace to act as a focus for Master Spark.]


[And then the youkai was attacking and the witch moved. Since Meiling was focused on Reimu, Marisa tried to use it to her advantage and, hand on her hat and the other on her cape, she rolled through the small space underneath Meiling's kick as she went for the trunk.]
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[Of course, this put Reimu in a pretty tight spot. Especially when she couldn't exactly pull her most overpowered BS.

The best she could do was throw his orb in the way of the kick and do her best to guard the punch. Which resulted in more pain than she ever wanted to be in and getting knocked back a few feet. Not fighting it and letting herself float helped keep her from suffering any broken bones.]

Make it quick!
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I'm hurrying!

[Marisa rolls to her feet and then... steps on the end of her cape in the process. This drops her back down to one knee, but she scrambles to her feet and over to her trunk quickly.

...shit. Mini-Hakkero had fallen to the bottom.]

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