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ITP: 'Tis only a flesh wound

Characters: Saber Lily; open
Setting: All throughout the tower.
Format: Prose. Will follow what you reply with.
Summary: Arturia is in D Group and being made to do things while screaming in her head the entire time. It's almost like being a Counter Guardian again.
Warnings: Brainwashing, violence character death, and so on.
Note: If you want your character to die please let me know in the subject header of your first comment.

[A: Various ]
Her body ached. Arturia had dealt with worse pain in her life: broken bones, stabbings, near disembowelment, the very surreal experience of Excalibur being stabbed through her own gut, the general exhaustion after a long war. This was different. This was her very skin being tugged on, pulled at, as if it were several sizes too small.

Which was true. She had armor grafted to her skin, black as Lancelot's had been in the war, and a sword sheathed at her side that was not Caliburn. The sensation was like her skin should rip itself off at any moment, but simply did not have the space to thanks to the armor holding it together. Painful, yes, but not the worst pain she had experienced. That part she could deal with. It was the fact she could not control her body at all that unsettled her.

Despite whatever Jason had done to her to make her body walk these halls her mind was still hers. For that she was grateful. At least she could still think, much as she despised the current situation. This hit too close to home, too close to those memories of screaming and ohgodmakeitstop in the back of her mind. If she'd been able to, she would have screamed when the first thing she'd done upon awakening had been to throw the piece of the Round Table she'd been given into the incinerator. Her one reminder, her one clue that she still existed somehow in her world was gone now. Was this why it'd been given to her in the first place? If so, then damn Jason. Damn him to hell.

What would be a true test would be if she came across someone else. If she were made to attack them, if she were once again little more than a killing machine with no will of her own, then this would truly be hell. Hopefully she could hold herself back long enough to keep from hurting anyone.

Spoilers: she won't

[B: Dormitories]
When she next came to, she was at the foot of someone's bed. Arturia started at the realization but found she could not move her feet. It was troubling, bringing up far too many memories of her time before the Tower, but at least she was not being forced to attack. At least she was not being forced to do anything she did not want to do.

Watching over someone at their bedside while they slept was fine. She found she could make tiny shifts in her stance to try to relieve the constant tug and pull of the metal grafted to her. It wasn't much, but at least she had some form of freedom. That might change when the person awoke, but for now she enjoyed the small reprieve she had from what had been done to her.

[Addendum: 4/21/2013. Event fallout to avoid spamming the main comm.]

[C: Dorm Hall, by the terminal]
For once, Arturia wanted to simply sleep, to lay still after being forced to move for so long against her will. Her body ached from the surgery, phantoms of pain lacing through her skin from where it had pulled. She never thought she would feel grateful for the lightness of the dress she'd been forced to wear, but after having that armor grafted to her skin.

But she at least had to check on the state of the Tower after so much chaos. The best way to do that was the Network. So Arturia heaved herself out of bed, did not bother to put on her shoes or do more to her hair than run a comb through it, and headed into the hall. The terminals were located at the end of the hallway. It wouldn't hurt to check.

....naturally, it turned out there was yet more sinister things going on with Jason's experiment. Arturia sighed wearily, her mind tired. Of course nothing would be that easy. Once she had a chance she would need to ask the others if the information they found down below had been compromised. No sense letting the resistance be discovered. She conversed with a few people for a moment, not quite wanting to move yet and enjoying her freedom yet again. When she finished she turned around to find someone a few feet away from her.

"I'm sorry. Do you wish to use the terminal?" Arturia really did enjoy being able to talk again, even if she sounded as weary as she felt.

[D: Dorm 3-17]

And then she spent the day languishing in bed, for once simply wishing to rest. She could check up on the others tomorrow, after she didn't feel ready to fall over. The only time she got up was when someone inevitably knocked on her door and she forced herself up to get it.


[E: Various; Shortest prompts ever.]

And now that she had had her moment of rest, she dressed properly, put her hair in its now-customary tail, and began to walk the Tower to ensure those she cared about were safe.
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[When Saber had come out of the paralysis from when she'd recovered from Satsujinki killing her - in one single attack, nonetheless - she'd sat at the foot of her bed for a long moment. She'd then spent some time looking at the items in her trunk - those remnants from her days as king. People had been missing. People she cared about.

And there had been nothing she could do to save them. That left her one course. If their minds were not their own and what they had been turned into was an abomination and she -knew- they would rather die than live like that...

...she would grant them that release.

Armor forming about her, Excalibur in hand (though concealed by the Invisible Wind), she set out of her room. She didn't know where they had all gone to... but in time she would find them.

Imagine her surprise after a while of traveling through the Tower to turn the corner and come face to face with a familiar face - her own - clad in black armor. It was enough to make her blink and furrow her brow trying to figure out what was going on.]
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[That was... that was-- Her eyes. Her eyes were green. That meant this was...]


[Yes, her other self had been among those missing, but she never thought Jason would've taken her and forged her into something reminiscent of the fallen King of Knights, the tainted black knight that Saber had become. Was this meant to mock her on top of torturing her other self?

What must Arturia feel being--]

That is not wise. Cease now.

[Spoken as the hand moved to the sword. And it seemed to hesitate, as if Arturia could hear her words. It was just coincidental timing, but Saber didn't know that. It meant she wouldn't immediately cut her other self down.

As she was attacked, she noted the sword in hand was not Caliburn and Instinct had her predicting the angle of attack. She stepped forward to meet the sweeping strike aimed at her neck and brought her armored hand up to catch the blade in mid-swing with her off hand.

This was not a legendary weapon. It was a common sword. She doubted it would even scratch her armor. So, she kept Excalibur down at her side and held Arturia's eyes with her own.]

Stand down.
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[Though the eyes never changed, it was the way Arturia was moving, the marks of a soul being out of tune with the body, that spoke to Saber even with her other self bereft of words.

Her grip on the sword tightened to keep it from being torn from her grasp, though there was a slight screeching sound as the blade's edge slid a bit through the metal of her gauntlet before she stilled its movement again. She then brought her sword hand up, Excalibur still in it, but she didn't cut. She didn't even move fast with an intent to kill. No, she just let the flat of the blade slide over Arturia's shoulder as she used that same hand to touch the weird pink collar her other self was wearing.]

Seeing you like this bring me sorrow. Even giving up your honor as you had, you do not deserve this fate.
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[Ow. Bitch. That actually hurt.

Saber reacts with a silent snarl and pivots, throwing Arturia with all her strength across the meadow. It's like skipping rocks across the water... only there's grass to bounce off instead.]
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[It was too much to hope that Arturia would stay down. Saber looked upon her other self with sorrow, with pity, when she saw the blood weeping from between the fused plates of black armor and the way she took the sword up again and bore down upon her.

Reversing her grip on Excalibur, she used the cross-guard to deflect the strike and then caught the blade again in her off hand. Twisting, her body, she put a leg behind Arturia's and used her leverage in an attempt to put her other self to the ground upon her back with Excalibur's edge against her neck.]
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[As the sword was trying to be pulled from her grip, Saber squeezed her hand down upon it. It was just a sword, a mundane blade forged by human hands and nothing of legend. It shattered under Saber's monstrous strength leaving Arturis with a broken sword and Saber with the majority of the blade in her hand.

She then stabbed the broken sword blade down into the crease between armor plates at the elbow of Arturia's sword arm and on into the earth beneath them.]

I cannot allow this, Arturia. I must release you; this is not how you are to be. Forgive me.

[And it was with those parting words that Saber pressed Excalibur upwards in a motion that should take her other self's head in one clean cut.]
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[Saber didn't move for a long moment after the body stopped moving, Arturia's head parted from it. Head hanging down, she drew in a few ragged deep breaths... Had she been capable of crying anymore, she would've shed tears then.

But Saber's heart was blackened and the emotion needed for tears did not stir there any longer. Rage sat in its place instead.

Standing up, she ripped the remains of the sword - hilt and broken bit of blade - from the corpse's hand. With a rage-filled scream, she threw the broken sword off the edge of the Tower with every bit of her strength.

There she remained, watching it sail through the air until she couldn't track it anymore, until a recovery unit showed up to drag the body away. Saber turned from the edge and walked out of the meadow, past the drone, and culled her urge to rip the drone apart with her bare hands.]
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